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8 Best Cycles Under 5000 in India 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

Last Updated : 04 April 2020

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Hero Skyper 26T 26 T Mountain/Hardtail Cycle

Best Features :

Looking for the Best Cycles Under 5000?

The bicycle has been perhaps the handiest, useful, and popular vehicle since its invention in 1818. This unique and amazing two-wheeler vehicle is still relevant even in the contemporary advanced world and in some context, it plays an important role especially in exercise, promoting good health, and overall physical well-being of mankind. Bicycles around the world have been developed with advanced features and enormous comforts. You can find various types of bicycles for different purposes with different features, mechanisms, and components.

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Therefore, it is prudent for you to do a bit of homework before you decide to buy a bicycle. For example, you need to first determine for what purpose you need a bicycle. This needed assessment will help you to consider what type of bicycle you need. You may need a bike for touring, or training, or for a day ride, etc. 

Similarly, you also need to determine where you will ride your bicycle. If your intended route is difficult with a lot of bumps, grass, roots and dirt, etc. then you must choose a bicycle fit for the route. Many people even prefer to buy a second hand or used bicycles with good condition because of various authentic reasons. In this situation, you need to determine what to ensure in a used bicycle before purchasing the same. 

On the other hand, if you intend to buy a new bicycle, there are many considerations. You have to determine which brand to go for and why. There are other important things such as appropriate sizes such as the frame size, wheel size, saddle, pedal position, the height of the handlebar, brake system, gearing and suspension, etc. to determine before you finalize a brand and the type of cycle you wish to buy. Here is the list of 8 most popular, trending, and the best bicycles in India under 5000 to choose the right one for you.

8 Best Cycles Under 5000

1. Hero Blast 20T Single Speed Kids' Bike




The Hero Blast 20T is a gearless and a best cycle under 5000. The cycle is ideal for 7 to 9 years old boys. The cycle is the best fit for your child between the height of 3ft 10 inches to 4ft 6 inches. The frame of this cycle is made of steel for durability and the suspension ensures a smooth riding experience.

The manufacturer has ensured the extra safety feature for the riders by using quality caliper front and back brakes. The seat of this cycle is comfortable and the anti-skid pedals are attached to the cycle for proper feet gripping. 

The bicycle comes with mudguards which generally do not come in other brands. The cycle is delivered in a semi-assembled condition up to 85% and you need to assemble the rest 15% either by calling a technician from the brand or through other means. It comes with durable 20” tires along with a tool kit that includes Allen Key and spanner. The sporty design, colors, and prints make the cycle more attractive and give a premium look to it as well.

2. Hero Sprint Fazer 24T 18 Speed Cycle




The Hero Sprint Fazer 24T can be your best bicycle especially because of its price factor. This product of Hero is the 18-speed gear cycle price below 5000. It has plenty of features that are normally found in expensive cycles. 

The 18-speed mode ultimately enhances the sporty performance and increases the riding speed with unbelievingly less effort. The cycle is ideal for 9 to 10 years boys of minimum 4 ft 2 inches to maximum 4 ft 9 inches of height range. 

The frame of the bicycle is made of high-quality 18-inch steel ensuring long and smooth riding. Its dedicated and qualitative double V brakes are effectively helpful for controlling the riding and ensuring the maximum safety for the riders. The dual suspension technology can give you a yank free experience and permit you to ride your bicycle on any road including the hilly and rough path as well. 

The cycle further comes with an adjustable seat for a pleasant and adventurous riding experience. Hero cycles are always focused on the rider’s safety and security, and so the company has ensured the same by providing an anti-skid pedal in this model. 

However, as usual, the cycle does not come 100% assembled. You can assemble the unassembled components by utilizing the Allen key and spanner that come with the bicycle. You will truly love the pleasant look of the cycle especially because of its attractive dual-color and print works. You will enjoy cycling both on-road and off-road.

3. Hero Ranger DTB Steel Single Speed Mountain Bike




The Hero Ranger DTB Cycle is known for its superb durability due to its quality steel material. This is one of the best bicycles under 5000 for adult men. If you are a man with 5.8 feet to 6.2 feet height, then this is the best fit for you to give you an easy and comfortable ride.

The steel frame and design of the bicycle are meant for heavy-duty in the robust road and extra-long run. Its 19.7” steel rigid suspension provides you adequate comfort even in off-track riding. The cycle comes with a carrier, mudguard, front and rear reflector, and stand that is not generally offered by other brands. 

