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8 Best Top Load Washing Machines In India 2020

Last Updated : 04 April 2020

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Best Features :

Looking for the Best Top Load Washing Machines?

Customer electronics portray fierce competition consolidated amongst a few giant companies and various small companies as well. Different companies try out different means of attracting buyers. Some companies preach their products as the best in terms of quality or efficiency, while some try to cut on production costs and offer lower prices to lure customers into purchasing their products. This calls for an elaborate and verified clarification so that the Indian customers know what to trust, what to look for and finally what to buy to suit their needs and requirements.

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Specifically, washing machines confuse a lot of buyers. Sometimes customers don’t know which type of washing machine to go for, while sometimes buyers are in dilemma of going for an expensive and durable quality washing machine or purchasing a lower warranty cheap priced washing machine. It might become a tedious task for any customer to discover which washing machine is the most accurate for them. With companies running a humongous number of advertisements trying to persuade users to buy their products with true and sometimes untrue benefits, it might be very perplexing for any user to find what should he buy.

If you are stuck in the same situation or want some genuine review, we are here to the rescue. We have reviewed various top load washing machines, learnt from customer experiences and finally curated a trustable and reliable list of the best top load washing machine available in the market. Our list outlines that which are some of the best top load washing machines in India 2020 and also the reasons that make them so much valuable. We have also prepared a detailed buyer’s guide to help you understand what you must know before you buy a top load washing machine. So, read on and discover the perfect top load washing machine for your home.

What are Top Load Washing Machines and How are they Unique?

For a layman, a top load washing machine is one in which the dirty clothes are put from the above or the top. These machines are the staunch opposite of front load washing machines which provide users with the option to put clothes for washing from a front door. Although the main point of consideration that leads to the naming of different types of washing machines is the location of the door, there are some other significant differences as well.

Generally, top load washing machines are a bit narrower and can be space-savvy as well. Therefore, if you have a compact space – you may go for a top-load machine. Although, some people suggest that front load washing machines are much gentler but that is not entirely true. If you have the accurate top load washing machine in place, you are destined to have cleaned soft clothes after every wash. Top load washing machines are much more affordable as well and can be quite easy on your pockets. Finally, as a matter of precaution, we would like to inform all readers that there is no set hierarchy of front load washing machines being better than the top load ones or vice versa. Rather, it all depends on user needs and several other individual factors.

Why Should You Get Yourself A Top Load Washing Machines?

If you are confused as to whether a top load washing machine is sufficient or not for all your requirements, we present some genuine and real advantages or benefits of a top load washing machine. These are sincere benefits that are backed by customer reviews and their user experience to help you identify some major reasons as to why you should go for a top load washing machine. These can also help you understand why it is so much advantageous to go for the best top load washing machine.

  • Costs: A major reason why we recommend top load washing machines is their price tag. These cost fairly less and can be immensely useful at a low price.
  • Structure: It has been seen that people generally prefer an upward place for putting clothes. Therefore, with the adaptive design, you do not need to bend your back, again and again, to put the clothes inside.
  • Easy Usage: They are much more hassle-free and easier to use. Even children can wash clothes with ease and convenience. 
  • Capacity and Drying time: Top load machines can hold larger quantities of water, have a large cleaning capacity and have many fast spinners for quick drying of clothes.

8 Best Top Load Washing Machines In India

1. Samsung (WA62M4100HY/TY) 6.2 KG top load washing machine



Key Features:

This 6.2 kg washing machine is ideal for bachelors and couples. The machine is equipped with wobble technology and uses wobble pulsators to generate multidirectional and dynamic flow to prevent all sorts of tangles thus protecting your clothes. It comes with air turbo feature that rotates the drum at high speed extracting more water from your clothes and the concentrated water supply mixes the water and detergent naturally delivering an even wash.

It is an eco-friendly machine as it has an eco tub which cleans the washing machine drum all by itself without using any chemicals and its diamond drum technology prevents trapping of fabric into the sides of the drum as it has diamond-shaped grooves with small holes to provide a cushioning to the clothes.

2. Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine



Key Features:

Bosch is an internationally renowned washing machine brand. It comes with a unique power wave wash system that gives the perfect wash. The best feature is it comes with dual dispensers whereby you get different compartments to use powdered detergent or the liquid one. It is equipped with toughened glass which is capable of withstanding heavyweights.

The magic filter ensures to collect loose threads, and other wasteful fabric from your clothes giving you a smooth wash and it also comes with a One-touch start option making it easy to operate. It is an extremely safe appliance and also comes with child lock option preventing the children from fiddling with the control system. The machine does not make any noise and comes in six colour options to choose from.

3. LG 6.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine



Key Features:

If you are willing to spend a little extra and go for quality that can ensure years of hassle-free experience then the LG 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load washing machine is the best for you. It comes with 8 different washing programs and a child lock feature as well. Smart Inverter Technology provides unparalleled efficiency and leads to energy saving as well.

The LG Motor is protected against any corrosion and is held tightly for a noise-free washing operation. In a nutshell, the LG 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine is an amazing and durable product that comes along with a 2 Year Comprehensive Warranty.

4. Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine



Key Features:

If you have a compact budget but want a large washing machine that can easily wash sufficient clothes in one to go then Whirlpool 7 kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine is the best you can get. What people love about this device – is the amazing features and quality that it offers at such a low price. Cheap washing machines cannot get better than this one. It has 3 wash programs and a waterproof control panel as well.

The maximum spin speed is 1400 RPM which is much more than even expensive washing machines. The tub size is also more than enough and a major attracting force as well at this price tag. It has a power scrub option as well to create strong agitations that remove tough stains. In a nutshell, if you are looking for higher capacities at lower prices then this device is best top load washing machine for you.

5. Godrej 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine



Key Features:

Our next best top load washing machine is the Godrej 6.2 kg fully automatic top load washing machine. It is an epitome of trustable quality and amazing features. It offers 5 different wash programs for users to choose from and has an innovative active soak technology to remove the toughest stains such as those of tea and coffee. It also has an automatic restart feature that automatically restarts washing in case of a stoppage due to power cut.

The scratch-proof top lid adds to the durability of the machine and has a child lock feature as well to keep your loved toddlers protected. It has a powerful Turbo 5 Pulsator that removes stains but is soft on clothing fabrics. In a nutshell, the Godrej 6.2 kg top load washing machine is filled with some amazing and reliable washing options to provide the best experience to all buyers.

7. IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine



Key Features:

An aesthetically alluring and performance-wise efficient top load washing machine, best define the IFB 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine. Users marvel over the classy looks and premium design of this washing machine. The most useful feature is the Deep Clean option. This feature removes the toughest stains without being harsh on your clothing fabrics.

Another option of Aqua Energie makes sure detergent gets properly mixed with water and remains soft on clothes. For those who prefer using liquid soap, this washing machine has a dual dispenser as well so that you can use detergent or liquid soap or even both. The bubble leveller reduces vibration and noise. Undoubtedly, it has all the features to be termed as the best top load washing machine in India 2020.

7. Haier 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine



Key Features:

An affordable and trustable option for people looking to buy the best top load washing machine with smaller capacities is the Haier 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing machine. It has some of the best features and customers are lured not only by the brilliant quality but also by the lower price. It has 8 different wash modes so that you can select the one that’s most suitable for your clothes.

It has the Fuzzy logic technology as well to give you the feel of a fully automatic washing machine. It has a pulsator and Oceanus Wave Drum features as well that make this top load washing machine an innovative and useful one. The child lock feature is also provided so that the younger ones are safe and sound. The customers also praised the Bionic Magic Filtering that removes lint from the fabrics and gives much more cleaned clothes after the wash.

8. LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine



Key Features:

Last on our list is the LG 6.2 kg fully automatic top load washing machine. It is a brilliant powerhouse for all your washing requirements. It is our recommendation as to the best top load washing machine for nuclear families or couples and it is immensely convenient as well. It has a stellar 700 ROM Spinning speed which provides quicker drying of clothes. Another feature which customers love about this washing machine is the low noise it produces.

The LG BMC Motor Protection not only hold the motor tightly but also protects it against any unwanted corrosion. For those who feel top load washing machines are not efficient, then this Washing machine comes with a smart inverted technology that cleans fabrics better and saves a lot of water and electricity as well. Overall, it is a great option for those who want the convenience of top load washing machines combined with efficiency and quickness of operations.

