best water purifier in india

8 Best Water Purifiers in India

Last Updated : 04 April 2020

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Kent Grand Mineral RO, UV/UF 8 liter

Best Features :

Looking for the Best Water Purifiers in India?

Are you looking for the water purifier that will end all hassles? For your big family, you will get the water purifiers that fall under the categories RO, UV, and UF. Usually finding the latest and the right model for you is a tedious task. To make it easy, we have listed the handpicked water purifiers as well as a buying guide that will help you out.

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These days water purifiers are working remarkably well for dealing with the incessant water contamination and other problems. Each of these best water purifiers in India comes with the several stage purification processes that will include filters like RO, UV, and UF along with the inbuilt TDS controller.

So, now read on to know more about the water purifiers that will be suitable according to the place you stay and the size of your family.

  • RO Water Purifier

RO water purifier has a semipermeable film to refine water. To go the water through the RO film, it utilizes water siphon that pressurizes the crude hard water to go through the RO layer. During this procedure, there are certain elements like strong like lead, arsenic, fluoride, chlorine, nitrates and sulfates that get are caught. All these elements are caught in RO film and subsequently get cleaned water. RO water purifier leads to the improvement of the taste and scent of water by expelling the contaminants that causing terrible taste and smell. The remarkable part is that RO water purifier is protected, financially savvy and simple to keep up.

  • UV Water Purifier

UV or Ultraviolet water purifier is demonstrated as the innovation that is capable of slaughtering waterborne ailment causing microorganisms, microbes. The microscopic organisms, infections and sores are available for curing. UV water purifier comprises a UV light cylinder through which water needs to go for purging. UV light deliveries UV light, when running water is available to go through the UV light. It helps in removing the germs like microbes and infections.

  • UF Purifier

UF or Ultrafiltration utilizes the empty strands of a film that works in the form of the slight layer of material which is skilled to isolate water and different particles present in water. When the water feed through the UF film, suspended solids, microbes as well as infections sticks, the germs get trapped in UF layer. Fundamentally UF works in the form of the RO innovation. The main thing that matters is RO is the square exact moment particles, while you’ll get the UF squares that smidgen enormous particles.

  • TDS- A concept that you must consider

TDS stands for the total dissolved solids and is the representation of the total concentration of dissolved substances available in the water. It is made of the inorganic salts along with some small amount of the organic matter. There is a common inorganic salt that is found like magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium carbonate, nitrates, bicarbonates and so on.

They originate from different sources and are available in the drinking water. Purifiers work in the fashion of maintaining the balance for giving the preferable taste while keeping the water optimum for human health. Before buying one you should always note the TDS level of the water purifier.

8 Best Water Purifiers India

1. Kent Grand Mineral RO, UV/UF 8 liter



Key Features:

This is the safest clean drinking water for your family because it makes use of the multi-stage purification of the UV / UF and RO. So, it will remove the dissolved impurities like chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and other dissolved chemicals. The technology with the inbuilt TDS controller will help in retaining the minerals of the water.

2. LG Puricare Mineral Booster Dual Protection



Key Features:

Now be ready to enjoy the water purifier that will keep you healthy and fresh throughout the day. This is the water purifier that comes with the five-stage RO filtration system. So, it will lead to the addition of the minerals to the RO purified water. The stainless steel storage tank is safer when compared to many other systems. The water purifier comes fully equipped with the mineral filter that will add to 100% of the minerals. 

3. Kent Ace Mineral 60 W 7-liter water purifier



Key Features:

This is the advanced and futuristic RO water purifier that will come with the mineral RO technology as well as the inbuilt TDS controller. It will help in the retention of the essential minerals in the water ensuring that you will get the purified and perfect water for drinking. It is suitable for all homes, offices, as well as in other places. It will lead to the purification of the brackish miscible corporation or tap water.

4. Havells Max Alkaline RO+UV 7- liter



Key Features:

The unique design of this model makes it stand out. It comes with a compact design and vibrant Pearl White as well as a navy blue color combination. The transparent water tank has the seven stages of the 100% RO and UV purification that will deliver the alkaline water a pH ranging between 8 to 10.

It comes with the feature space-saving design that will be mounted in the corner. It also has a monitoring system that will deliver customer-friendly alerts and self-diagnosis. It goes through rounds of the purification process that will ensure safe and healthy drinking water.

