Smartwatches under 2000

5 Best Smart Watches Under 2000 In India 2020

Last Updated : 04 April 2020

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Mi Smart Band 4- India's No.1 Fitness Band

Best Features :

Looking for the Best Smartwatches Under 2000?

A smartwatch is indeed an incredibly technological discovery that has brought the world in the wrist. Besides showing the time, a smartwatch has multiple features that you cannot resist to buy. The advent of technology has raised the standards of smartphones. With the smartphones as we do a lot of things, the smartwatches can be of a better companion than the handheld.

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What is a Smartwatch?

A watch that can be worn on the wrist (as we usually do) that has more features than the contemporary wristwatches. It is a type of a wearable computer that makes your life more easy and convenient. The integration of smartphones has made the smartwatch more prolific among the people these days.

It is indeed an extension of your cellphone. Whatever that you want to do on a smartphone, you can do it on the smartwatch. It is the safest option while you drive a car or ride a bike. You can get to see the calls, messages and so on. More importantly, you can do all these by not even touching your phone. Say, if you have a combination of smartwatch and a Bluetooth headset, you can see who is calling you through the watch and attend the call.

Other features of a Smartwatch

  • Smartphone has an inbuilt GPS in it. You can easily track where you are too.
  • Smartwatches are useful in maintaining your health and fitness too. You can track the speed in which you are running and the distance that you have travelled too.

There are a few features that smartphones do not have.

  • You can monitor your heart rate without even having a chest strap as we used to do before. The heart rate measuring function has saved much life too. Additionally, you can get to see your sleep time and so on.

Incredible Benefits Offered By a SmartWatch

There are incredible benefits that a smartwatch has and let us see them one by one:-

The smartwatches are not just a time-telling device

The smartwatches are the ones that shall offer more benefits than the wristwatch. Of course, you can see the time. Oh yes, the smartwatch can tell you the time. And that is enough for its convenience. You can get to know the date, day in the calendar year and that’s available on a single click.

This device can do a lot more than a smartphone can do

For example, when you are going on a drive and you are tracking your location, a smartwatch can vibrate and tell you if you have turn right or left without any difficulty. Rather looking at the smartphone and missing the lane. It prompts you correctly to traverse in the right direction.

It is a smart investigator too

Yes, if you lose your phone, it can easily help you find that by giving a ring. Not only the phone, any device that you are planning to connect with it, but you can also find them if you lose them accidentally.

Oh yes, they are a smart fitness tracker too

This is the best feature of the smartwatches. You will get to know the number of calories you have burnt or even your heart rate. It can also be seen as a health advisor, by the way, it says your sleeping time.

Finally, you can also reply to messages or calls by using the smartwatch and it is convenient to do so while your hands cannot reach your phone.

5 Best Smartwatches Under 2000

1. Mi Band 3 (Black)

Key Features:


This is an amazing smartwatch at a very good price. It can do everything that a smartphone can do. And the best part is, it does things more than that too. With the 0.78 inches OLED screen, you can have a crystal clear display. The best part is the battery life. It comes with a 20-day battery functionality.

You can live in a world of convenience where you can check your messages and reply to it by not even touching your phone. Also, check for the notification with all ease. The comfort that you get using the watch is incredible. You can adjust the strap and it holds tight.

It is a highly durable watch having a long life too. The watch is sturdy. You can unlock your phone using this smartwatch. A good Bluetooth 4.2. connection is enough and your watch can work just top class.

The sleek design of the watch makes it look amazing too. The lightweight, sturdy watch on the wrist can bring the world to your wrist. It is undoubtedly a good water-resistant watch that can sustain the depth of around 50 metres too.

2. HONOR Band 5 - Waterproof Full Color AMOLED Touchscreen

Key Features:


HONOR Band 5 is yet another amazing smartwatch, if you are looking to buy a smartwatch that can do everything that a smartphone can do. This is a watch of class and excellence. The 0.95 inch AMOLED screen speaks the exterior look of it. The touch screen controls are amazing with a super responsive time. You can control the brightness and the colour levels as per your choice. This watch is highly sought after because it is compatible with most of the phones in the world.

The watch can be easily worn with a belt type clip that offers never-ending comfort. It also stays intact in your wrist. The TruSleep technology used in this watch acts as your aid to make you sleep too. It monitors your sleep pattern and suggests it accordingly. Moreover, it can monitor the oxygen saturation levels too. You can use this as your fitness partner who shall offer you proper guidance.

The entertainment features are many. You can control your phone from a distance as well. If you are listening to music, you can change or control the volume of the music too. The heart rate monitoring system is top class. You can change the watch face and it is one of the prime features of the watch. You can save time by frequently charging it too.

This is a multiple sports mode watch. You can use it roughly too. Stands sturdy for all weather conditions. Oh yes, you can use this in the swimming pool too.

3. Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Unisex Activity Tracker - SWD90059PP05

Key Features:


This is a smartwatch of its own kind. From the makers of fast track watches, this smartwatch comes with an elegant design. The elegant rectangular display makes it look amazing. The LED on the screen is incredible and looks like a hi-tech watch. Yes, it offers a royal look and many seek this watch for this feature too.

More importantly, the watch has incomparable features. You can read and reply to the WhatsApp Messages from your watch. You can also take pictures by using your watch remote control. The features are very nice and come with a compact look.