Factors to Look Before Purchasing Top Load Washing Machines

Every manufacturer selling top load washing machines, preach themselves as the producer of the best top load washing machine. But in reality, they may have some disadvantages or sometimes a better model might be present in the market. It all boils down to what a user expects out of his device and how efficiently their chosen top load washing machine fulfils their requirements. We have shortlisted some factors that play a role of paramount importance in the entire buying process of a top load washing machine. It is advised that you check out these specifications carefully before buying a top load washing machine.

1. Tub Material

Tubs can be made in plastic, porcelain-enamel and even stainless-steel material. Plastic is preferred over porcelain-enamel as it can get rusty over time. Although, if you have the budget, you must go for stainless steel material tub as it has fewer chances of easily getting damaged.

2. Wash Modes

Different machines allow users to customize the wash settings according to their requirements. For example, various top load washing machines have a special mode for gentle clothes while some modes allow users to increase or decrease the water levels as well. Generally, such settings can be beneficial for the users and provide various options to choose from as per the clothing fabrics

3. The capacity of Washing Machine

Top load washing machines are available in three capacities:

  • High Capacity
  • Medium Capacity
  • Small Capacity

If you have a large family and clothes are washed once in a week and are fairly large in quantity, you must have a high capacity washing machine. However, for nuclear families, we recommend going for small or medium capacity washing machines. If you have decided to go for smaller capacity machines, do make sure that you might have to take several washing cycles to wash all clothes and this can lead to an unnecessary increase in the washing time taken.

4. Spin System

This is directly related to the time taken for drying clothes and is measured in revolutions per minute. The more RPM your machine has then better and quicker it will dry clothes. In general, for thick clothes a spin cycle of 1000 revolutions per minute is sufficient

5. Temperature Customization

We all know that hot water tends to clean clothes better than cold water. Nowadays, many top load washing machines come with an inbuilt water heater. Therefore, it is advised to go for machines that allow you to change water temperature as per your requirements

6. Warranty and Price

Lastly, it is important to look out for the warranty and the cost of buying a top load washing machine. Warranty is a chief factor you must look out for as top load washing machines can have a minute or even very small damages and may stop working. In such situations, having a suitable warranty and a dedicated customer support staff is of prime importance. Also, customers must not go for immensely cheap products rather go for affordable quality or the products that provide hassle-free experience at a reasonable price.

Keeping note of all these factors and checking out different variants and comparing them on the above-mentioned parameters can help ensure that you purchase the best top load washing machine in India 2020 and have a worry-free washing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

This is an answer that cannot be generalized. It depends on various factors as to which machine is better suited for an individual’s needs and preferences. If you want to have efficiency but higher prices – front load are good but if you have a compact budget and want something durable go for a top load washing machine. It all depends on what different customers want and there cannot be a clear-cut distinction as to which is better.

Simply Put – No. Modern washing machines are designed to provide the best quality cleaning with no harm to delicate fabrics. It depends not on the type of washing machine, but rather on the quality and wash settings of a device to ensure that clothes are not harmed while washing and drying.

Fuzzy logic refers to the brain of a washing machine or the computer system chip that is fitted inside a washing machine that directs how to wash the clothes. This is present in automatic washing machines and is smartly designed to wash your clothes without any need for human interference. This system is immensely useful as it decides the time required for washing and other relevant settings as per the weight of clothes put in and many more factors.

The washing machine can be installed anywhere in a dry place. It must be ensured that too much direct sunlight exposure is avoided as it can harm the top touch panel. Also do not keep it in bathrooms or source of water as the metal parts can get corroded due to this. 


Top load washing machines are known for their convenience and ability to clean up clothes effectively. We discussed some of the best top loading washing machines and also provide some trustable best top loading washing machine in India reviews. All this can help ensure that buyers do not get misled or confused by different advertisements and have clear knowledge about what is best for them.

The buyer’s guide has provided some important factors to look out for before buying a top load washing machine. If users follow these guidelines and carry out detailed review study, they can easily have the best top loading washing machine for their use.

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