8 Best Cycles Under 15000 in India – Reviewed

Last Updated : 04 April 2020

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We are well aware of the current climate change situation in the entire world. The best way to start contributing towards it is to switch to better resources. If you haven’t bought a cycle yet, it is never too late to get started. There is no denying that it is not just a hobby but a perfect way to cut some fat in your body to stay healthy. So, we have created a list of the best cycles under 15000.

There are multiple affordable options in the market that you can grab, but it might not be the right fit for you if you have no idea what to look for. So, you can follow the guide mentioned here and make the most out of it. Some of the factors that you need to look for before making your decision is the type of cycle, purpose, frame size, brakes, design, tires, and much more. Furthermore, you can even find options to adjust the height in specific cycles.

Let us look at the best Cycles under 15000.

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8 Best Cycles Under 15000 – Reviewed

1. Hercules Roadeo Hannibal Cycle


  • Frame- 18-inches
  • Wheel Size- 26-inches
  • Brakes- Front Disc & Rear V
  • Ideal Height- 5”1’ to 5”8’
  • No. of Speed- 21(with gear)

Hercules Roadeo Hannibal Cycle is one of the best bicycles in India under 15000. There is no doubt in admitting that Hercules is a trendy brand for cycles in the country and has been designing some of the best quality cycles over the years. This model is highly durable built with an Aluminium frame. Also, the frame is about 18-inches in size, making it perfect for adults and teenagers of height between 5”1’ to 5”8’.

This is a mountain bike with thick tires of size 26-inches. Such cycles are used mostly by hikers or professional bikers to ride on rugged terrains. You will love the modern design as well, which makes it appealing to anyone for whom this could be their first bike. Moreover, it is equipped with a 21-speed Shimano gearing system that is pretty smooth to operate and changes gears when needed.

On the other hand, the dual disc brakes give an excellent stopping power keeping the rider safe at all times. Well, the overall weight of the cycle seems a little on the heavy side, but you will get used to it over time. Furthermore, the saddle is smooth, and a cushiony texture gives you a comfortable ride.

2. Hercules Roadeo A75 26T Cycle


  • Frame- 17-inches
  • Wheel Size- 26-inches
  • Brakes- Disc
  • Ideal Height- 5”1’ to 5”6’
  • No. of Speed- 21(with gear)

The Hercules Roadeo A75 is yet another excellent option with unique features that you might love. This cycle features an aluminum alloy frame of size 17-inches. It is highly sturdy and has five coats of neon paint finish giving it an incredible aesthetic experience. You can choose between the medium and large frame size depending on your height.

Moving on, the Shimano gear system with 21 speed gives you the complete freedom to take the cycle on a spin. It is very smooth to change the gears and hardly takes any effort. Also, you need not worry about overspeeding, since with the help of the powerful Disc brakes, you can quickly stop the bicycle within seconds. Above all, the saddle is adjustable based on your height, and you can enjoy a smooth ride for as much as you wish.

This cycle features steel handlebars with premium rubber grips that comfortably remain intact on the hands to have better control. Furthermore, the 26-inch tires are pretty sturdy and thick, giving reasonable control even on rugged roads.

3. Hero Octane 26T Dude 21 Speed Cycle


  • Frame- 18-inches
  • Wheel Size- 26-inches
  • Brakes- Disc
  • Ideal Height- 5”4’ to 6”4’
  • No. of Speed- 21

Hero Octane 26T Dude is a fantastic addition to our list of the best cycles under 15000. It is one of the oldest and highly trusted brands in the Indian market. Hero designs cycles in multiple ranges and for every age group. This particular model is a perfect buy for teenagers and even adults with a height range of 5”4’ to 6”4’. It is entirely made of Aluminum, which is pretty lightweight and makes it easy for anyone to handle and control as well.

Unlike other cycles, this one has suspension forks that make sure you are safe from any bumpy roads, and it is more comfortable to ride on rugged terrains. Speaking of the saddle, it is not very comfortable or cushiony, but you can easily adjust the height whenever needed with a simple pull or push. Moreover, it is equipped with 21-speed Shimano shifters and allows you to shift to different gears smoothly.

Other than this, the front disc and rear V brakes do the job pretty well. They are mighty and stop immediately for a safe ride. Also, you need not worry about the reflectors; it is made of plastic so your legs won’t slip while you are pedaling on it or gaining speed.