You can use the phone finder option too. The GPS tracking system is an amazing unit in this watch. If you are a fitness freak, you will need this for the precision it has. It shows the steps you have taken, the calorie that you have burnt in the process, and so on.

You can get to see the call notifications and it also notifies your time to sleep. The 10 days of battery life and quick charging capacity make this smartwatch the best in the market so far. This is named for its sturdiness and durability.

4. Mi Smart Band 4- India's No.1 Fitness Band

Key Features:


This is yet another masterpiece. The smartwatch has its wonderful features intact. The AMOLED display offers incredible colour options. You can change the brightness at your will. It has multiple watch faces. If you are feeling bored, set your face as the watch face and you shall find it elegant. The watch is so sturdy. On the other hand, it is sleek. This amazing combination has taken the world by storm. With the price being so less, this is a must buy.

You can smartly control the music and volume from your watch. It is water-resistant watch and you can use it in the swimming pool too. It tracks your data points to notify your fitness levels as well. The Bluetooth connectivity of 5.0 is required to connect your phone seamlessly too.

The watch can monitor your heart rate 24/7. The alarm shall go up when the heart rate is high too. The PPG technology used in this watch needs a clap. Of course, as always you can receive calls, text messages, and reply to the same as well.

5. Realme Band (Black) - Full Colour Screen with Touch key

Key Features:


The easy and intuitive screen makes this watch the best in the market. The 65,000 colours that it can offer, makes the display versatile and elegant. The dial of the watch is so good that it calls for a trend. The 9 sports mode it supports makes it a complete sports package. The cricket mode is a fabulous move by the makers.

The IP68 rating comes with  dirt and dust resistant feature. It is also water resistant and it is a sturdy watch too. The heart rate monitoring sensor is a powerful one in this smart watch. In fact, this watch shall suggest you to take a walk if you are sensed sitting in a place for a long time. Also, it reminds you about regular water breaks. The sleeping pattern report this watch generates is amazing.

Further, the charging gets very easy with this watch and 10 days of back up is a splendid feature. Such an amazing watch with incredible features makes it the best.

Factors to Look When Purchasing Smart Watch

This must be a one-time investment and you must get the best. Firstly, the smartwatch is supposed to be steady and sturdy. You need to watch out for the straps when you buy a smartwatch. Secondly, you must see the beauty of it. It will be on your wrist and it must look good on you too. Thirdly, look for comfort too. This also comes in the form of straps. Once all these factors are checked watch out for the ones that we have mentioned below.

  • Platform

This is the most important factor that you must be aware of before you buy a smartwatch. Check for the platform in which it works. Because this decides the connectivity with your phone. An android watch can easily connect with android as well as iOS phones. But the Watch OS that is developed only for iOS will never work with the Android phones. At the same time, some platforms are compatible with Android as well as iOS platforms. You can select the one that suits your phone.

  • Applications

A smartwatch would be like a second phone to you. Watch out for the applications that you require. Select the watch that offers you the applications you need.

  • Connectivity

Smartwatches have come with an in-built GPS. This is required for you to track your location and trace the route. If this is not available, then you may have to connect yours with that. If you are planning to use your smartwatch independently, opt for this. Also, NFC is the best mode. All you have to do is, tap the watch and the phone together, you get the connection done. Most of the time, NFC can help you make payments as well.

  • Use your Smartwatch as your phone

Check for the watch which can minimize most of your phone usage. Right from calling someone till checking the social media notifications.

  • Fitness Focus

Yes, this is the prime attribute of a smartwatch. Look out for the ones that offer maximum support in this feature too.

  • Battery Life

Some watches last a day. But there are also watches which last more than that too. But lookout for the one that can be charged in the night and works seamlessly all day.

  • Screen Clarity

Check for the watches which can stand sun glare too. The screen must be in such a way that it does not hamper your vision.

  • Touch Screen or Physical controls

This depends on what you are planning to do with the watch. Also, your convenience matters. Go with a perfect requirement set and buy the best one of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

A technology called photoplethysmography (PPG) is used in the smartwatch. It helps in measuring the heart rate. A green light is projected on the skin 100 times per second. The reflection of the light is captured. The more light that is reflected between the heartbeats can be an indicator of heart rate. It gives you close to 100% accurate rates.

Though this feature is available in a few watches, all the smartwatches do not have this. Few manufacturers are avoiding this because it makes the watch a bit heavier as well as bigger against the slim and sleek model that is required

While this is not a feature, you can download the third-party app to do this. Check the compatibility of these apps and download them.

Yes, many smartwatches work on their network. At the same time, there a few features that you can do it without the phone. Say, a GPS tracker and also attending calls and making calls is made easy too.

Well, it is just like a smartphone. It cannot stay for long life. Irrespective of the platform it is running, it must come for at least 2 years. This gives a good value for money too. Further, if you use it roughly and keep dropping it, life may reduce. However, most of the watches are very sturdy too.


Smartwatches can be selected based on your preference. The main preference shall be on the health and fitness category. You can track your lifestyle using the smartwatch. This is an incredible device that can be a life saviour too. Moreover, the smart functionality helps you get rid of your phone too. Get the best one that suits all your requirements. It must primarily let you be free and not tied. All the Best for your purchase!!

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