This unique bicycle has a cottered BB set and 42T Crankset that smoothens the chain crossovers and helps you in minimizing your pedaling effort. Besides this, the 610mm handlebar of this cycle and the 45mm height of the unique handlebar provides adequate convenience and efficiency to your wrists and your arms as well. 

Eventually, you will not be stressed while riding this cycle because of the unique features it possess. The safety features of this bike especially about preventing accidents and other risks are marvelous. Even your child can also pedal the cycle and ride it through a heavily crowded street because of the most powerful and efficient rear and front V brakes.

4. Hero Flake 20T 6 Speed Cycle




The Hero Flake 20T Cycle is ideal for children within the age group of 7 to 9 years and around the height of 3.10”. If you are getting this bicycle for your child you must ensure that your child’s height is not more than 4.6” at any cost. 

This cycle is unique and special for your child because of affordability as this is the best gear cycle price below 5000. Hero Flake 20T cycle is highly durable ensuring smooth riding on any road. The manufacturer has used a high-quality steel frame to ensure the durability of this product. 

Even on rough roads, your child will have a unique, smooth, and jerk-free riding experience because of the dual suspensions of this bicycle. Beyond everything, the cycle provides perfect safety to your child through its highly technical V braking system, especially at the rear coaster.

Besides this, the adjustable seat of the cycle gives your child enough comfort while cycling. There are as many as 6-speed modes in the operation of the cycle. Eventually, this will be a surprise gift for your child on his or her birthday, or on any other occasion. The bicycle comes with a series of accessories like mudguard and stand.

5. Hero Fashion 26T Single Speed Cycle




This Hero Fashion 26T Cycle is the best bicycle in India under 5000 for your daughter/ sister. The cycle is ideal for a minimum of 12 years of age group females with a height of 5.4”. The cycle is painted with peach color and printed flower which gives it an extremely pretty and pleasant look making the product women-friendly and amazing. 

The top-notch lightweight 16.5” steel frame of this unique product promises a long-term run of the bicycle and ideal for the girls. Its double clipper brakes ensure maximum safety of your girl child and is very handy and a slight pressure can make it run marvelously. 

The high-quality adjustable seat of the cycle is consciously designed to provide comfortable seating to your girls. Its anti-skid pedals are helpful for proper feet gripping ensuring safety while riding the bike. 

The unique features of the cycle start with two storage spaces. Your child can easily keep stuff in the basket and can use the back-seat carrier as well. However, the cycle comes with a semi-assembled condition which you need to complete by utilizing the included box with Allen Key and Spanner. The cycle comes with mudguard, side stand, front and back reflector, and chain cover etc.

6. Hero Spunky 26TSS 26 T Hybrid Cycle/City Bike




The Hero Spunky 26TSS 26 T Hybrid Cycle is yet another bicycle which comes in the category of best cycles under 5000. If you are a man of 15+ years of age group, this is just an apt bicycle for you. This is a gearless single speed cycle and the most affordable and cost-effective product of Hero for your pleasant riding. 

If you plan to buy this cycle, you will get enormous financial and other advantages. First of all, there are plenty of discounts on different types of offers, if you order it through Amazon. Besides, you can also get other financial benefits by paying through UPI and RUPAY, etc. 

The manufacturer provides you 2 years of warranty on the fork and frame of the cycle. In addition, you can also get a 1-year warranty on the handle, freewheel, pedal, rear and front hub, chain, BB axel, rim, and chain wheel. There is a 6-month warranty from the hero company for the tire and tube of this product. 

You will truly love the bicycle especially because of its attractive color especially because of the amazing combination of Black & Red. You can further buy Hero recommended atom mudguard with reflective tape and a rechargeable bike horn as well that fits well with this version of the cycle. People who have bought this cycle often say that this product is the best value for the money spent.

7. Hero Skyper 26T 26 T Mountain/Hardtail Cycle




The Hero Skyper 26T bicycle is ideal for men with a minimum of 15 years of age group. The cycle comes with a triangular steel frame that ultimately ensures the durability and gives a sporty look. The unique feature of this cycle is the Turbo Drive Technology that helps rider with a smooth and effortless riding. 

This is a single-speed cycle but you will love its pedaling efficiency and can travel a long distance with less efforts too. Besides, the 66.04 cm MTB tires are normally long-lasting and can sustain the ride through rough roads even on the mountain tracks. 

The Hero Skyper 26T cycle is especially designed for mountain riding hence the V-Break ensures great leverage and brakes smoothly. The cycle is delivered semi-assembled. Therefore, you need to further assemble it after it reaches you. 

