Best CCTV Camera For Home in India

Best CCTV Camera in India 2020

Last Updated : 04 April 2020

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Sricam SP series wifi CCTV

Best Features :

Looking for the Best Best CCTV Camera in India?

The best CCTV camera in India has become a mandatory part of today’s life. If you had been worried about the right security system for your home for a long time, it’s the time to have a look at the security homes that will work as the key element for the modern world. 

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With the advancement in technology, these best CCTV cameras in India take care in a better way. Only after having a good understanding of security camera to give you the top-notch benefits, we have listed the best quality CCTV camera in India for offering the good security and understanding of the premises.

The closed-circuit television video surveillance cameras use video for transmitting the signal to the specific space on the limited set of monitors. The system allows you to keep the careful watch on the property or around the business area. The cameras monitor and start enabling to view the events while the recordings give the archive footage for the later reference.

They can carefully monitor the interior and exterior without missing a thing. Certain CCTV video images stay recorded and archived from all the cameras for around 90 days or more than that. In larger systems, you can also have a significant storage system.

Gone are those days when you had to keep your dog outside or a watchman for keeping your home protected against danger in the modern world. The CCTV camera becomes mandatory equipment that can save you additional worries. Though some security cameras take a higher price tag, yet the output will become the right investment before getting started. It’s worth having a look at the different CCTV cameras are available in the market.

8 Best CCTV Camera In India

1. Mi 360° 1080p Full HD



Key Features:

The best CCTV camera in India comes with the dual motor head design for enabling the camera to rotate as well as capture the full 360 degrees Central View along with the 96-degree vertical view. The shockproof design along with the quiet motor allows the rotation for remaining smooth and silent.

It works as the all-new low light true color technology that will allow you to see the colour full pallet if and when the light is dim. The remarkable part is that it will give every picture without lifting the infrared illumination. You will also get the intruder alert facility with it because it works on the integration of the deep learning technology and the focus of the algorithms that have the capability of accurately determining when to alert and start notifying you on the phone.

2. D3D wireless HD CCTV



Key Features:

Now you can get live video monitoring at home anytime and anywhere. The safety and security you get with the help of this camera make it stand out. You can get the ability to mind your home while talking to the family members at any hours of the day.

The best CCTV camera for home in India will give you an effortless connection on the mobile phone or PC. The security you will get out of it is remarkable. If you had been worried about the safety and security of the home or family over a long time, then is the right time to give up additional frustrations and start using this camera. You can now view the best CCTV camera live video from anywhere and talk to the families. There is also a complete wireless and Wi-Fi solution for the easy DIY installation. All you must do is just attach the camera with the help of the power plug and start installing the mobile application.

3. TP-Link Smart Cam Pan Tilt Home WiFi Camera



Key Features:

You can now get the safety of your home by preventing the cases of break-in and burglary in the extraordinary. Parents indeed need to care about their babies throughout the day.

This device will give them informed ideas about what their child is doing. You can take care of their ward or the pet, then it’s better to install this camera that will give good motion detection capability. Best CCTV camera comes with a high definition video capture that is crystal clear with the 1080P definition. 

4. Sricam SP Series Wireless HD IP WiFi CCTV Camera



Key Features:

This is the camera that gives you the security monitoring as well as a security solution for the business establishment, homes, and offices. The surveillance camera comes with the smart and sophisticated features for giving you the 24/7 observation of the surroundings. You will also get the maximum convenience and reliability with using it.

The best CCTV camera for home holds the resolution of 720P thus giving the crystal clear experience. The camera offers remote location capability of 360 degrees panoramic View using the application on the smartphone. So, you can keep the watchful eye on the loved ones with the help of the security device. It comes with a built-in noise-canceling microphone that will let you listen to the audio messages from anywhere in the world. The speaker also lets you talk to the people available on the other side.

5. Sricam WiFi Wireless Waterproof Outdoor Security Camera



Key Features:

You will get a professional IP Camera with security monitoring as well as security-centric solutions that will be perfect for smart homes and businesses. The products come inclusive of the wireless IP Camera. The IP PTZ cameras include the waterproof camera, gun-type IP camera, and so on.

You will get effective network access with the help of the waterproof HD camera which will be active even during the night. The performance of the image sensor is remarkable to the capturing of the footage of 720P resolution at 30FPS. The camera is IP66 waterproof that makes it perfect even in the outdoors during all weather conditions. It comes with the elimination of the footage in the dark environment while waking up to 15 meters. The alert that you receive via email will give you information at all the time.

