10 Best Refrigerator In India 2021 | Expert Review & Guide

Last Updated : 04 April 2020

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Searching for the best Refrigerator in India, aren’t you? Who likes to compromise and get a bad product anyway? We won’t judge you for researching before you actually buy the fridge. We think it is rather a smart move to do so. And, we are here to make the tedious task of researching for the best fridge in India a little easier for you.


Read on.

Buying a new fridge may require some brave steps to be taken. You have a certain budget to fit in but buying a fridge is a long term investment so you also got to be careful. The worries line up so fast, we forget what we were looking for.

The market is filled with a hundred refrigerator brands with its thousand products and models. You can’t be standing there, comparing each one of them and selecting the best refrigerator in India. This would take all your life and you, of course, have other life purposes other than buying a damn fridge.

WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO HARD? Well, it shouldn’t be and with us on your side, we will take care of all your worries (Not in general but about buying this fridge. For the rest, you are on your own; Good Luck).

So, when you say, I want to buy the best refrigerator in India, what does “the best” mean?

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Let’s find out!

Best Refrigerator In India – Buying Guide

1. Star Rating

While some of you may think this is a review rating of the product on it’s the overall performance, what the star rating stands for it much more important. The Star rating is given to that particular model by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. This tells how energy efficient that model is. The higher this rating, the less energy it will consume and therefore be more energy efficient.
Look for a rating higher than 2, which is good enough for a decent fridge. If the rating is 4, the refrigerator can be counted as a highly efficient refrigerator. Buying a more energy-efficient refrigerator means you will be saving a lot on the electricity bills.

2. Storage

Consider your family size and the general purpose for which you will be getting that fridge. If it is for 2 or 3 members than a 240 L fridge should be sufficient. But if you a bigger family than that, go for a bigger model.
Also, consider how well the refrigerator is compartmented. The material used for shelves is another point to notice. You will need a more durable and strong material such as toughened glass so it doesn’t break easily.
The freezer should also be considered and if or not, there is a customizing option. It shouldn’t be a major part to focus on but a well-designed freezer os something to look forward to.

3. In-Built Stabilizer

The inbuilt stabilizer helps the fridge maintain a constant voltage during fluctuations. This prevents the refrigerator from overloading with voltage and getting damages. You should look forward to this feature and especially emphasize this as it is an important thing to look for in a refrigerator.

4. Moisture Control Features Cooling

Moisture control sections or zones are specific compartments to keep your vegetables and fruits. The moisture control balances the moisture inside that compartment, ensuring the fruits and vegetables stay fresh and prevent them from ripening early. This one of the most important parts of the fridge and you should definitely check this feature while buying.
Cooling vents and their position is another thing to focus on here. These vents help the cool and fresh air spread to all the compartments of the fridge and their position plays an important role. Ensure that they are centrally placed in all the sections of the fridge. This helps a uniform cooling inside the fridge.

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We hope you did because, for the next section, we have handpicked some of the best refrigerators in India 2021 and presented them here. Here is all the information you need about each one along with reviews, pros-cons, specs and more this selection of refrigerators.

But before we move ahead, another major question that would pop in your head is which type of refrigerator to buy: Single Door or Double Door?
Here is the answer:

Types Of Refrigerator – Single & Double Door

Single Door

  • 50 liters to 250 liters capacity
  • Suitable for a family of 1-3 members
  • Occupies less space
  • Budget-friendly, economical
  • Smaller freezing zone
  • Lower power consumption
  • Manual defrost and freezer cleaning

Double Door

  • 235 liters to 495 liters capacity 
  • Suitable for a family of 3 or more
  • Huge, and would occupy more space
  • Relatively costlier
  • Separate freezer compartment, direct cooling
  • Relatively higher power consumption
  • Auto defrost

So, these were the key differences between a single door refrigerator and a double door one.  Prioritize your needs, the amount of food to be stored and the overall size of your family and decide for yourself what type of refrigerator will be the best for you!

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And, now we look into detail some of the best refrigerator in India, so, keep the points mentioned above in mind and read on!

10 Best Refrigerator In India 2021 – Reviewed

1. LG 260 L


With a brand as trustable and reliable as LG, the LG 260 L makes up to be one of the best refrigerator in India. It provides for efficiency without going too high on the budget. It is really spacious on the inside and really sleek on the outside. The sections and shelves are designed to be durable and can be optimally fit a variety of foods and things. The energy efficiency factor is indeed a highlight of this refrigerator.

Overall, if you don’t want to go too high on the price and still want to be able to afford the best refrigerator, then LG 260 L should be your choice.

The LG 260 L is one of the most excellent Double Door Refrigerators in the market right now, but we’ll leave you to be the judge of that. It rounds up some great features including a Smart Inverter Compressor, Moist balance and more.

The refrigerator is rated 4 stars and is a big-time power saver. It has the ability to give more efficiency and consume less power. It can save up to 48% of energy. The Smart Inverter Compressor ensures that and keeps the fridge fresh for longer hours even when the power has gone.

