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8 Best Weighing Machines in India

Last Updated : 04 April 2020

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RENPHO Smart Body Fat Scale and Weighing Machine

Best Features :

Looking for the Best Weighing Machine?

Health and fitness play a vital part in keeping a good body shape. Measuring weight plays an important role in this regard. As weight is the only information that can help us make informed decisions about the next plan towards fitness. Tracking the bodyweight becomes essential especially when someone at home is sick too. Likewise, the weighing machine has several uses when you purchase one for your home.

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There are many weighing machines available in India. Choosing one becomes a tricky task. A right product with unmatched purposes shall not offer you any benefit. We are here to help you select the best weighing machine for your home.

Incredible Benefits of Weighing Machines at Home

  • Update on Body Weight

This is one of the main benefits that you might have if you own a weighing machine especially if you are working out. To bring your body to a particular shape that you desire, you must check your body weight frequently. Also, this factor shall help you understand the next step you can take as a part of your fitness regime.

  • Body Analysis Can be easily done

This is an important aspect that you must note. The weighing machines that come these days are versatile. They are not just an analog device that shows weight in Kilograms. The weighing machines are digital and can check your other vital stats. It helps you to know BMI, BMR, and so on. This critical information comes with a cost if you do the same at a clinic or a Gym.

  • Useful Gadget

A weighing machine is indeed a very useful machine. It helps to keep a track of your health. If you are sick and you want to be sure that you are not losing too much weight, you can use this machine. Also, if anyone in the family is pregnant, it is an important machine that shall help you maintain appropriate weight to keep the mother and baby healthy.

There are many uses like these and we must understand that buying a weighing machine is very useful. You must purchase it for the well being of the family members too. As we see this, you will have a fair idea as to what your requirement shall be. At the same time, we shall see the different types of weighing machines so that your horizon of thoughts may get widen.

Different Types of Weighing Machines

1. Digital Weighing Machine

This is a type of weighing machine that is getting popular these days. They are operated by the batteries, unlike the traditional analog one. The digital weighing machine is named for its accuracy and the large LCD shall display your weight with utmost clarity. Further, there are digital machines that shall display other pieces of information regarding your body and body weight. It all depends on which model you are planning to purchase.

2. Analog Weighing Machine

The traditional weighing machines have never lost their charm even to date. With the accuracy of the digital machines overpowering the analog counterparts, this model has its chances green because of its low maintenance factor. It does not require any battery power to function. More importantly, it is sturdy and reliable compared to the digital weighing machines. Also, you can alternatively use these analog machines to weigh any small things at home for household purposes too.

3. Digital Smart Weighing Machine

Health Enthusiasts shall be fascinated with such information that the smart weighing machine can offer you. It not only shows the bodyweight but also gives information about Body fat and BMI. You can get to know a lot about your body, these models are a big hit for its versatility and the people’s awareness towards health and fitness.

8 Best Weighing Machines in India

1. Actofit Body Fat Analyser Smart Scale Weighing Machine

Key Features:

Are you waiting to buy the best weighing machine in India? Your weight is over now. Actofit Body Fat Analyser has got everything in it that can make your life a lot easy to maintain your health and fitness. The weighing machine shall offer you complete details about your body. It indeed offers 15 body composition metrics in a single machine.

The machine comes with a dual-frequency BIA technology. That means to say, you have the best accuracy rate as and when you measure. You can completely rely on the metrics as it has advanced analytics connected to it.

The machine has a fabulous Bluetooth connectivity too. You can connect Actofit Body Fat Analyser with the Actofit App and synch various other health apps to bring a fabulous lifestyle. You also get a 7.5-inch measuring tape as a compliment.

You cannot track your progress using the application and make informed decisions concerning your diet plans. An amazing smart machine that can bring a valuable change to your life.

2. Lifetrons Smart Body Composition Digital Weighing Scale

Key Features:

It is indeed an elegant smart weighing machine that can be one of your family members for life long. An excellent device that can offer you 12 body composition statistics with the report being downloaded in the PDF format too.

