8 Best Ceiling Fans in India 2021 – Reviewed

Last Updated : 04 April 2020

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Looking For Best Ceiling Fans In India?

Since the beginning of time, man has developed and used technology to help him and/or others out in different areas. May that be over food, cloth, or shelter, or may that be about living or creating a luxurious lifestyle. Ever since humankind discovered the manipulation of earthly resources, life has been changed for all good. Fans have been there for centuries although the shape, size, and configuration have changed over time.

However, its basic purpose remains the same. Fans provide us a way to create an artificial flow of air, which then helps us to ease our lives in summer. And when it comes to ceiling fans, there is a variety of them that are installed overhead from the ceilings to give us comfort. Below-listed is 8 Best Ceiling fans in India

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8 Best Ceiling Fans In India 2021 – Reviewed

1. Atomberg Efficio Ceiling Fan


  • Dimension 50*23*20 cm
  • Material- Aluminium
  • Button controller with remote control
  • Down rod Mounting type
  • 6 different speed settings
  • 3 number of blades
  • 28-watt motors

The first one in the “best fans in India list” is the Efficio ceiling fan from Atomberg which has a size of 1200mm which makes it one of the large fans that are included in this list. It consists of a very energy-efficient BLDC motor which can help any user save a lot of electricity bills. It is made out of aluminum sheet metal and is happened to have a down rod mounting type from the ceiling. The number of speeds that are available with this is six modes from which the user can select one.

It is a three-blade ceiling fan that even comes with a remote control that can be used to turn it on or off and even select different speed settings. The ceiling fan is easy to install and very energy efficient with a wattage of 28 watts. It also has very little weight and is very durable. In addition to that, it comes with a warranty of 3 years.



2. Crompton Uranus


  • Comes with decorative lighting
  • Input power is 72 watts
  • Designed with magnificent carvings
  • Exquisite gold finish
  • Convenient system of cords to control

The next one on the “best ceiling fan in India list” is the Crompton Uranus Ceiling fan which comes with decorative lights. These decorative lights are a special attraction to every customer since they do provide very elegant looks to the fan. This fan is made of 1200 mm size is capable of working perfectly in large dining rooms or offices making it a show stopper. This ceiling fan is button controlled and the number of blades that are four.

The ceiling fan and its design can add a royal touch to any place where it is going to be installed. And the long life with an assured 2 years warranty makes it a pretty good choice for any customer. The motor has copper coils and the input power that is required to operate this machine is 72 watts. The controls are pulling type cords that are attached to the fan and the decorative lights fused with the design give it a very premium as well as vintage look.



3. Atomberg Renesa


  • BLDC motor with 3 blades
  • The size of the fan is 1200mm
  • 28 watts electricity consumption
  • 3 years warranty included
  • LED indicators for speed-related controls
  • On or off switch for speed control

The third one in the “best ceiling fans list” is also from Atomberg with a size of 1200 mm and a very simple yet elegant design. It is equipped with very energy-efficient BLDC motors making it a very good choice for the conservation of electricity as well as reducing the bills. It can be controlled with a remote which enables functionality such as turning on or off or changing the speed settings for the ceiling fan. The material that constructs this is aluminum making it very tough and durable. Along with that, the three-year guarantee is an additional benefit the customer can get from this fan.

And the important thing about this fan is that it produces very little noise making it a perfect choice for everyone. The BLDC motors consume only 28 watts for the highest speed which is much less than its competitors. It also has an LED indication for directing the speed of the fan making it super easy to use and the regulator-free working makes it very comfortable.



4. Atomberg Renesa +


  • 28-watt input power
  • Fan size is 1200 mm
  • 3 years warranty
  • Dust-proof technology
  • Comes with a smart remote

The next ceiling fan in the “best ceiling fan list” is also from Atomberg with a 3 blade configuration of size 1200mm. The motors are very efficient for energy-saving and can greatly help optimizing electricity bills. It just consumes a little of 28 watts and this also has a LED light indication like the previous one in the list. The only difference with this is that it has inverter stabilization technology which is more efficient than its successor.

The remote has smart features like a boost in speed, different controls for on and off as well as speed settings. The metallic finish is also very attractive and is dustproof with the help of coating on the machine. The output characteristics of this fan are very much ahead of its competitors available at a similar price range making it a very promising choice in the list.



5. Crompton Aura Prime


  • 100% copper motor
  • Sweep size of 1200mm
  • Warranty of 2 years
  • Enhanced look with a metallic tint
  • 50% less dust attraction

This feature-packed ceiling fan is designed by Crompton and is in the size range of 1200mm. The anti-dust technology makes it very easy for the customer to maintain the product in the long run. In fact, it almost attracts 50 % less dust as compared to other fans. The motor is made out of copper and it comes with a painted finish type. The down rod mount type makes it very easy to install and even the customer can install them on their own. The number of speeds available with this is 5 which can be controlled with buttons.

The three-blade design also gives it a very modern look along with a sense of vintage charm. It weighs around 5280 grams which is pretty lightweight as compared to other ceiling fans at this price. The copper windings and the double ball bearing systems are also an addition to its highlights providing it good mechanical strength and can be used for the long run.



6. Orient Electric Apex-FX


  • 78 watts input power
  • 1200mm sweep size
  • Weight of 2800 grams
  • 3 blade design

Probably this one is the most affordable ceiling fan that is available with such specifications in this list. This Orient product has a sweeping range of 1200mm and is enabled with controls through buttons. The 5 speeds available with this fan ensure that the user gets a satisfactory output from the fan. It runs with an input power of 78 watts and weighs around 2800 grams making it super comfortable to install. The 3 blade design makes it look like a classic but well-designed fan adding a cool look.

