5 Best AC Brand In India Perfect For Your Home 2020

Last Updated : 04 April 2020

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There are 100’s of options available in the list of best AC in India 2021. But choosing among the Best AC brand in India can be a tough call. Most of the AC brands have been manufacturing air conditioners that only provides the best technology but also consumes electricity.

We have certainly picked out the best AC brand in India list that we will be sharing along with the reviews of one of the best products manufactured by each brand. This will help each of you choose your favorite brand and decide on a product accordingly. Some of you might already have picked out a personal favorite brand that they have been using for years, but it might be the perfect time to switch since there are some much better options on the market.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started with our list. Hopefully, you will be able to pick one for yourself.


best ac brand in india

So, the list is way too long to mention each of the brands that people have loved over the years. To make things easier, we have curated a list of 5 Best Air Conditioner brand in India whose products are reliable and long-lasting.

1. Voltas

Why Choose Voltas?

  • Best Price Range of ACs available
  • Multiple service centers available in almost every city in India
  • Excellent Customer support and service
  • Powerful and Premium machine
  • Consumes Energy and saves electricity



Voltas is a public Indian Company known for its best Home Appliances manufactured in India. From Air conditioners to Refrigerators, all the types of cooling technology is produced by this top-notch company. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best AC brand in India, loved by every other user whoever has used their products.

The company has won numerous awards for producing some of the best AC’s such in the year 2013 and 2015 Voltas won the award in the category ”Manufacturers of BEE Star Labeled Appliances (Air Conditioner)”. They have been working incredibly well not only in the Indian market but also globally.

2. Hitachi

Why Choose Hitachi?

  • Excellent Product Quality
  • Cooling Effectiveness
  • Use of most updated technology for better performance
  • Energy-Efficient System
  • Powerful and Long Lasting



Hitachi is yet another name in the list for the best brand for AC in India that you can go for. It is a Japanese company that manufactures tons of products such as Aircraft engines, LCDs, construction machinery, defense systems, home appliances and many more. Hitachi started its business during the 1930s and has grown to be the leading manufacturers of Air Conditioners all over the country. It is known for its instant cooling technology and Stabilizer-free operating range of 130V-300V claiming to be one of the best in the AC industry.

3. Blue Star

Why Choose Blue Star?

  • Use of Extensive Technology to improve performance
  • Quality product service 
  • Reliable and Long Lasting
  • Premium Quality Air Conditioners



Blue Star is an Indian company which merely specializes in manufacturing and developing Air Conditioners and Refrigerators. The company has its wings all over the Globe and rose to fame becoming the leading Air conditioner manufacturers in India.

With an annual revenue of over 4600 crores INR in 2018, it has become a huge name in the industry. Furthermore, it has introduced some of the greatest technologies into its ACs. Such as ‘Precision Cooling Technology’ where the temperature can be set in decimal points. It has a huge network of service centers and franchises all over the globe with exceptional service quality.

4. Daikin

Why Choose Daikin?

  • Budget-Friendly and Value for money
  • Excellent Performance throughout
  • After-sales support 
  • Optimum Cooling Technology
  • Best-in-class range of split air conditioners



Daikin is yet another Japenese multinational Air Conditioning manufacturing company. It is the inventor of variable refrigerant volume systems (or VRV by Daikin air conditioning, other manufacturers remarked this as VRF) and an innovator in the split system air conditioning market.

There are multiple other products manufactured by the company, but being the best AC brand in India, Air Conditioners have been their best-selling products in India. In terms of performance, there isn’t any company that can beat Daikin and provides budget-friendly machines.

5. LG

Why Choose Voltas?

  • Best Price Range of ACs available
  • Multiple service centers available in almost every city in India
  • Excellent Customer support and service
  • Powerful and Premium machine
  • Consumes Energy and saves electricity



LG is a south Koren multinational electronics company. It manufactures multiple ranges of products such as home appliances, Mobile devices, Televisions, Vehicle components, etc. It is one of the best AC brand in India and has been known to consumers for very long as a reliable brand.

This company has improved its service and product quality over the years. Since the launch of its extensive cooling technology for every kind of temperature in India, users have been loving the product. Moreover, LG has started to leverage its products towards energy consumption and environment-friendly products.


Well, this is pretty much all that you will need to know about some of the best AC brand in India 2021. It may not include all the brands since there are so many to be mentioned. These are some of them which we have tested and reviewed and found to be the best in everything.

You can use it for your home or your office, depends on you. There will be no decrease in performance whatsoever. The only disadvantage of some of the companies is the customer service provided over time. Yet some seem to struggle with it while some have improved over the years. All of the mentioned air conditioners are one of the best in each brand. There are many more that you can go to which we will be covering in other sections for best AC in India.

Till then, you can decide which brand you would like to go for and then choose the best product among them. If you have any queries, leave your comment below and we will assist you in whichever way possible.

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