7 Best Treadmill In India For Home Use In 2020

Last Updated : 04 April 2020

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Are you thinking of getting back into shape or hoping to set up new dawn towards a healthy lifestyle? Well, everyone is aware of how unhealthy our eating habits have become and the threat it holds to our body in the long term. It is okay to have good food but also necessary to take care of the body along with it. So, if you are finally up for the challenge and have been looking to get the Best Treadmill in India, here is a detailed guide that you can refer to.

We have to say this but it is not an easy task for anyone to get a fitness machine such as this when you have no idea what you are looking for. There are thousands of treadmills in the market in different price ranges and features. So, to tip the scales in your end, we did the part of the research for you and curated a list of the best treadmills.

Buying a treadmill is not only about setting up the speed for walking or running, it has a lot more to offer and not everyone is still aware of it. With the help of this guide, you can choose one for yourself and set up in your home. If you have no plans to visit a gym anytime sooner, well a treadmill might just work for you overall.

8 Best Treadmill In India – Reviewed

1. PowerMax Fitness TDA-125


  • Speed- 0.8 – 14.0km/hr
  • Motor Power- 2.0HP
  • Maximum Weight- 115kg
  • Running Surface – 1260 x 420mm / 49.6 x 16.5 inches
  • Warranty- 3-year Motor, 1-year Parts & Labor



PowerMax is one of the best treadmill in India with a number of features and specifications that will help you in your journey to a healthy lifestyle. This incredible fitness machine runs on a 2.0 HP motor that is not only powerful but also green efficient. It comes in a 90% assembled state and offers free installation service all across the country. This is perfect for home use and the building structure speaks about its durability.

 It even has wheels that make it easier to be moved up and about. Well, this treadmill can carry a weight capacity of 115kg that is incredible. The most incredible aspect of this machine is its Smart Run function that records all your activity and can be replayed the next time you are working out. Some of its most interesting features include the 12 pre-set programs that provide different workout challenges for you.

PowerMax Fitness treadmill even has a heart rate sensor that can keep your heart rate monitored at all times. Moreover, simply connect your AUX to the machine and listen to music with the help of an in-built speaker. Other than this, it features an energy-efficient motor with a comfortable running track.

2. Fitkit FT200 Series


  • Speed- 0.8 – 14.0km/hr
  • Motor Power- 2.25HP
  • Maximum Weight- 110kg
  • Running Surface – 1219 X 419 mm
  • Warranty- 1 year on motor and manufacturing defect and 3 years on frame

Fitkit FT200 is yet another of the best treadmills to start off your journey for staying fit or getting healthy in the long term. You no longer need to spend your money on Gym, rather spending it on a treadmill is better than anything. Along with this machine, the brand offers some exclusive deals such as a free personal dietician and some training videos to help you get started. Well, it runs on a 2.25HP motor that has a peak efficiency of a massive 4HP.

 Well, to start with, this treadmill follows a modern-day approach and features smart functions. Such as you can make commands directly to the machine by connecting it to Amazon Alexa. Also, the weight capacity of 110kg is incredible too. Make sure to always choose a machine with a weight capacity of over 20kgs more than your actual weight. Another interesting aspect is the 18-level auto inclination to help you have a more intense workout routine.

 Apart from the impressive LCD screen, you can now integrate your smartphone with the mobile app to keep your workout on track. With the use of a heart sensor and the superb in-built speaker, it adds more to its incredible list of features and performance. Furthermore, you can also protect your body with the help of shock absorbers. In other words we can say that this is one of the best treadmill in India.



3. Stunner Fitness STX-222


  • Speed- 1.0-14km/h
  • Motor Power- 2.0HP (3.0 HP Peak)
  • Maximum Weight- 110kg
  • Running Surface – 1150 x 420 mm
  • Warranty- 1 year on motor and 1- year on manufacturing defect and parts

If you have a mid-range budget, well Stunner Fitness STX-222 is the one you choose to go for. It runs on a powerful yet very quiet 2.0HP motor that can take up a speed ranging between 1.0-14km/h perfect for your workout sessions. You can choose to run, job, or even sprint on the machine with the utmost ease. With a pretty amazing and sufficient running space, you can have complete comfort.

The treadmill features a 5-inches LCD screen that features the speed, distance, time, calories, and even your heart rate. It is equipped with 12-preset training programs as well as 3 levels of manual incline so that you can carry out intense workout schedules to keep you fit and healthy as you need. As for the weight capacity, it has a decent 110kg and features dual shock absorbers so that it leaves on the pressure on the muscle while you run.

