Best Cycle Under 10000

Best Cycle Under 10000 In India 2021

Last Updated : 04 April 2020

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The craze of cycling is back in full swing among the youth in our country. You can thank the pandemic to teach us the importance of staying healthy and as all the gyms are closed for an indefinite period, the easiest resort is cycling. If you are an adventure-head, you will find cycle a better medium to explore your surrounding rather than just sitting in a car and getting a peek through the windows. We understand that you are looking to buy the best cycle under 10000 INR, and on this page, you are going to find some of the best options you can go for right now. 

When you step out in the market, you will find several options and it’s quite easier for you to get all confused. We are going to provide you with our review along with the set of features these cycles have to offer. Moreover, this way, you can find the cycle you thing fits perfectly with your requirements.

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8 Best Cycle Under 10000 – Reviewed

1. Geekay Hashtag 26t Mountain Cycle


  • This cycle comes with a 26” steel frame.
  • The wheels are equipped with double-wall alloys.
  • You will also get dual-disc brakes for better riding.
  • The wide tires and high-quality grip allow you to ride a bicycle for long hours.
  • The cycle is more suitable for the riders of height ranging from 5” to 5’7”. 

In the search for the best cycle under 1000, you will need to find the one that performs well on all the terrains and doesn’t give you the backaches in just a small amount of cycling. The design that is opted here by Geekay will allow you to rid the cycle with the utmost comfort. The maneuvering is also quite easy as the integrated alloys throughout the Hashtag range give it a very lightweight build. The braking mechanism offered here on this bicycle is also pretty responsive and you can ride stress-free on any kind of terrain.

If you are conscious about buying only ‘make in India’ products, you are covered there as well. The assembling will also be 85% done and all the tools will be provided in the package for the rest of the assembly. The frame is constructed in such a way that you sit upright and not hurt your back in riding any possible terrain. You will get to adjust the handle & seat according to you while you are assembling yourself.

2. Hero Next 24t Cycle


  • Cottered BB set along with a 42T Crankset. It
  • The seat comes with a bolted clamp so your kid can easily do it up or down.
  • The grip on the handlebar is also very comfortable and your kid will not feel any fatigue.
  • The 610mm long handlebar comes with a 41mm height elevation, allowing your kid to rest his/her hands easily.
  • The front & rear braking system will allow you kid to manoeuvre on the roads quite easily.

All the people who are out and about searching for the best cycle under 10000 INR for their kids, this one will be a perfect choice. The bike is available in attractive colors and is also loaded with features for a better ride. The cycle frame is constructed of steel. Hence, it will allow it to stay pretty lightweight and the design language that you will get here is also very futuristic and will turn some heads on the road.

On the safety front, you will get multiple reflectors and it will also allow you to ride stress-free at night. The package will be delivered to you 85% assembled and you will need to assemble the rest by following the included guide. All the necessary tools will also be included with the package. The wheel size is 24 inches and it will be a very good option when it comes to kids and the seat along with the handles can be adjusted.

3. Hero Cycles Sprint Thorn 26T


  • The suspension mechanism used here is the fork type and offers a good 50mm travel.
  • The total weight after the assembly reaches up to 19.8 kgs.
  • The 26” wheels and double-wall alloys offer a very good grip and traction on the road.
  • The pedals that you will get will come with the reflectors and it will keep you safe on the road.
  • The cycle is suitable for people above the age of 14 and above 4’ height. 

Once you have decided to do some cycling on a daily or regular basis, you need to get one of the best cycle under 10000 rupees or so. This is the range that is going to provide you with some of the options that won’t get you to complain about any issue. However, you will need to take proper care of your bicycle so that it can be a durable one.

This single-speed bike is suitable for adults where the braking system that you will get is quite good and it will not disappoint you while riding on any terrain. Hero is a brand known for cycles and the quality that you will get here will also be significantly better than the competition. The frame is built of steel and it will provide it quite a sturdy build and it will not start to wear & tear after small crashes. 

