5 Best Inverter Battery for Home in India 2020

Luminous RC 18000 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Best Features :

Looking for the Best Inverter Battery for Home in India?

Power cuts are a common problem in most parts of the country. There are certain areas in India which have extreme voltage fluctuation. In this interrupted power supply, the inverter plays a vital role. But your inverter is worthless without a good quality battery. A battery provides long hours of uninterrupted electricity. There is no doubt that the majority of Indians depend on inverters during power cuts. But very few know the factors for varying needs.

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If you explore the market, you will find hundreds of brands of battery offering a wide range. But choosing the best performance for your needs is always a tough choice. It is not possible to try each one. Moreover, you might not know some facts and important factors that should be considered before buying a high-performance battery. So, today we are going to discuss the top 5 inverter batteries and important parameters that you need to consider before buying.

Our team surveyed more than 30 brands and underwent hours of research and found out the best long lasting inverter battery for your needs. You have listed the best inverter battery review along with its features and pros/cons. We have also shared a buying guide for you to choose the best battery for an inverter.

Best Inverter Battery for Home in India

1. Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery



Key Features:

Amaron is a well-established brand in terms of batteries. They manufacture inverter batteries that deliver high backup at low electrical consumption. This company built its name as the best inverter battery manufacturer in India.

Their advanced design involves a modified hybrid alloy to resist heat for its grid. This is fast charging, high capacity inverter battery suitable for all-purpose needs. This is a high heat tolerance battery that works perfectly in all weathers. It contains low lead concentration and is less prone to lose water.

The main advantage of using this battery is its heat resistance capacity and zero maintenance. This is a tubular form battery with 150Ah power which works perfectly with all types of needs.

To improve its life, the batteries are designed with vents of superior quality that prevent problems like acid spraying and mist. It also contains low PB-concentration to prevent unwanted leak for the lead.

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2. Exide Industries 150Ah Brite Inverter UPS Battery



Key Features:

Exide is the largest manufacturer for battery in the world. It offers the widest range of batteries from 2.5Ah to 20200Ah capacity. Using an Exide battery at home will never let you distract with uninterrupted electricity. This is one of the best offers from Exide that gives you the best inverter battery power backup at a very reasonable price. It equips unique technology and features.

The main advantage of using an Exide battery is its hybrid technology which can withstand high temperatures. It is made with a special hybrid alloy system that leads to low water loss. Exide batteries offer low maintenance and charge in short durable to give long battery backup. The handling of this battery is also easy and it has fume and leak-resistant.

The item model no. is FIB0-IB1500 150AH and the battery size offered is 30.48×25.4×22.86 cm; with an approximate weight of 40 KG and ASIN is B015B5454A.

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3. Luminous RC 18000 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery



Key Features:

Luminous is another popular brand that offers the best inverter battery with a durable and long-lasting battery range. This battery is a composition of the alloy, which reduces the corrosion from the lead of the battery. It has a uniform grain and void-free structure which increases its performance quality.

This battery works for a longer duration and has a fast-charging mode to quickly power up. This consumes less electricity which helps you to increase your financial savings. This battery can withstand longer power cuts. Their robust design makes them strong and better than others.

The major advantage of this battery is that Luminous offers corrosion-resistant batteries and has greater backup. It works efficiently in fluctuation and frequent power cuts.

The dimension of the battery is 52x23x32cm; which weighs 53.3 kg and ASIN is B0713S16VF. It takes less time to charge and gives an ample amount of backup. With more no. of positively charged plate surface area these batteries have 20% more electrical capacity than any other flat plate battery with the same size and composition.  Tubular batteries also provide up to a 30% longer service life than any other battery.

This is an ideal choice for home inverter batteries at a decent price.  It offers low-cost maintenance with the great backup.  It is suitable for those areas where power cuts are for a longer time. This battery has a life expectancy of 12000 cycles and 80% depth of discharge.

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4. V-Guard VJ145 135Ah Tubular Inverter Battery



Key Features:

This battery has high pressure cast positive spines-free from blow holes and finer grain structure. This gives you fast charging and excellent performance in wide ambient conditions. This gives a very good battery backup ranging from thirty minutes to fifty-four hours.

V-guard has very low maintenance and strong battery backup. Its modified plates give long life and greater reliability. They charged fast in a very short time. These batteries require DM water topping. This is best for those places where there are frequent failures. 

Its service life is a long and low rate of self-discharge rate. Easily used in the home as well as office. The length of the battery is 505mm, width is 220mm and the height is 285mm. The filled weight is 53kg and the gross weight 55kg.

These batteries require 22 liters of acid to give or take two liters. Higher power storage area.