4. Hercules Roadeo Rampage 26T


  • Frame- 17-inches
  • Wheel Size- 26-inches
  • Brakes- Wire
  • Ideal Height- 5”4’ to 6”3’
  • No. of Speed- 21

Here we have another Hercules cycle that fits in for anyone who is looking to get their first-ever bike. If you are a teenager with an age of 13+ and above, Roadeo Rampage 26T is perfect for you. Also, this cycle is made of steel, giving it an excellent aesthetic finish. It is a mountain bike that means the 26-inch tires are made for bumpy roads and rugged terrains and protect the rider from falling off.

Moving on, the front suspension acts as an essential part of the entire cycle keeping the riders safe from uneven roads. However, it only has the front suspension while the rear suspension is missing, which could have had more impact. Once you order it, the cycle comes 85% assembled, after which you can simply follow the manual and put the remaining pieces.

Hercules Roadeo Rampage is one of India’s best gear cycles featuring the Shimano 21-speed system, as seen in almost every bike we have mentioned in the guide. Furthermore, the build quality and the design are outstanding.

5. HERO CYCLES Sprint Howler 27T


  • Frame- 17-inches
  • Wheel Size- 27-inches
  • Brakes- Wire
  • Ideal Height- 4.5 feet and above
  • No. of Speed- Single

To start with, Hero Sprint Howler 27T is the most basic cycle in the market. The price is very low, and anyone looking for daily use can get this bike. It runs at a single speed, which means it has no gear system; hence the speed will depend on your pedaling power. The frame is made entirely of steel; hence it will be heavyweight and may not be the easiest to handle for too long a drive. But there is no denying the fact that Steel frames are much more durable than aluminum frames.

This bicycle is filled with features and, above all, falls under an affordable range for any beginner. The cycle also looks stunning in every aspect, whether it is the design or the color combination provided to it. Since it is a single-speed cycle, you might be free from the hassle of changing gears and thus making it a little complicated if you have never ridden a bike with a gearing system.

Moving on, it features the wires brakes that are not as powerful as the mechanical ones but good enough for gearless bikes that might not need a lot of force to stop the speed. This, too, has only the front suspension that keeps any tremors from bumps on the road eliminated for a smooth ride.

6. Firefox Bikes Grunge-D


  • Frame- 17-inches
  • Wheel Size- 27.5-inches
  • Brakes- Disc
  • Ideal Height- 5.5 feet – 5.10 feet
  • No. of Speed- Single

Firefox Grunge-D is yet another cycle that is perfect for both men and women. If you are looking to buy your child their first bicycle, you can go for this without a second thought. Make sure your child is above 13+ years old with a height between 5.5 feet – 5.10 feet. This cycle features a steel-made frame that speaks high durability and reliability as well. It might be a little heavier as compared to aluminum frames, but overall works out well.

Moving on, this is a pretty basic cycle; hence you will not find the gearing system rather a single speed to ride with. It has its own advantages where you have no hectic of changing the gears and even keep your ride more uncomplicated. The help of mechanical disc brakes on both front and rear tires gives a good stopping potential, especially if you are taking it up a hill.

Other than this, it is provided with both front and rear reflectors that come in handy. Since this is a mountain bike, you can ride on bumpy roads pretty easily. With the help of front suspension forks, things do get a lot easier. The bike comes in a semi-assembled state, and you can quickly assemble them fully by following the instructions.

7. Tata Stryder Rage 20T Speed Cycle


  • Frame- 18.5-inches
  • Wheel Size- 26-inches
  • Brakes- Linear Pull
  • Ideal Height- 5.1 feet – 5.8 feet
  • No. of Speed- 18

We have another stunning series of cycles designed by Hercules. The Roadeo Hardliner cycle is a sleek and lightweight bicycle made for adults. Anyone looking for an adventure and hoping to ride on mountains can get this bike. It is one of the best cycles in Indian under 15000 and gives a breathtaking experience to every rider.

To start with, it features a Shimano 18-Speed Gear system that helps to ride on mountains and maintain the speed required for challenging terrains. The gear shifting is very easy to carry out, and anyone can do it even if you have no experience with it. You will find the seat to be very comfortable and also adjustable based on your height.

Furthermore, Hercules provides both front and rear reflectors to keep you safe on the road. You need not buy it separately. The brakes are also decent enough to give you a reasonable stopping force, especially while riding in the mountains.

