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Best App Locks for Your Android

We all have trust issues, nothing new with that. But with today’s lifestyle where everything, every data, every picture belonging to us is stored in our phones, it doesn’t harm to be extra cautious about them, just to make sure our privacy is protected and kept intact. While all apps need protection, certain ones like social media apps, transaction apps, gallery, messaging apps, etc. require extra coverage for their ability to keep sensitive and important information.


Top 10 App Lock Apps

The greatest list of the best App-Lockers in the market is right below. Don’t think, just scroll.

App-lock by DoMobile Lab

Size: 9.6 MB
Rating: 4.3/5
Creator: DoMobile Lab

App-lock by DoMobile Lab is essentially the one-stop security app you need on your mobile phone. From protecting access to individual apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, contacts and the likes, to hide pictures and videos, this application does it all. It also has a separate keyboard and a hidden pattern lock, so that no one can peek over your shoulder, or even try to guess your password, just to use it later for fishy purposes.

Lock-App by SpSoft

Size: 4 MB
Rating: 4.4/5
Creator: SpSoft

Lock-App by SpSoft is one of the most advanced app locks available in the digital market right now. it offers protection of data, pictures and everything else using a password, pattern lock or fingerprint. Additionally, it adds another layer of security by taking a picture of any person trying to intrude into your phone or any specific application. It can even hide its existence by issuing a fake error window. Isn’t that very cool?

App-lock by sailing lab

Size: 7.2 MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Creator: Sailing Lab

App-lock by sailing lab is a simple, no-frills app lock which uses a pattern or a password to protect your apps. Moreover, to make things more interesting and fun, it provides a wide range of themes and colors for the lock screen. With this app, you can prevent installation and uninstallation of apps, payments, in-app purchases or anything that you want to prevent.

Lock-App by Laqodile Labs

Size: 6.6 MB
Rating: 4.6/5
Creator: Laqodile Labs

Lock-App by Laqodile Labs is among the best app locks in the market right now. It uses pattern and password locks with a beautiful set of colors and themes, to make your lock screen the prettiest place. An interesting feature about this app lock is that it can lock specific pictures and videos from your gallery which makes it extremely easy to deny access to pictures and videos to anybody you want.

App-lock by BGNmobi

Size: 14 MB
Rating: 4.4/5
Creator: BGNmobi

App-lock by BGNmobi is a very lightweight app lock that protects your apps and pictures, but at the same time consumes a lot less RAM than other similar applications. It uses fingerprints, patterns or passwords to secure your apps and prevents kids from making any unauthorized, unwanted changes. It also lets you lock your settings so that nothing can be installed or uninstalled without your permission.

Lock-App by Cleaner and Booster

Size: 10 MB
Rating: 4.4/5
Creator: Cleaner and Booster

Lock-App by Cleaner and Booster is a visual treat, as you can see in the picture. It can secure and lock literally all kinds of apps from Instagram to app markets. It also has a special place in its vault dedicated to your notes. Where you can either keep your secrets or your poetry, maybe both? As vault is already mentioned, you can port your important files, pictures, and videos from the gallery to this vault for safekeeping, and delete their original locations.

App-lock by Lovekara

Size: 2.9 MB
Rating: 4.6/5
Creator: Lovekara

App-lock by Lovekara claims to provide the best security. Not only gallery or Facebook, but this app is also able to lock even your contacts list or log. It is regularly updated and keeps a check on your CPU temperature, phone condition, storage situation and much more.

Lock-App by Kohinoor Apps

Size: 2.6 MB
Rating: 4.1/5
Creator: Kohinoor Apps

Lock-App by Kohinoor Apps lets you lock any social media, system, security, gallery, downloaded apps as well as games. Like many others, this app supports the intruder selfie feature. It takes a picture of anyone trying to open or get access to your phone and sends the picture to your registered e-mail id. It also supports sounds and vibration effects alike. This app also automatically sets the colors based on whether an app is an installed one or a system one.

App-lock by Kylian Mbapee

Size: 15 MB
Rating: 4.6/6
Creator: Kylian Mbapee

App-lock by Kylian Mbapee is especially famous for its advanced lock mode with options like random keyboard and hidden pattern draw path, to make sure nobody can copy, or keep an eye on your passcode. The convenient and simple to use Artificial Intelligence of this app cleans junk, optimizes the phone all the time, and also makes sure your social media accounts are 100% secure. It also consists of a gallery hider, as well as a free application locker.

Lock-App by Anuj Tenani

Size: 2 MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Creator: Anuj Tenani

Lock-App by Anuj Tenani is an advertisement free app, what could be better! It is also ranked the number 1 app in over 54 countries, worldwide. This app requires no additional subscription, thus is absolutely free to use. The owners keep updating the app regularly, and it hardly ever crashes. It is also extremely lightweight and doesn’t create any problem for the phone’s or device’s battery.

Best 15 App Locks For Your Phone

While the best apps and their details must have awed you enough, here are some more apps of the same kind in case nothing above fitted your choice.

  1. App-lock by DoMobile Lab
  2. Lock-App by SpSoft
  3. App-lock by sailing lab
  4. Lock-App by Laqodile Labs
  5. App-lock by BGNmobi
  6. Lock-App by Cleaner and Booster
  7. App-lock by Lovekara
  8. Lock-App by Kohinoor Apps
  9. App-lock by Kylian Mbapee
  10. Lock-App by Anuj Tenani
  11. App-lock
  12. Norton App-lock
  13. Secret App-lock
  14. Advance Protection
  15. App-lock Locker


While not keeping passcodes and locks makes it easier for us to access apps suddenly, keeping them saves us from thefts of many kinds. Especially if you have a fingerprint sensor in your phone, locking apps become both safe yet convenient. The feature of giving codes, words, patterns or pins otherwise remain, for any emergency or phones lacking the fingerprint sensor technology.

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