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8 Best Home Theater Under 5000 in India 2021

Last Updated : 04 April 2020

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Zebronics BT4440RUCF 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers

Best Features :

Looking for the Best Home Theaters Under 5000 in India?

If you are a true music lover, you will require the best home theater under 5000 that will match the home perfectly.

Do you crave for hearing the perfect best background music? If you’re looking forward to experiencing the vibe, it’s worth looking for these systems.

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Music lovers usually look for emulating the premium sound quality for their comfort at their home. There are plenty of budget-friendly best home theatre systems in India under 5000 that work as a decent sound system within 5000. Besides, they are also loaded with features to make them perfect audio systems within the required range.

In this article, we will list the names of the top home theatre under 5000. It’s true that some speakers are unable of taking advantage of the latest technologies like the Dolby Atmos, DTS X Atmos and others. However, these theatres deliver the rich sound quality to be perfect in your homes.

8 Best Home Theaters Under 5000 in India

1. Zebronics 4.1 Channel Multimedia speakers



Key Features:

This is the 4.1 channel best home theater system under 5000 that comes with the wireless USB, SD, FM and other units. There is also an LED display that comes with the 10.9 subwoofers. It works with remote control as well as the colour changing LED.

You will also find the front unit that comes with the total output power of around 60 watts and the optimum driver size. There is also a satellite system in this well-equipped home theatre. The frequency response of this unit lies between 20Hz and 20 kHz. The supportive file format is MP3 that starts supporting the maximum memory size of 32GB.

The incredible part is that it exhibits a stylish design with the overall glossy finish for giving you the perfect style. The best home theatre under 5000 speaker also comes with the multi-connectivity options that help in presenting the array of options like the SD card and AUX to choose from.

2. Philips SPA4040B/94 Multimedia Speakers System



Key Features:

The system comes with the 45 watt sound output as well as Bluetooth connectivity. The speakers are perfect for playing music, movies, games as well as online video right on mobile phones, Mac and PC. So, now be ready to connect the speakers to the entire system that becomes a great way for you to listen to your favourite music.

The best home theater speakers under 5000 come with the good sound quality and the rich Bass experience for the speaker box system. It also is the Bluetooth-enabled unit that helps in communication.

The robust and energy-efficient home theatre system allows even the wireless connection to other Bluetooth devices. So, you will get the convenience of playing the favourite music from the smartphone, tablet or even the laptop just by using the iPhone are the Bluetooth enabled speaker. There is also the subwoofer design that is quite unique and serves the purpose of creating the deeper and the richer bass. It also serves as the contemporary design that is compact for the optimal portability and output. There are high-quality built-in speakers that will deliver the clear and reach sound.

3. Zebronics ZEB Bluetooth 5.1 speaker



Key Features:

This is the multimedia best 5.1 speakers in India under 5000 unit that works with the interesting front panel and glossy lines for making the fabulous design. Overall, the speaker also comes with a LED display for showing the high-end output in terms of the modes for connectivity. You can enjoy every detail of the model with the 5.1 input of the 5.1 speakers. It also comes with the multi-connectivity options like the BT, USB and AUX. The support for the FM radio system also makes it a perfect home theatre.

The remarkable part is that you will get the entertainment with just the press of a button on the remote control that comes along with the speaker in the subwoofer dimension. It is also a pretty convenient system that works with the satellite dimension centre.

4. iBall Tarang Classic 2.1 Multimedia speaker



Key Features:

The unit comes with the premium casing of real wood and Fabric for enhancing the tonal quality. So, you will get a good feel of the music when you are listening to it. It works with the 2.1 subwoofer system for the addition of the bass depth. The classic 2.1 multimedia speaker is now well equipped with the multi-input mode like BT, USB, SD, and AUX. So, you can start deciding on how to listen to music.

It also comes equipped with the bass and treble control for delivering the fine-tuned sound while pumping up the music and giving you the good quality movie experience.

The best part is that there is also the wireless remote control system for making it quite easy to operate.

5. F&D A521X2.1 Multimedia Speaker



Key Features:

If you are in love with the best and the clear audio with multiple connectivities, this is the perfect unit for you. If you purchase it, you won’t have to worry about a minute to bigger is great the value of money equipment that comes with the lightweight system parts and the clear audio without any kind of problems.

With it, you will also get the low frequency that becomes a perfect unit. Together, it will deliver enough sound in your apartment. Also, there are certain remarkable aspects of this home theatre system. It supports multi-functional input sources along with storing the favourite radio stations.

You will also get the support of the Bluetooth profile with the high efficient energy-saving model. Overall, the four inches of the full-range driver for the satellites, as well as a 6.5 inches bass driver for the subwoofer, makes it perfect.