8. Hercules Roadeo A 300 Bicycle


  • Frame- 18-inches
  • Wheel Size- 26-inches
  • Brakes- Disc and V
  • Ideal Height- 5.1 feet – 6.2 feet
  • No. of Speed- 21

For all those looking for a professional bike to race in the mountains, Hercules A 300 is the right one for you. It has some of the best features that you might not find even in a higher price range. This cycle features a steel frame that is a bit on the heavier side but is the toughest among all. They last longer and are highly durable. Also, you can choose between the different colors available.

The tires here are much more comprehensive than the regular mountain bikes. It gives better traction and good grip especially needed while riding on rugged terrains. The best aspect of this cycle is the dal suspensions. They keep the rider safe from any bumps on the road and give an excellent riding experience on the streets with ease. It even has a cushioned saddle that you can also adjust using the latch provided.

Well, the Roadeo A 300 features 21-speed Shimano shifters that are highly easy to operate while riding and gives a smooth ride altogether. You can make an assertive stop as well using the disc brakes when necessary.

Best Cycles Under 15000 – Buying Guide

Before you can make your decision to buy the best gear cycles under 15000, you need to understand all the features as a beginner or even a professional on how to select the best cycle among the list of multiple options. You can check out this buying guide below and learn more.

1. Define the Purpose

You need to have a clear purpose in buying a cycle. It does not only apply to this product but anything you purchase. Since there are multiple types of bicycles in the market as per the usage, it is better to know why you need the bike and the reason behind the purchase. It could be anything such as beginner’s fun, keeping healthy, riding on mountains, racing, teenagers, etc.

2. Frame

A frame is the foundation of your cycle and also a vital component that you cannot ignore. You need to look at the built material of the structure and also the size. Well, the most common material of the frame found in bikes is Steel and Aluminium. Among these, Steel is highly durable and sturdy as compared to Aluminum. However, Aluminium is lighter than Steel and hence makes it easier to ride on it.

On the other hand, we can talk about the frame size. If you choose the wrong size, you might feel comfortable enough once you start riding on it. We have listed the best size that you can quickly get in your budget. You can choose anyone between 17 and 18-inches.

3. Gear System

If you are buying your first bike and not familiar with how the gear system works, this might be an excellent chance to know more. These gears or shifters work as a way that helps you increase the speed of the bike. Mostly, we have bikes with a 21-speed gearing system that anyone can make the best use of. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will learn gradually with time. However, if you are looking for something fundamental, there are always options to buy single speed cycles where the gear system is absent. All the speed put into the process is all based on your pedaling.

4. Brakes

Mostly, the type of brakes you will see in the cycles are Disc brakes. They have high power stopping speed and keep the rider safe at all times. However, you might come across other types of breaks as well that are as good as the former but not too powerful. Such cases work well when there isn’t a gear system. You can smoothly ride bikes with any of these brakes, depending on the cycle you have chosen.

Best Cycles Under 15000 – FAQ’s

Most beginner riders have the most common query in their mind is whether to go for gear or gearless cycle. Well, the answer depends on the purpose of riding the bicycle. You can choose a gearless bike since they are easy to use and cost pretty little. 

There is no hassle of changing the gears all the time. On the other hand, cycles with gears bring more speed to your ride. You can climb up mountains, ride on rugged terrains, relaxed rides with lesser pedaling, and much more.

A standard mountain bike has a 26-inch wheel size. It is a perfect match for anyone with 13+ years of age and above. In fact, this also depends on the height of the person. If your child or even you are above 5 feet taller, this might be the right kind of bike for you in the long run.

Since these are mountain bikes, they are safe to use as well. The wheels can handle harsh roads and rugged terrains altogether.

Best Cycles Under 15000 – Closing Thoughts

Here we are with everything you need to know about the best cycles in India under 15000. It does look too hectic when you are new to this, but you will love it more and more once you have gone through every aspect. There are thousands of cycles in the market, and no rider can go through all of them. Hence, we make sure that you get the best ones all together at a single place and can choose from a limited number.

The list is shorter than you might think of since it can get highly confusing when you have too many options. Make sure you have gone through the buying guide before making a decision. If you feel that you are still unable to decide the right one for yourself, you can let us know in the comment section so that we can get back to you.

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