The cycle comes with a strong carriage that helps to maintain the balance of the cycle. Above all, the cycle offers you a modern impression and a classy look for its dual color combination of mysterious black & English blue.

8. Hero Skyper 26 T Mountain/Hardtail Cycle

This item of Hero Skyper 26 T Mountain/Hardtail Cycle is exactly similar to the Hero brand of above described Hero Skyper 26T bicycle except for its bright yellow color version. All the features, making material, sizes, and components are the same along with the pros and cons of the bicycle. You just need to choose your preferred color from the two.

Factors to Look Before Purchasing Cycle

Indeed, buying an appropriate bicycle is a daunting task. Many people buy bicycles which after a period do not serve their purposes and thereby result in health hazards or they simply do not get interested to continue with them. Eventually, your money is lost and the purpose is unfulfilled resulting in embarrassment and frustration.

Therefore, you need to give proper attention to the following factors before buying the right bicycle that will provide the maximum benefit as well as a pleasant riding experience.

  • Find the Proper Size

An inappropriate size of a bicycle can lead to back pain, neck pain, and other types of injuries due to imbalance, improper pedaling, inadequate riding speed, and frequent falls. When you buy the right size that will prevent stiffness and foot problems. Eventually, look for the following components while determining the size of the bicycle:

  • Height of the handlebar
  • Saddle
  • Size of the frame
  • Position of pedal

Consider the measurement of your body or the person who is going to ride the bicycle and then determine the above sizes. Some bicycles come with adjustable sizes whereas they may be a bit expensive. However, though the budget is important you cannot compromise your health and purposes too.

  • Brake System

People who do not give importance to the brake system in a bicycle are ultimately prone to accidents which can be sometimes devastating and life-threatening. Therefore, you can never compromise with the safety measures of your bicycle.

There are different types of brake systems available in the market or in other words, you can find various types of brake systems incorporated in different models of bicycles. Check for the following popular and most useful brake system in your bicycle while purchasing the same.

  • Disc Brakes

The disc brakes are best for every type of weather condition. You can find several types of disc brakes such as hydraulic disc brakes, cable disc brakes, etc. If you are choosing the best gear cycle priced below 5000, better ensure cable disc brake. They have a powerful punch.

  • Rim Brakes

The rim brakes are best and efficient next to the disc brakes. The rim brakes need no maintenance and can be easily replaced. However, rim brakes may not suit all weather conditions. Since these types of brakes are directly attached to the rim, they may not be durable.

  • Drum Brakes

The drum brakes are the most simple and low maintenance brakes. But they are sealed and rugged. Therefore, they are water, moisture, dust resistant. This durability makes the drum brakes more reliable than the disc and rim brakes. 

  • Coaster Brakes

This type of brake is preferably fit if you are buying a bicycle for your children. The coaster brakes move the pedals back to slow down the bicycle.

  • Fixed Gear Breaks

The fixed gear brakes are rare as they do not have a strong speed control feature.

  • Gear

You can find several varieties of gears in bicycles beginning from a single gear to as many as 30 or more gear systems. You need to consider the right gear system based on the chainrings, cranks, cogs, and the number of cogs of your preferred bicycle.

Remember, there are two basic points of choosing the right gear. They are (1) plenty of gears is fit for efficient riding especially for experienced riders, and secondly, many gears are good for mountainous riding. The number 2 is the less gear fit for pavements or flat surfaces. Fewer gears make the bicycle light-weight and easy to ride.

  • Wheel Size

The wheel size is measured by “c” which stands for “clinchers” that measure the diameter. The 650c or less is better for children or people with shorter height less than 5’4”. 700c wheel size is the standard size that can fit almost all.

  • Suspension

This is another important aspect you must never forget. Ensure the best suspension system both for front and back i.e. full suspension.

  • Handlebar

There are several types of handlebars such as drop bar, flat bar, riser bar, mustache bar, etc. to choose the right one for your bicycle.

  • Types of Bicycles

Some of the common bicycle types are road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bikes you need to choose based on your riding area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Yes, test rides are allowed when you buy a bicycle.

There are several offers you can get such as discounts, offers from payment options, etc. along with the warranties. However, the types and amount of offers may vary.

Most brands deliver 75% assembled bicycles. The rest you need to assemble yourself or through a technician.


Bicycles ensure enormous advantages beginning from health, fitness, and overall well-being to multiple purposes. But they are also risky in terms of accidents and injuries. Therefore, take uttermost care while purchasing the bicycle to minimize the risks. Stay safe and ride your bicycle. Enjoy the ride!!!

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