4. Kross Maximus Bike


  • The cycle is built of a stainless steel frame which allows it to stay pretty lightweight.
  • There is also a front suspension that will allow you to easily go through the rough terrains.
  • You will get a disc brake on the front wheel.
  • The gear offers 21-speed settings and the shifter will be present on the thumb.
  • If you are around 5’5” or even taller, this one will be a suitable one for you. 

If you are looking for a premium bike, you can find multiple options for the best cycle under 10000 INR. This one from Kross sits right at ₹10,000 and the features offered here are truly exceptional. The details that you will get on this frame are quite minimalistic and you will be able to ride very smoothly on any kind of the terrain. There is one thing that you need to keep in mind and that’s the bike will take quite a bit to get completely assembled and it would be much better if you opt to get its assembly done with the help of a professional.

There is nothing to just showcase and the functionality is very simple and straightforward. The package will also include a bottle holder that you can install on the bike frame. The black colour of Kross Maximus Bike gives it an even more elegant look and if you want a clean look get rid of all the stickers and you are good to go.

5. Hercules Rodeo Hank 26T Cycle


  • The gears on this bike are from Shimano Tourney, ensuring you with the best quality.
  • The 600mm long handlebar will also allow you to keep the wrists and hands at ease.
  • Hercules is also providing disc brakes so that you can ride high speeds as well.
  • Rodeo Hank 26T will be most suitable for people between 4’4” to 5’5”.
  • There are enough reflectors present on the cycle so that you can ride even at night time.

If you are looking for a rodeo model, your search should just end here. This one from Hercules is the best yet and the gear setup is also quite smooth offering multiple speed levels. The colour options are also quite vibrant and it will turn some heads on the road. The tire size that Hercules is offering will be 26” and the frame height will be 17”. If you are going for this one, the cycle will come 90% assembled and you will get it assembled without any issue just by following the provided instruction manual.

The riding position that you will get on this bike is also pretty good and you won’t feel any aches or fatigue even on longer runs. The PU saddle that you will get on the seat will also be adjustable just by using a single clamp. The cycle is also available in different frames if you are finding it tall or short according to your height.

6. Hero Fashion 26T Cycle


  • The package will include the mudguard and side stand. You will not need to buy them separately. 
  • Along with an ample amount of reflectors, you will also get a basket so you don’t have to carry any load while riding.
  • You will also get the chain cover included in the package.
  • The design elements that are added to this cycle will turn some heads for sure. 
  • The suspension system on this cycle is also rigid and you will not feel jerks that often.

If you are on a very tight budget, this one from Hero is definitely for you. The cycle is specially designed by keeping the female riders in mind and the frame is constructed of stainless steel. It will allow you to keep it free from all the scratches here and there. The build quality that Hero is offering here is also pretty robust and also not weighs a lot. On the cycle, you will also get a basket attached on the front, so that you can keep the groceries or bag.

There are also the reflectors installed all around. The colour scheme chosen by the brand here gives a very calming and soothing vibe that will be loved by everyone. The seating mechanism on this cycle is equipped with the spring system and you will feel not feel any discomfort even while riding on rough terrains. You should know that the reason we included this one in the list of best cycle under 10000 INR’ is the value for money it has to offer. 

7. Tata Stryder Rage 20T Speed Cycle


  • The bike weighs just 9.9 kgs. 
  • The stainless steel frame offers quite a sturdy build.
  • Though the cycle comes in a single speed setting, you can go high speeds.
  • The orange/black colour combination looks quite vibrant and it will turn some heads. 
  • The axle on this bike is a Cottered BB bracket, good to see at this price point.

If you are on a very tight budget, this one from Tata is going to be the perfect fit for you. The tires that are present on this cycle are pretty flat and it will grip the ground very firmly. The design language that you will get here will be pretty modern and you will get very bright colours to mark your presence on the road. The single-speed cycle will provide you with much better quality brakes and the seat cushion is also much better than the competitors.

