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10 Best Trimmer Under 2000 in India

Last Updated : 04 April 2020

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Looking for the Best Trimmer Under 2000 in India?

It is completely hygienic to keep the body hair trimmed. Especially the beard, it requires a piece of good equipment to keep it neat and clean. The need for trimming the body hair and the beard becomes essential when a razor cannot support you all the time. More importantly, the razors are meant for a clean shave but not everyone has a neatly clean shaven face too.

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On the other hand, using the other tools like the pair of scissors and the comb can certainly help you out, but what about the time and complications it may take? Also, there will be enough support from the barber, but do you wish to visit him every day?

Trimmers are a best gift to any guy. It not only saves a lot of time but also helps you trim your hair with all the safety that you want. There are many best trimmers under 2000 available in the market. Buying the best one as per your requirement becomes a tricky affair. Moreover, understanding the requirement also needs some awareness. This article shall help you in understanding the benefits and factors that you need to check before buying a suitable trimmer.

Benefits of Using a Trimmer

Before getting the best trimmer for men under 2000, it is better to realise the health benefits that a trimmer can offer to you.

  • Prevents Skin Ailments

It is always better to go for a high-quality trimmer than a razor for trimming purposes, especially while using it in sensitive areas. The common problem men face is skin irritation. Using an unqualified razor and other tools may also develop rashes on your skin. You can easily avoid such irritation by using an excellent trimmer.

  • Risky Razors

Unlike the razors, the trimmers do not come in contact with the skin. The curved razors shall damage the surface of the skin while using it. The adverse effects of the skin are mostly caused due to the razors. This also causes various skin defects and makes the skin hard. Also, using the best trimmer under 2000 cannot form any ingrown hair, which is again a painful symptom of using razors.

  • Protect yourself from parasites

Using a trimmer can easily avoid your skin to be filled with parasites or vermin. Also, usage of the razor daily to remove hair shall cause all sorts of skin difficulties. The trimmer is the best source of safety while your skin is prevented from parasite attacks. Also, using a razor can poorly cut down the hair, and that even causes more vermin to form. You will certainly be away from the vermin if you bring the right trimmer into use.

  • Prevents Bad Odour

Oh yes, unevenly grown hair can cause a lot of bacteria to accumulate. This, in turn, causes a lot of bad odour. Using a trimmer can even cut the hair and help you smell good. It also helps the sweat formation in dripping out and not sticks to the skin.

Now when we have clearly understood the benefits of using a trimmer, it is equally important to use it safely too. This column shall give you an insight into using the trimmer safely.

Safety Tips While Using A Trimmer

As trimmers are the best in getting rid of unwanted hair, it is also equally good to know how to use them safely. Let us see them one by one.

  • Charge them Safely

It is highly recommended to charge the trimmer with the adaptor provided along with the tool. This allows the trimmer to get charged properly and also makes the charger not get spoiled. The damaged or defective trimmers can be dangerous to use as well.

  • Keep them dry

Of course, maintaining a hair trimmer is highly easy. But, it is also good to see that the adaptors and the tool are dry while you store it. The body of the trimmer is made of good quality material, but the blades may get spoiled if they get wet.

  • Get Professional Help

If by any chance that your hair trimmer gets damaged or repaired, please get it fixed by a professional and do not attempt to do anything until and unless you don’t know the technical know- how of the same. As you know, the trimmers come with sharp blade ends and also function faster. This may cause skin damage if the product is damaged.

  • Check for Usage

Always check the trimmers if they can be used as a dry shave or a wet one. Even if it is the wet shave, do not dip the entire unit inside the water. Also, using the dry shave on a wet environment can damage the trimmer altogether. Also, it may damage your skin.

  • Clean it properly

Always keep the trimmer neat and clean. Remove any excess hair present in it and store it after it gets dried. Ensure the ends of the blades are neat and clean too.

  • Reliable Manufacturer

This will be the first thing you would do. Always buy the trimmer from a reputable electronics appliance manufacturer. This not only allows you to get a reliable product but also helps you get support when there is a defect. Also, a reliable manufacturer shall not give you a sub-standard product.