6. Srihome Pan/Tilt security camera



Key Features:

The camera can give your security monitoring as well as security Centre solutions for both businesses and homes. The surveillance camera is integrated with the help of the sophisticated features and smart abilities for giving you the 24/7 observation of the surroundings within the establishment.

The administrator works fantastically for giving you access to multiple members to monitor. At the same time, you will also get the added protection with the camera system to give the Clear View of every corner of the room due to the well-configured broad field view of the 120 degrees. It also comes with the 360-degree coverage with no occurrence of dead corners thus making it the ideal smart solution for your home.

7. CP plus Intelli eye-full HD CCTV



Key Features:

You will get the four-channel high HD kit that is perfect in the market. It comes with a full pack combo that does not require any other components. It is suitable for the buyers who were looking for CCTV surveillance for the shops, warehouses, offices, schools, classrooms, retail stores, and so on. You will get the perfect arrangement for using the unit all by yourself.

8. Beetel CC2 1080P Full HD wifi Security Camera



Key Features:

You will get plenty of communities with this new 2-megapixel security system. It comes with a high definition cloud camera that is perfect for both day and night time monitoring. It also works with the cloud storage and SD card that gives you complete peace of mind. There is an automated backup on the video recording to the cloud server or the SD card.

So you will get the availability of rotating 355 degrees horizontally while tilting at 90° vertically. You’ll also get the best CCTV cameras in India control with the mobile control as well as automated motion tracking feature. Now get access to the real-time live view of the home of the office with the availability of the navigable mobile application.

Factors to Look Before Purchasing CCTV Camera

  • SD card slot

The advancement of the CCTV technology is now bringing in the best CCTV cameras in India that come with the MicroSD card slot. You will also get the options for 32 GB, 64 GB, or the 128 GB for the recording. There are also cheaper cameras that do not have internal storage and is dependent on the DVR.

  • Pan/Tilt

There are modern CCTV cameras that can go with the rotation of the horizontal and vertical menu for covering the larger space around them. The maximum angle that the camera can rotate horizontally is referred to as the pan and vertically is referred to as tilt. The CCTV cameras can come with the capability of turning around 35 degrees and tilting up to 90 degrees.

  • Motion and audio sensor

Motion sensors become part of the Smart Security cameras that are not very popular in India because of the high prices. Certain cameras come with good quality motion and audio sensors. You can also get the detection and alerts about the unusual sounds as well as movements. So, you will get a notification on the mobile application whenever needed. The top-notch security system gives the atmosphere reduction of the home or office.

  • Image quality

The CCTV cameras today produce videos in the 720P or 1080 p resolution. The resolution that will be better will be the quality one. If you are having the DVR with the large internal storage then you will get the high-resolution camera that isn’t a bad idea at all. The cameras come with the inbuilt storage that will easily get options for dealing with the problem. Some of the cameras also come with the feature for self-erasing of the MicroSD card. You can get the resolution of the CCTV camera along with the storage space and better backup time.

  • Waterproof pants

It’s mandatory to have the waterproofing when it comes to the outdoor CCTV camera. If you want to monitor the space in front of the shop, home, or any other outdoor space, you have to look for the waterproof CCTV cameras that will withstand all the weather conditions.

  • Maximum range

The maximum range is dependent on the focal length of the lens. You must also note what is the size of the image sensor. Greater the range, the clearer will be the captured objects from even the faraway distances. You will get the higher range camera that comes as the outdoor CCTV cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

For the complete setup of the CCTV, you will require the DVR and the cameras cables. The DVR recorder is also supported by remote access over the internet for proper surveillance. You will require the cables that will develop the video connection with the help of the connector.

These cameras are indeed offensive yet they are the perfect ones. Though there is the requirement of the full-time operator for controlling them yet you will get every picture captured when the camera is moving. Though sometimes there is a chance of picking the blurred image, yet you will get the capability of the entire area on the target.

There is a constraint in the best security camera in India in terms of capturing the vast areas when it comes to the CCTV camera. Even with the high definition CCTV cameras, there is a problem for widening the angle of camera viewing. While picking a CCTV camera, you must look for the zooming capability and the wide-angle of view and if you’re looking for the specific CCTV project, then it’s better to look for the motion detection and alert system capabilities.


Finally, we have reached the conclusion. We have listed the names of the topics of the CCTV cameras that will give good quality surveillance in India. You can pick the best security camera in India according to your preferences and get the variety of levels of output to customize your needs. So, give up for their bodies and by the one that will be suitable for you.

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