High-quality sheet metals are used for manufacturing this fan and the powerful motor ensures that the fan sustains for a long time. The high air delivery gives the fan a plus point making it a perfect choice for people looking for a budget-friendly as well as a powerful fan. It also has a 2-year manufacturer warranty making it a perfect companion for the long run.



7. Havells Leganza


  • Metallic finished design
  • Decorative rings and body
  • Blade size of 1200mm
  • Warranty of 2 years

The next one in the list is a classic hit that comes with 4 number of blades and is by far one of the best-selling fans from Havells at this price range. It has a sweep size of 1200 mm which makes it a good choice for large rooms and dining areas. The build quality is aluminum and the controls are button powered. The body, as well as the motors, is metallic finished making it a very durable and strong product.

Plus the two years manufacturer’s warranty gives an extra boost to its longevity. This fan is aesthetically designed for places where the looks need to go with classic and premium charm making it fit for office spaces and such rooms. It can cover an area of 65 to 100 square fit making it super-efficient for a stand-out performance making it a great choice.



8. Crompton Hill Briz


  • High airflow speed
  • Installation is super easy
  • Weighs around 7040 grams
  • 100 % copper winding
  • Easy to clean blades

The last one on the list is from Crompton with a fan size of 1200 mm is made out of metal. It has a down rod mount type which is very convenient for installation. The item weighs around 7040 grams and has 3 blades. The input power in this fan is 77 watts making it one of the most powerful motors on this list.  It features a body made of aluminum making it very durable and resistant to corrosion.

In addition to that, the 2 years warranty provides additional serviceability. It also has a double-bearing system for the effective circulation of airflow. The copper windings make sure that it stays out of technical difficulties for a long time. It is also very easy to clean due to its powder-coated blades which give it a simple yet elegant look. The high speed is very effective in delivering good airflow making it a perfect choice for large rooms.



Best Ceiling Fans In India 2021 – Buying Guide

If one goes to the market, then there is a tonne of varieties of ceiling fans available, which can meet their respective demands. But one should think about the following factors before opting to buy one:

1. Type

The first thing that one should think about when they go to buy any ceiling fan is the type of ceiling fan they want for their home or space. And by type, here the technology is the key differentiating factor. The user must anticipate the needs of their building and then decide what kind of technology they want in their fan.

Some fans use technologies such as simple motors with electromagnets or the ones that are advance and are equipped with modern BLDC technology. These modern-day systems save way more electricity than traditional ones saving the customer’s money in the long run.

2. Budget

After deciding the technology or the type of ceiling fan the customer wants, the next big thing is all about deciding and fixing the budget of the purchase. A well-planned budget is always fit for any purchase since it defines the limitations through which the purchase will be done.

The customer must think about what kind of fans they want to buy under which price range so that it can be economically possible for them to get the best out of the purchase.

3. Size

The next big thing which the customer should think about before going to buy any ceiling fan is the size of the fan they want. The size of the fan is a key factor since it can define the affectability of the purchase as well as the budget restrictions that are already there in the plan. Ceiling fans are measured with the fan size in millimeters of 900mm to more than 1400 mm depending on the needs and the size of the room that is going to have these.

For less electricity consumption as well as effective use of the fans for any big room, the customer always should keep in mind that a number of small fans are better than a large single fan.

4. Blade Pitch

After selecting the size of the ceiling fan, the next important characteristic that one should think about is the blade pitch of the fan. A blade pitch is the degree of tilt by which the blades are moved to provide a nice and swivel action of the fan to generate a good air movement. This movement in turn generates a good flow of air thus giving the customer a great relaxing wind.

However, the customer also should note that the blade pitch of the ceiling fan should not exceed a value of 12-15 degrees.

5. Controls

The type of controls that a customer wishes for their ceiling fan is also an important key factor in deciding which kind of ceiling fan should one buy. Sometimes the fans with the normal regulators are an economic choice, but with the increase in the use of smart devices, smart ceiling fans are a thing that exists. These fans are enabled with wireless connectivity and can be turned on or off or even controlled with the push of buttons through any smartphone.

The other kinds of ceiling fans with different controls are the ones that are operated by remotes. The user simply can allow the fan to function in different modes through these.

6. Looks

If a customer is looking for a ceiling fan, then looks can vary according to the needs of the room that is going to have the fan. If it is a home, then the requirements about the looks will be different and if it is an office, then the needs will also change accordingly.

7. Warranty or Guarantee

Last but not the least; the customer should pay attention to the guarantee or warranty that has been provided with the product or any piece from the product.

Since users prefer to buy ceilings for the long run so the priority should be given to products, which give a good amount of warranty time. Also, customer service and user reviews should also be taken into account before buying a ceiling fan.

Best Ceiling Fans In India 2021 – Closing Thoughts

The customer must think about all these parameters that are listed above which can help him/her buy a perfect ceiling fan for the necessary conditions. It is up to the customer to choose a good product from a number of ceiling fan models since there are literally dozens of products available from different companies at attractive price ranges.

The customer also should consider what benefits they want from the ceiling fan. Certain times it is about usability and sometimes it just is all about decorating the home with a nice piece of product. Overall, the customer should compare and contrast between different options and then should go for the best ceiling fans in India.

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