As we have seen the most critical aspects of the trimmer, it is good to see the models that we have displayed. These are the best ones in the industry and can be assured of the reliability. Let us have a look below:-

10 Best Trimmer Under 2000 in India

1. Philips BT3203/15 Cordless Rechargeable Beard Trimmer




If you are looking for a fine trim and hold wonderful stubble, here we go to Philips BT3203/15 cordless rechargeable Beard Trimmer which is undeniably a best trimmer under 2000. While this offers a fabulous grooming solution, the 10 different length settings of 1 mm each are highly appreciated.

The more low lying hair is efficiently removed from the skin with utmost perfection. The best part is the round tip that the blade has also given protection to the skin. The innovative lift and trim is a fabulous technological advancement in the trimmer. This can easily reach a 30% faster-trimming process.

The self-sharpening blades give you a firm shave every day. The charging of the trimmer also lasts for 45 minutes and it is considered to be highly portable.

2. Nova NHT 1091 20 Length Settings Trimmer for Men (Black)




High-class precision blades do the trick this time. The Nova NHT 1091 20 is one of the best trimmers under 2000. The human effort is vastly reduced in using this trimmer. You can just apply very less pressure and also take care while using the trimmer without the comb. The blade can easily function in removing the tiniest of the strands too.

The running time is set at 45 minutes which is more than sufficient to use it wirelessly. Of course, this product cannot be used with wires either. The skin-friendly rounded tips offer 20 different length settings with 0.5mm each. The self-sharpening stainless steel blades offer the best of its services in this small tool. It is a very handy trimmer that is highly portable too.

3. Lifelong LLPCM11 2 Hours Quick Charge Beard Trimmer




This is rated as the best trimmer for men under 2000. The versatility it offers in terms of run time and quick charging technology makes the trimmer portable too. The flexibility it offers to you has no words to describe. The 20 length settings from 0.5mm to 10mm gives a clean touch.

The stainless steel blades offer you a precise cut as per the length. A whopping 4 hours of running time with just 2 hours of charging. It is safe for you to use while it is on charging mode too. You can perform shaving and trimming process with ultimate ease.

4. Braun BT3022 Beard Trimmer (Black)




A wonderful 40 minutes of uninterrupted trimming is only possible with this trimmer. The trimmer also comes in the category of best trimmers under 2000. The 20 different length settings from 1 mm create a varied length setting for you.

The highly precise stainless steel blades make this trimmer as the best in the market. The beard clipper can be easily washed too. Store it once it gets dry. The blades are highly reliable and the makers claim to have lifetime durability. The self sharpened stainless steel blades bring the awesomeness in your grooming style too. The attractive price of this trimmer also makes it more conducive to purchase as well.

5. Ustraa Chrome Beard Trimmer for Men




The fabulous chrome finishing for the trimmer makes it as the best trimmer under 2000. The ABS combs that are present in the trimmer do not rattle and offers the best trimming and shaving job done in no time. If you are looking at the best trimming and shaving to be done all the time, Ustraa Chrome Beard Trimmer must be your choice.

The 2 hours of running time with minimal charge makes this trimmer the best in the market. It is highly portable and you can easily carry it too. The noiseless trimmer makes your life comfortable too. The sleek body design makes it elegant to look as well.

6. SyskaUltraTrim HT700 Beard Trimmer (Black and Red)




The ergonomically designed trimmer comes with 20 different length settings. With the 0.5mm difference, the length can be easily set with trimmer dial. The easy to use trimmer is the best trimmer for men under 2000. The charging indicator is the one which is needed by many as it shows whether it is charging or not. Also, the charging time is pretty good and allows the trimmer to run continuously for 45 minutes.

The charging is easy too and that makes the trimmer portable too. It can be charged using an USB cable. You can connect the trimmer to a laptop or any other USB adapter. The detachable stainless steel blades are the best in this trimmer.

7. SYSKA HB100 Ultraclip Hair Clipper with Super Fast Charging




The corrosion-resistant ceramic blades are the best in this model. The steel titanium finish blades give this trimmer the highest standards. The 4 stubble guide with the trimmer allows you to adjust it well too. The 4mm to 12mm trimming makes the product a good one for people with beard.