6. Instaplay Insta Storm 4.1 Soundbar with Subwoofer



Key Features:

This is a 4.1 channel immersive sound experience based home theatre that comes with the soundbar and subwoofer drivers better than the TV. It makes use of the advanced Technologies TV soundbar start delivering the audio that is clear and would be similar to the TV. The Sound Bar comes with the subwoofer production of the powerful Bass as well as two surround sound. So, you can get a great time enjoying the dramatic home audio experience.

It also works with the 10dB sound level pressure. Overall, the soundbar delivers the heavy bass performance along with the detailed midrange treble. So, you can now enjoy all the details of the music and movies. Now start on getting the bus With The dramatic series that makes listening to music a fabulous time there are no wall mountable and sleek design units for the reduction of the clutter in the room.

7. Philips SPA8140B/94 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System



Key Features:

This is the multimedia speaker system that comes with the FM tuner for the radio enjoyment. It works with a built-in FM tuner that will let you enjoy your favourite songs as well as news from the radio station. Each and every unit is perfect for the MP3, TV, PC, CD and more.

So, now build the effortless connection of the speakers to all the gear. It comes with a great way of listening to the MP3 player, CD, TV, PC and multimedia. The units in the Philips PC speaker now provide good sound quality along with the rich experience just like the speaker box system speaker.

It comes with the output power of 40 W RMS. So, you will get the reach sound quality like never before. Besides, it also works at the measurement of the audio power or the electrical power transfer from the audio amplifier to the loudspeaker which is measured in Watt. The short-range wireless communication technology now works with robust and energy-efficient parts.

Besides, the technology also allows the wireless connection to the Bluetooth devices. So, you can now start playing in the favourite music from the smartphone, tablets, as well as the laptops with using the iPod or iPhone or Bluetooth enabled speaker.

8. iBELL 2049 DLX 5.1 Home Theater Multimedia Speaker



Key Features:

You will get a clear sound effect when you use this home theatre system. The speaker system now comes with the ability to let you listen to the minute details of the music. Besides looking good, it also serves with good sound output. You will also get the glossy finish and sleek design that is perfect in terms of showing the great technology as well as the best components for giving you the sound that is crystal clear. You can also get the output levels that are variable with the installation of the 5.25-inch speaker in the woofer.

So, you can get the matched output with the 3-inch speakers in the unit. This is the perfect home theatre that comes with an RMS output of 45 watts and the perfectly balanced combination of sound. You will get the sound range that is fully covered with the thumping bass supported by the mid and high range music. The music will be perfect for picking every note.

Factors to Look Before Purchasing Home Theater

When it comes to watching movies or listening to your favourite music at home, definitely the basic best home theatre systems under 5000 can give you the experience that you want. For that, only the convenient Home Theatre Systems can give improvement over the built-in TV speakers. So, you must look for the good quality home theatre package that comes with the audio amplifier 80-watt subwoofer as well as a Satellite Speakers. You must look at the below-mentioned factors before choosing one.

  • Budget and space

The needs and allocated budget helps in narrowing down the home theatre options. You must always look at the setting of the room interiors as well as space where you are using the speakers and amplifiers. Usually, people select them depending upon the size of the room, free space, as well as the placement of the speaker.

  • Speaker

The speakers play a crucial role and delivery of good audio performance. The home theatre packages come with the bookshelf speaker. Some of them also come bundled with the floor-standing speaker. The Home Theatre Systems usually come with the 5.1 channel and also a 7.1 channel. There are subwoofers that help in the reproduction of the low frequencies as well as others that worked as the satellite speakers for the centre, front as well as a rear channels because it comes to the home theatre set up. You can get the speakers that are placed on the floor or mount them in each corner.

  • A/V receivers

The receiver of the home theatre setup always plays a mandatory role.  You must ensure that the package you choose comes with a good quality receiver the advancing Technology, it gives you the right package for shooting your needs and giving you the compatible home theatre system.

  • Power

The total power output of the amplifier comes in the form of a watt for offering the in power to the connect to speakers. It is essential to ensure that the receiver has enough power. Again, for the optimum performance, you should always look for the AV receiver that will come with the 100 Watts of the power for every change. You must always look for the performance of the amplifier impedance. Most of them usually come with the 6 or 8 ohms. The home theatre system with amplifier and speaker speed properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The 5.1 surround system comes with the 6 channels that are feeding into the 6 speakers for creation of the surround sound. There is a 7.1 surround sound system that makes use of the air channels and two units in the system for the sound. You’ll also get the extra speakers for providing the slightly better sound quality.

The Home Theatre Systems are definitely worth the effort of finding them and the money. You will get the enjoyment of the experiencing media in the best possible quality that makes you spend appropriate time and money for building up the system. You can also get the range of output over the extended periods.

Soundbars deliver the exceptional quality audio for the movies but at the same time, they have little depth when compared to the home theatre speakers. If you have the preference for the sound coming right from the front, they the soundbars become the right option.


We have listed the name of the top home theatres that will be serving better over the competitive models. So, pick the one that will be right for your needs and go ahead with the buying decision.

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