Another great feature of the LG 260 L is how well the air vents are designed. They offer Multi Air Flow Cooling so no corner or section of the fridge is left out helping to maintain its cooling for the entire fridge.

The Smart Connect technology from LG connects the fridge to the Home Inverter in power cuts without being too heavy on electricity. So, your food stays fresh even when the electricity has gone.

If we talk about space, then the LG 260 L is the best fridge in India. It provides a number of different sections that can be used to accommodate a large variety of foods. It features two long shelves, specially designed for bottles as large as 2 Litres. So, space is a major highlight of this product.

LG has proved to have excellent customer support with Smart Diagnosis will help you diagnose and fix any problem that may occur with the fridge.




Expert's Review

The Whirlpool offers the best refrigerator in India with its remarkable technology and durability of products. It has always been one of the best refrigerator brands in India. With Whirlpool 245 L, it has stayed up to its standard. The product offers high technological features covering almost all aspects as the best fridge in India should and it won’t be a regret to buy this Refrigerator at this price.

Whirlpool offers a pack of powerful features with a budget-friendly price tag. If you are looking for a somewhat economic option for a refrigerator but do not want to compromise so much on the features, then this is the best refrigerator in India for you!

The Deep Sense technology offers a circular flow of air providing optimum conditions to keep your food as fresh as new. The air vents are placed at a higher level so the cool air reaches into every section in a uniform way. This ensures longer freshness of the food.

The moisture control system balances the air inside, whatever may be the weather outside. Your food stays crispy fresh! Another highlight of this fridge is the Micro block Technology that prevents germs and bacteria from attacking the food. This keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh for longer days.



3. SAMSUNG 253 L


With a sleek design, some smart features and an affordable price, Samsung refrigerator does seem a wise choice. It is by far, the best refrigerator in India in this price range. When you go high on smart technology and still keep your prices at an affordable range, you become the best choice for everyday people. The recommendation for this product is high, but make your priorities clear with this product. 

An energy-saving refrigerator with Digital Inverter Technology, Samsung features the best Refrigerator in India. It uses lesser power and creates much lesser noise.

The all-round cooling assures no food is left behind and the fresh air reaches every corner of the fridge.

To keep your vegetables and fruits fresh for longer days, Samsung offers a Moist-free zone that keeps the level of moisture at just the right amount.

The interiors of this refrigerator are designed to provide maximum utilization of space and more convenience to its users. The Tall Bottle guard can take the load of heavy bootles and are made longer and deeper. An Easy Slide tray can be pulled out with minimum effort anytime so you can reach out to the back. The shelves are made so strong that even if you stand on them, they won’t break!

The LED lighting inside the fridge is another highlight. Not only it adds to the beauty of the interiors but it also lightens up every corner.



4. Whirlpool Proton Roy


A highly energy-efficient model from Whirlpool, the Proton Roy ‘s claims to consume lesser energy than a CFL Bulb seems genuinely true. The price may is a little hefty but consider it as an investment to the electricity you’ll save.  The multi doors provide convenient space for all your food. The major highlights would be moisture retention, zeolite feature and customized cooling which make this product the best fridge in India. It will fulfill all your needs and expectations with no let down on any feature.

The Whirlpool Proton features a number of powerful features, enough for us to say it is the best Fridge in India. Major credit goes to its energy-efficient system, consuming a lot less electricity than you would expect.

Zeolite technology is another of its greatest features. It keeps your fruits and vegetables from excessive ripening, keeping them fresh for much longer than usual.

The Proton also allows you to customize the cooling, so you can adjust them according to the food you have kept. You can do this even on the freezer and use it as extra storage for your normal food, keeping the cooling down.

The Air Booster helps in maintaining uniform cooling throughout the refrigerator and the Micro-Block technology keeps all the germs and bacteria at bay.



5. Samsung 275 L Double Door Refrigerator


Offering more space and more efficiency, Samsung comes out to be the manufacturer of one of the best refrigerator in India. The reliable and smart technology of Samsung lists it as one of the best refrigerator brands. The digital inverter enhances the fridge’s performance and also cutting down on power. The three-star refrigerator can definitely reduce your electricity bills. With a smart connect inverter and stablizer-free feature, this Double Door Refrigerator is yet another smart choice you can make. Keeping the price in mind, the product does seem a little costly but the larger storage makes up for it.

Samsung’s 275 L Double Door Refrigerator comes with a Smart Digital Inverter Technology. This can save energy and produce less noise. The Stabilizer free system allows you to not care about voltage fluctuations, the fridge can take care of that.

The cooling system channels fresh air in and around all corners and sections of the fridge, ensuring a uniform cooling.

The Storage system is wonderfully built. You can customize the cooling setting to convert your freezer into a fridge and also the other way around.  This complements the extra storage that this model offers.

The moist free zone is for your fruits and vegetables, keeping them away from getting ripe for longer. The moisture is perfectly balanced here, not too much, not too low.

The compartments feature an Easy Slide tray which can help you take out the food from the back in a much easier way. For heavy and long bottles, the fridge features a long and deep bottle shelf with a guard. The shelves are made of toughened glass which won’t break even if you try.