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5. Luminous Extra Charge EC18036150Ah Tall Tubular Battery



Key Features:

Luminous is the brand that you can trust. It brings you a better performed tabular plate battery design to improve your backup performance. This battery has a balanced plate design that improves excellent charge acceptance and discharge ratio with recovery. This is the best inverter battery is suitable for those areas which have more electricity surge.

It also protects the lead part of the battery from corrosion. The technology used in this battery equips precise filament and robust tabular plates to provide years of service. It has very low maintenance. In this battery, low anatomy alloy is used which resists corrosion on lead. It accepts deep discharge and it is suitable for longer power cuts.

This battery has an interpretation connection which provides the lowest internal resistance and excellent acceptance.

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Buying Guide For The Best Inverter Battery

There are a lot of options to choose an inverter battery but how to select the best battery for your need? If you also have this question then all your questions will be answered shortly. Just continue reading and you can easily select the best battery for your needs. If you don’t know much about inverter batteries then read this paragraph carefully.

We have researched a lot and drawn basic consideration for you to guide in buying the best battery for an inverter. Let’s first understand the basics and need for batteries.

  • Battery and Its Type

Inverter battery is a component that stores DC and provides it when required. A battery is made with two electrodes, namely, cathode and anode which collects electric charge. Our list has shown you the best inverter battery available. Now it’s time to select the best battery for inverter you have.

Based on electrodes type, batteries are classified into two types.

1. Wet cell batteries

These are the lead acid-based batteries that require regular maintenance. These batteries are cheap and period maintained.

2. Gel Cell Batteries

These are zero maintenance batteries that do not require any distilled water refilling.

Based on plates used in manufacturing, batteries are classified as follows:

A. Flat Plate

This is an old technology that was used decades back. The traditional batteries which use this technique are generally big.

B. Tubular Batteries

This technology is an improved version of a flat plate which makes it more efficient in terms of power and performance.

Therefore, it is preferred to use a Gel type tubular battery for high performance.

  • Capacity

Capacity is defined as the amount of charge that can be stored in the battery. Every battery has its output power that states how much electricity it supplies and for how long it can supply. You can check the capacity of the battery written on the label of each battery. The capacity is denoted with alphabets ‘Ah’ which means ampere-hour.

The higher capacity battery has the more power it can supply.

While choosing the right capacity inverter battery always keep in mind what you need. If you seek a more capacity battery than the price you need to pay also increases. So if you live in a place with high power cuts then go for a top-rated battery otherwise go for a smaller one that suits your needs.

  • VA Rating

A VA rating is a volt-ampere rating which means the amount and current-voltage supplied. Every inverter is suitable for a specific range of VA. So select the battery as per your inverter’s working range. Check the label on your inverter before buying the inverter.

  • Back-Up Time

This is the total time for which an inverter battery can supply power to household appliances. Choose this according to the type of area you reside in. A good quality battery with high capacity will guarantee you with high backup.

  • Warranty Period

Even a top brand battery can malfunction due to several reasons. The reasons might be inappropriate power supply, reverse current, high fluctuation, or even the manufacturing defect. So, always check the warranty period and terms of the warranty. You should keep a check on your budget as well. If you use a single inverter to run entire household appliances then try to go for a high capacity battery otherwise so for a medium grid with uninterrupted power supply battery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Exide and luminous both are powerful brands with strong markets. They both use great technology to supply ample power. You can choose either brand that suits your consumption. As each one offers something unique, you can try the one that suits you better.

Well, every battery has a different output frequency. It also depends on how much power you use. If you are using one fan and one light then the battery can last up to 30 hours.

The maximum lifespan of a battery is 6 years. This age can decrease if you don’t maintain the battery properly. The flat plate battery can last up to 3 years. Whereas tubular can last up to 6 years.

If you buy a good brand battery, then they will not explode as they are engineered with high-quality material which has a surge tank to release charge. If you buy a cheap quality battery then it may explode due to heat issues. Heavy quality batteries are heat resistant which slowdowns the charging process.

The delivery time of the product depends on the shipping address. You can enter your pin code in the availability column to check the estimated lead time. The product usually gets delivered within a week.


An inverter battery is a necessary appliance that every house needs. At this time no one wants to live without electricity especially in hot weather. So, if you want to buy or replace your battery then our guide could be helpful for you. Our list shows you the best inverter battery available in the market. It shows the top inverter battery brands in India with complete features, advantages and limitations. A best inverter and battery combination for home is all you need for uninterrupted electricity. So, still, thinking which battery is best for an inverter? Read your inverter label carefully and buy accordingly.

Our buying guide will help you get the best inverter battery for your varying needs. There is no doubt that the majority of Indians depend on inverters during power cuts. But very few know the factors for varying needs. But once you figure out the best inverter battery qualities, you will get no hassle in buying one.

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