The wheels on this bike are 20” ones and the frame is constructed of stainless steel. The sturdy build quality will provide your bike with quite a durable life. All you need to do is take proper care of the bike and it will also not get heavy on your pocket. The packaging will also include the chain cover for better safety. 

8. Kross Drona DX 22T 20T Cycle


  • The seat on this cycle comes with a spring system that will save you from all the jerks.
  • The rear, front, and pedals will come with light reflectors, allowing you to ride in the night as well.
  • This Kross Drona (because of the steel frame) provides with a longer, durable and sturdy life. 
  • The cycle also hasn’t a very heavyweight. 
  • Wired braking system, however, it comes in a disassembled state. 

If you are looking for a more traditional look, this one from Kross is the one you should go for. The design language and the feature set it has to offer is just a package you can’t miss. Kross is specially designed for the male riders. However, anyone can ride it without any issue. The handlebar on this cycle is a rounded one, and this design is preferred by a lot of people. As it comes with 30” wheels, it is more suitable for people above 13 years of age.

The cycle comes in a single speed setting and you can undoubtedly consider it as one of the best cycles out there. The frame is constructed of steel and it will give your cycle much more durability than you expect. The rims offered on this Drona S-bar will allow you to get high speeds and the suspension on this one is also quite rigid. 

Best Cycle Under 10000 – Buying Guide

If you are buying a bicycle for the first time, it’s obvious that you will get confused and end up buying one that didn’t fit your requirements. We are providing you with some factors that you must consider before buying a cycle for yourself. 


This is the factor that will completely depend on your height. The frame size will allow you to ride without sitting too low or too high. For those who are making the purchase online, it’d be better if you pay a visit to the local store and try out from a range of cycles. 


Various cycles can be put under the head of the best cycle under 10000 INR range, but it’s up to if you want one. You should know that as the number of gears will increase, the weight will also increase in direct proportion. You should go for the single speed cycles if you are not planning to ride on hills or rough terrains.

Brake Type

It is also one of the very important factors that you need to look out for. The cycles with disc brakes offer you more safety as the braking will become much more responsive than the wired braking. If the disc brakes are present on front only, it will also be significantly helpful.

Wheel Size

You must know that the tires won’t last for very long and you will need to replace them from time to time. We recommend going for a tire size that is easily available in the market. For the Indian market, the most common size is 26, if you are going for 26-inch wheels, you will always find a suitable tire. 

Build Quality

It doesn’t matter how feature-loaded cycle you are buying, if it isn’t able to provide you with the sturdy build, it will be of no use. We always recommend going for the stainless steel frame as it will offer you long durability and also keep your cycle lightweight. 

Adjustable Seat/Handlebar

These two are directly connected and if you have ignored even one of them, you will not be able to ride your bicycle comfortably. The PU saddle on the seat should be adjustable and you should be able to bring it up or down based on your liking. 

Best Cycle Under 10000 – FAQ’s

If you are just starting, the cycle that you are buying can have 14-speed settings, and once you perfect yourself on these, you can switch to 21.

Yes, the most important and necessary piece of accessory is the helmet. Along with the helmet, you should also invest in eyewear to protect your eyes from any bug on the road.

If you are riding your bike regularly, it’s important to keep checking everything. You should get its oiling & greasing done every 15 days. 

Best Cycle Under 10000 – Closing Thoughts

Cycling is one of the physical activities that are highly effective and you should start it as soon as possible. This pandemic has taught us the value of staying fit and you will have to start exercising sooner or later. Here, we have provided you with a list of best cycle under 10000 rupees and we hope that you can find one that fits your requirements. We understand the dilemma of choosing a product for oneself, for that we have also prepared a buying guide where we pointed out all the necessary factors you need to consider to choose the perfect cycle for you. 

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