This machine too has an in-built speaker that you can connect to your smartphone and listen to your favorite music while working out. Since it features the modern hydraulic system, you can fold and unfold it easily making it easier to be stored and carried around the house.



4. PowerMax Fitness TDM-97


  • Speed- 1.0-10km/h
  • Motor Power- 1.0HP (2.0 HP Peak)
  • Maximum Weight- 90kg
  • Running Surface – 43.3” x 15.75”
  • Warranty- 3 years on motor and 1- year on manufacturing defect and parts

We have another incredible machine by PowerMax Fitness. It is lower in price and likewise, the features are provided to it. This treadmill only has a weight capacity of 90Kg which is not the best and works the best only for people with weight around 65Kg or lesser. You can run, sprint, walk, or simply any workout with ease. The build quality is desirable and perfect for home use.

It features a 5.5 inches LED display that provides you with all the info on the speed, time, distance, calories burnt, and the handgrip records the heart rate monitor. Moreover, the motor power is efficient as well with its peak power reaching as high as 2HP. You can either choose to set your own goal manually or simply select from the 12-preloaded programs. Also, PowerMax fitness treadmills have a safety function that minimizes any risk of injury.

This treadmill is made of a steel mainframe that keeps it away from corrosion and provides a warranty of 3 years on the motor. Similar to the other treadmills we have come across, this too has a good quality in-built speaker to give you a great session while listening to your favorite jam. It is the one of the best treadmill in India.



5. Healthgenie 3911M


  • Speed- 0.8-10km/h
  • Motor Power- 1.0HP (2.5 HP Peak)
  • Maximum Weight- 100kg
  • Running Surface – 1100mm x 395mm
  • Warranty- 3 years on frame and 1- year on manufacturing parts and motor

Healthgenie 3911M is a portable and highly durable treadmill that is equipped with wheels for easy transportation. The newly designed machine with features perfect for home fitness and exercises. It runs on a powerful noiseless motor that works silently and helps to gain speed as high as 10km/hr. Simply use it comfortably in your home and place it anywhere since it takes very little space.

The amazing 3-inches LED display tracks all your activities and workout that you have set up manually or the ones that have been selected from the preset programs. The handgrip has a pulse sensor that measures your heart rate while you workout and display it on the screen. Similarly, you can keep track of the distance, time, and calories. It even has an AUX-in port that allows you to play music through the treadmill itself.

To use the speaker and the port, you can use the phone holder and keep it safe. Also, attach the safety clip to your clothes that will save you from any risk of injury. There are multiple fitness levels that you can use to set up a proper plan to keep yourself healthy and fit. Moreover, the installation is pretty easy too, and hardly takes any time.



6. Cockatoo CTM-05


  • Speed- 0.8-10km/h
  • Motor Power- 1.25HP (2.0 HP Peak)
  • Maximum Weight- 90kg
  • Running Surface – 1100mm x 390mm

Cockatoo CTM-05 is one of the Best Treadmill In India in 2020 and has multiple functions to offer the users. Well, it features some of the most basic functions and gives a comfortable installation to make your work easier. The machine is made of an alloy steel frame that keeps it from corroding hence ensuring longer life. Moreover, it is highly portable and takes up very little space in the house.

With a maximum weight capacity of 90kg, you can easily enjoy workout schedules such as running and sprinting as much as you would want to keep yourself healthy and fit. The 5 inches LCD monitor carries multiple functions such as it displays calories, time, distance, heart rate, and a lot more. With the help of the buttons, you can choose your workout program and also select the speed to a maxim of 10km/hr.

Moreover, you can command this smart functional treadmill, using the voice integrated function and make necessary operations. It is also equipped with AUX input so that you can connect your smartphones and play music while exercising.



7. Lifelong FitPro LLTM09


  • Speed- 0.8-10km/h
  • Motor Power- 2.5 HP Peak
  • Maximum Weight- 90kg
  • Running Surface – 1100mm x 395mm
  • Warranty- 3 years on frame and 1- year on manufacturing parts and motor

Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 is yet another treadmill that has a comparatively lower price range with incredible features and functionalities similar to what you will see in high priced machines. It features a 2.5 HP power motor that is noiseless and lets you exercise without disturbing anyone at your home. Moreover, the motor is highly energy-efficient and saves a lot of energy as well while you are using it for a longer period of time every day. Although you will the treadmill that is mostly assembled, yet the ones that are left out are superbly easy to install or call the service for free installation.