6. Samsung 192 L Refrigerator


A unique and beautiful design with amazing power, Samsung does stand out of the crowd when it comes to manufacturing the best fridge in India. With 192 L and direct cool technology, this fridge is an amazing option while buying a single door refrigerator. While Samsung is itself considered as one of the best refrigerator brands, this single door refrigerator highlights its own unique features. A sleek crown design with powerful stablizer-free technology, spacious compartments and durable toughened glass, this is the best refrigerator of the season.

This Samsung model features a 2-star rating, which is great for a single door refrigerator. It operates well without any stablizer, the in-built one is powerful enough to handle all the voltage fluctuations.

The Crown Design Exteriors is another major highligh and with an island type handle and a flat back, the overall exteriors of the fridge are just flawless.

Talking about interiors, space is well designed, with shelves and compartments that suit your needs. The model also features a Vege box to keep all your fruits and vegetables fresh. The shelves are made of toughened glass which makes up for their strenght and durability.



7. Whirlpool 190 L Refrigerator


A solid fit for your home, the Whirlpool’s 160 L single door fridge is a more powerful then you would think. Offering three different solid colors in a compact design, the refrigerator operates smoothly without any Stabilizer and maintains it’s standard perfectly. The interiors are well built and spacious, offering more space and convenience. The vegetable and food section is made larger to accommodate every type of vegetable and fruits. Even the bottles section is made to accommodate large bottles.
Overall, the Whirlpool Single Door Refrigerator is a budget-friendly buy for those who want that extra space in a single door refrigerator.

With a compact design and powerful cooling technology, Whirlpool offers the best in class feature in one of the best fridge in India 2020

The interiors are practical with extra space for vegetables’ shelves and the bottle guard. The chiller tray is another highlight which is made specifically for ‘quick chilling’ of cans, drinks, and milk.

The model is a stabilizer-free one and consumes lesser energy with a 3-star rating. It can offer a 9-hour cooling rention during power-cuts which is something you don’t always get.



8. Whirlpool 190L Single Door Refrigerator


A beautifully designed refrigerator with some powerful specs, LG features one of the best refrigerator in India. The three-star rating proves to be a major advantage with this one. It is consumes less power and with a stabilizer-free technology can stand to take major voltage fluctuations. The space inside is sophisticatedly designed to maximize utilization. With add one features like the Quick Chill Tray and moisture balance, the model does compete well against its rivals.

Overall, if you want to go for a reliable and one of the top refrigerator brands in India without stretching your budget too hard, go for this model! 

Similar to the previous one, this model from Whirlpool features a three-star rating which tells a lot about its energy efficiency.

The premium design and pattern of the single door refrigerator are hard to reject. It is one of the best fridges in India that offer such designs.

The stabilizer-free model has some solid interiors. It is strategically designed for your convenience with large shelves and strong material.

The quick chill tray is another great feature which along with moisture control tray for your vegetable storage zone packs the deal for the best refrigerator in India. 





The fridge combines every aspect of the best fridge in India 2020 and now you know why. It has almost nothing to find a flaw in. The spacious compartments and overall interiors provide for more practical usage of the space. And, even though it is a single door fridge, the capacity is maximized to its extend.
If you want a powerful single-door refrigerator whithout cutting a hole in your pocket then, this Whirlpool model should be your choice. 

A powerful and spacious single door refrigerator that truly proves to be the best refrigerator in India. With a three-star rating, you need not worry about the bills.

Taller and wider compartments to fit all types of food and utensils in. the shelves are made of toughened glass which is as solid as rock.

A sleek handle that perfectly complements the beautiful door. This fridge will enhance the beauty of your home.

Easy defrost and stabilizer-free technology adds to the major highlights of the fridge. 



10. Whirlpool 190 L Single Door Refrigerator


When it comes to single-door refrigerators, we often think the features would be limited and more will also come with its own cost. This Whirlpool model has proved us wrong.
A super-efficient model with everything you need. It is rated 4 stars and features the best technology you can ever find. Whirlpool has yet again stood up as one of the best fridge brands in India and we can’t doubt that. If you want a truly efficient single door refrigerator, this model should be one of your top choices.

A sleek metallic design and a 4-Star Rating, Whirlpool’s model is the best fridge in India with a single door that you’ll ever find.

The 4-star rating means the energy consumption will be considerably lower and the efficiency really high. 

Insulation Capillary Technology ensures faster cooling and cooling retention of more than 9 hours!

The special cooling vents are designed for a uniform cooling all through inside the fridge.

Chiller Tray allows you to keep things like drinks, milk, butter, cheese, etc at the perfect temperature, and also providing quick access to them.

The cost maybe a little above your budget, but the features are worth the cost.



Best Refrigerator In India 2021 – Closing Thoughts

We hope you found the best refrigerator for yourself and did not compromise on anything while you made your choice. We know you made the right choice! You waited long, don’t wait anymore. Replace your old, all power-consuming fridge and get a smart one now!
Stay tuned for more such articles!

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