A clear trimming technology evenly cuts. The level of the precision the blades show is versatile too. The 90 minute running time with as much amount of time spent in charging makes the trimmer the best trimmer under 2000.

8. Havells Rechargeable Beard Trimmer Zoom Wheel




This is one of the best trimmers under 2000, for the time it takes to charge. Also, the running time is fabulous. With a 90 minute charge, it can effortlessly run for 50 minutes. It is a highly sleek model which offers you easy handling techniques.

The auto-lock is so good in this trimmer. You can also use this trimmer as wired and cordless as well. With the step size of 0.5mm, this trimmer can give you various lengths. The durability is so high and you can easily rely on this product.

The fast cutting technology increases the trimming speed to the maximum. The 1 stroke cut is attributed to the self sharpened stainless steel blades.

9. SYSKA Corded & Cordless Stainless Steel Blade Grooming Trimmer




It is a fabulous travel-friendly trimmer with maximum versatility. It has a lightweight feature that allows you to handle the trimmer with ease. The 10 lock settings from 1mm to 10mm makes it a perfect companion for A -Class grooming.

You can use the cordless trimmer incessantly for 60 minutes with just 120 minutes of charging. The ultra-slim pro styling kit is an advisable one for men. This is a fabulous set up that is offered at a very low price too. This feature makes this trimmer as the best trimmer under 2000.

10. Nova All in One Corded & Cordless Grooming Kit For Men




The rechargeable grooming kit is the commendable unit for men. The product has a high-class trimmer with amazing blades in it. The stainless steel blades are self sharpened and easy to use too. The battery lasts for 45 minutes and it is appreciated for its waterproof technology.

The product is highly durable as well. The trimmer can be easily cleaned and maintenance is less too. The trimmer is named for its sharp blades that facilitate easy cuts. The skin protective guards help the trimmer to be very safe to use as well.

Factors to Look before Purchasing Trimmer

The best trimmers under 2000 come in different models and different varieties. It is always good to buy a trimmer that has the best requirement for you. At the same time, there are a few crucial factors that you must be aware of before you opt to buy a suitable trimmer.

  • Type of use

This is the important factor you must think about at first. Are you looking to use the trimmer to have stubble? Or, do you have a beard and that requires regular trimming, as the models are different and can be used for different purposes. If you are clear on this, you can buy the best trimmer for yourself.

  • Rotary or Foil

These two make a huge difference. The foil type offers a closer shave while the rotary one elevates the hair and then cuts. As such there will be three rotary blades available in the trimmer. The foil type also has a protective shield too. Think about it.

  • Wireless Vs Wired

Though both are safe, which one do you prefer? This factor determines the portability too. Also, the wireless trimmers do not come with all perfection. It also has its battery life and so on. You must think about your requirement on this before purchasing the best trimmers under 2000.

  • Price Factor

Finally, this also plays a considerable role in making a choice. There are many products available in the market that comes at affordable prices too. The ones that we have displayed are mostly economical. Many premium brands have come up with cost-effective models. Compare the products and buy the one that suits your wallet or budget too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

As such the design of the trimmers is made to trim the hair as in beards and chest hair and so on. It can be used to get rid of the hair and not cut the hair as the clippers do. If you are planning to do that, it shall give decent results but not the best. Be careful while using the trimmers as it may shave off a portion of the hair too.

Yes, you can. Be sure of the quality of the trimmer. As such a beard trimmer can be used to get rid of pubic hair if it matches certain criteria. Ensure that the tool has the best motor and fast blades with safety guards. The last one is very essential for removing the pubic hairs.

Well. You must be sure if the trimmer is waterproof. Also, the entire body needs to be dried properly once it is rinsed. Do not store the trimmer when it is wet. Allow it to dry well before you store it.


Choosing the right trimmer decides your trimming standards. Look out for your requirements and check out the products wisely. All the products displayed here are of high standards and offer the best services. All the Best!!!

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