On the front, the LCD display shows a lot of functions and such as the calorie count, distance, etc. The running surface is pretty wide for all your workout programs and the pads on the are provided as a shock absorber such it protects the body from any harm. As for extra features, you can find the USB and the AUX connector on the panel that is used to play music and either through your smartphones or directly using a USB device.

Other than this, you will find 12-preset workouts rather than setting your session manually on the display. Furthermore, the treadmill has a strong frame and an amazing finish. You can easily move it around since the weight is not too heavy and does not take up much space.



Best Treadmill In India – Buying Guide

Here is a detailed list of the factors in buying the best treadmill in India with proper guide and instruction helping you to choose one. It may not be easy when you have no idea what you looking for hence the guide will come in handy.

1. Weight Support

Well, to start with, it is important that you choose the treadmill with a sufficient weight capacity. No matter whatever your weight is, make sure that you choose a capacity that is at least greater than 20kg of your current weight. It will provide a better capacity while you are running on it. For example, if you are about 65kgs you can go for any treadmill with maximum weight support of 90kg or more.

No matter how much weight you have, there is always a machine for you that supports your weight. Yes, you can still work out if your weight exceeds that capacity. But it will most likely cause serious damage to the structure.

2. Motor Power

Another important aspect that you need to look over any treadmill is the motor power. Well, you must have come across so many options with different power capacities. If you are a beginner, anything with 2HP or lesser is a decent choice since you are starting up. It will help you get on track after which you can go for something more powerful.

Moreover, anything between 3-4HP is considered to be a beast but also has a massive price range. These are premium products that can only be bought if you have a big family and are looking to use it every single day. No matter what, they are good to go and have a massive number of features.

3. Panel and Display

A suitable display and a panel with multiple functions bring to you a wider range of possibilities. It goes for everyone when you have set your workout sessions. Since it is being used at home, make sure the panel is not too complicated to understand and choose the right buttons. All the treadmills we have listed above have music integration where you can connect your smartphone with an AUX port of using a USB.

4. Durability

Another important concern when it comes to buying the right treadmill for yourself depends on how durable the machine is. It includes the build quality and design too. Every machine must have a longer life and good build quality so that the money invested is put to good use. You will find the treadmills frame to be made of steel that does not catch corrosion and hence keeps the surface last longer and does not cause any damage.

It also depends rightfully on the brand that you are opting for. They might be a little costly but it is worth every penny if they have good customer service and the structure is built properly for maximum comfort.

5. Price Range

The last aspect yet one of the most important is deciding on which price range to go for. Well, before anything, you need to set up a budget and likewise filter out any product that goes beyond that. This will help you lower the number on the list and make the right choice. Similarly, if the price is no bar, well then you can simply choose the best one among all and go for it.

Best Treadmill In India – FAQ’s

There have been a lot of misconceptions in the market when it comes to buying treadmills. Well, one among them is the fact that folding treadmills may not be as steady as the non-folding ones are. This is indeed not the truth. You could have said this for the machines that were built a decade ago but for now, folding machines are a lot more portable and desirable than ever. You can easily move them around and store them since they take up less space. Such treadmills are perfect fits for personal use or for home use as it can be easily stored at any place.

It is believed that any treadmill is bound to last for at least 7-12 years. But it does depend on the consumption and the usage of the machine. Like the ones used in gyms are subject to tens of people every day that causes more and wear and tear of the parts. Similarly, if you are using it at your home for your personal use, treadmills will last longer than usual. Moreover, it depends on how you take care of it over the long run.

It applies to every machine that is run on motors. They need to be lubricated often so as to prevent them from any wear or tear over time. If you do not lubricate them enough the motor will overwork itself and the belt may suffer more damage than usual. It also causes additional stress and thus will lead to replacement and services a lot more leading to unnecessary costs.

Best Treadmill In India – Closing Thoughts

Should you go for a treadmill? Well, there is no doubt about it. We have listed the best treadmill to buy in India and every machine is worth the money to be spent on. Best Treadmill in India are the best investment one could go for and is the perfect alternative you are just like us who skips the gym way too often. Simply choose one from the list and have a comfortable workout session at home with complete privacy.

 Now, all you need to do is follow the guide we have above. In fact, apart from the instructions make sure to look for extra features that the treadmill has for you in the price range you have set up for yourself. The more the better. Furthermore, if you still feel stuck at any point you can let us know in the comment section below so that we can help you out.

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