5. AO Smith Z9 RO 10 liter water purifier



Key Features:

The high-end water purifier comes with the 8 stage water purification process including pre-filter sediment filter carbon block, Advance recovery technology, mineralized technology, and so on. It has the RO membrane as well as the double purified SCMT standards for making it stand out.

6. HUL Pureit RO, UV, UF



Key Features:

This is that once RO purifier that infuses the health benefits with copper.  The 100% RO purified water is inclusive of the pre sediment filter, pre-RO carbon filter, mesh filter, UV reactor membrane, post-carbon filter, and micro filter membrane. There is also a copper module that does not fall under the warranty.

7. Eureka Forbes Aquasure 6 liters



Key Features:

This water purifier becomes the trusted choice of over 20 million families because it is the pioneer water purifier in India with quality functionalities. You will get a superior water purification technology at your fingertips that will tackle different water conditions in India. It makes use of the smart plus RO + MTDS + UV water purifying technology that makes it stand out. So, you can use it for purifying the water from borewell, taps, and tanker.

8. Hindware Elara 7 liter RO+UV+UF



Key Features:

This is the water purifier that comes with the super stylish performance and seven superpowers that is the stage of purification. So, you will get easy access to safe and pure drinking water. It comes with the seven-stage purification procedure that will remove the impurities as well as provide 100% quality drinking water. There is some mineral fortification system with the super health benefits for adding back minerals and enhancing the taste.

Factors to Consider while Puruchasing Water Purifiers

Rivers and other water bodies in India are continuously deteriorating and it has become mandatory to use the water purifiers at homes and commercial places alike. For ensuring that the water is safe and free from impurities or contamination, before choosing the water purifier you must consider certain factors.

  • Water quality 

You must evaluate the quality of the water for buying the purifier. It must be suitable for your needs. Moreover, it must differ from the others in the form that there must be in sediment removal feature. Always note that there is no presence of dissolved impurities. The RO purifier comes with the semipermeable membrane with 0.0005 microns.

  • The Technology behind the purification process 

Using a water purifier is based on the purification technology. You should always look for the purifiers that make use of the RO, UV, or UF. It must have the capability of removing the hardness, metals, molecules, and larger particles. You should also look for the feature of pH balance technology that will ensure your guaranteed purified water.

  • Electricity

The purifiers based on RO technology run only on electricity. So, the area you are living in should have a good electric supply for running this water purifier. 

  • Maintenance cost 

Before buying the water purifier system, you should look to that the purifier needs less maintenance cost and there is support for regular service. Maintenance charges of the purifier should be always less than INR 2000 per year and the RO systems require maintenance around INR 2000 to 5000 per year. 

  • Water pressure 

The UV and RO filters required steady water pressure for running. So, in the area you are living in, you should see that the water pressure supply to the house is a sufficient one. It should have the ability to remove contaminants.

  • Storage capacity

You should look for the UV and RO filtration advanced water purifier that will need electricity for operating. In funding one, you should consider the capacity of the storage because it will help store the water for long hours. Even when you are living in the arid regions, activated carbon purifier as work better.

  • Certification

The branded purifiers must go through the government certifications like ISO, CE, and NSF.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

First of all, you must take the measurement of TDS level. Then expel the defensive top and put on the switch of the meter. Now go ahead with the inundating the TDS meter into the water test up to the most extreme submersion level. We this point, you’ll see, there may be some air rises in the water. Now, you have to sit tight for around 10 to 15 seconds for the perusing to balance out.

It is accepted that RO water purifiers are superior to the UV purifiers. RO gives a significant level of refinement while the UV purifier works as the combination of the different types of filtration as UV light eliminates microscopic organisms and infections. In case the water has more ion particles, the wise idea is to go ahead with the purchase of a RO.

The attractiveness of drinking-water deserves praise boards of testers according to its TDS level as follows: magnificent the remark for the ones under 300 mg/litre. It is great for the one in the range of 300 and 600 mg/litre. Again the reasonable level is for the one in the range of 600 and 900 mg/litre.  Poor is for the range of 900 and 1200 mg/litre, and it is inadmissible for more prominent than 1200 mg/litre.

No , it is not difficult to maintain, but regular checks and cleaning should be done to ensure that your electric skateboard has a long life and works well.


All the products we have mentioned above are the branded ones that come with the most impressive features and functionalities. We have listed the products based on the best water purifier used in India. You can pick the one that you find suitable for you. They will help retain the essential and vital minerals in the water.

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