With Lifetrons Smart Body Composition Digital Weighing Scale you can measure the burned calories on a click. Yes, you can connect the weighing machine with your phone wirelessly and get all the essential information that you are looking for.

You can set your diet plan. Not only that, but you can also monitor and track all the progress. All this can happen with the help of the Lifetrons health App. With the capacity being 180 kilograms, this is an all-in-one amazing weighing machine with versatile features.

The dual-frequency BIA technology has made the accuracy level to the closest precision. With the readability being so high, this is a smart weighing machine, if you are planning for a super fit body. This is the best weight machine in India.

The glass cover is made of toughened material and the Lifetrons Smart Body Composition Digital Weighing Scale is named for its durability too.

3. JimweyJicson J113 Smart Body Fat BMI Weight Machine

Key Features:

Right now, you are looking at the best weighing machine in India, right? So, this is a perfect companion for you to measure your body fat and also make important decisions to reduce it too. 13 vital body composition data can be easily procured from this device.

JimweyJicson has the knack of pulling the water range details too. The best part is you can get to know what the required range of water is too. With Bluetooth 4.0, you can sync this machine with health apps too. The machine is compatible with most of the Android as well as Apple phones.

This machine is named for its accuracy and quick measurements. The muscle mass can be easily identified too. The device is weightless and can give you the best portable features. That means to say, you can carry this weighing machine if you are on a tour as well.

4. RENPHO Smart Body Fat Scale and Weighing Machine

Key Features:

This is an apt and a best weight machine brand so far. This is because of its versatility, design, and capacity. You can know your body fat percentage pretty easily with this machine. At the same time, you can sync this device with many health and fitness apps for better decisions.

RENPHO Smart Body Fat Scale and Weighing Machine, helps you to identify 13 essential body composition data in seconds. The precision sensors in the body can help in giving you accurate data too. This is a high-quality product with readability having top class accuracy.

The apps like Google Fit and Apple health shall be the best companion to this device while you pair it. The weighing scale shows a lot of data and you can customize it for your convenience. Also, the LCD is too big and bright, that you can get to read the numbers.

RENPHO Smart Body Fat Scale and Weighing Machine is named for their accuracy and durability. This machine needs a battery and once it is up, it works lifelong.

5. Omron HBF-224 Omron HBF 224 Digital Full Body Composition Monitor

Key Features:

After looking at a lot of best weight machines, this shall be the best for many reasons. Omron HBF 224 has vital information available for you at a quick pace. The accuracy level of the machine is considered to be top class. Also, the machine can take multiple users under one login. That means to say, it can save individual data so that you can track and monitor your progress. This device is also compatible with third-party users by creating a guest user ID too. Individual attention is given to the people and this device is meant for the entire family.

Are you looking at reducing weight clinically and systematically, you would need this Omron HBF 224 for better results. The 12 body composition data is vital for your weight loss regime. It is an amazing weighing machine with a sturdy body too.

The versatility of this machine has no words to describe. The best part is, it is very easy to clean and maintain too. It comes with a 1-year warranty as well.

6. Dr Trust (USA) Digital Smart Weighing Machine

Key Features:

As the name suggests, this is one of the best weight machines that you can ever see for now. Dr Trust Weighing machine has the top class features any fitness enthusiasts would ever need. The 18 vital body composition this machine offers are so crucial for your body weight loss regime.

This is the only device that can give you the protein count in your body. This helps a lot in ketosis too. The data of multiple users can be easily saved and the app allows you to track the information individually too.

The amazing aspect of this weighing machine is the rechargeable part. Yes, this machine works on rechargeable batteries. You can recharge it using any USB cable. It is a versatile model with a high level of portability too.

The Ultra sleek model shall make you achieve your fitness goals with maximum ease. The sturdy material used shall be of greater help in its durability.

7. ZAAP(USA) FIT-1 Digital Personal Weighing Scale

Key Features:

This is the best weighing scale for its accuracy levels and the sensors. Being a sensational machine with 4 load sensors makes the life easy in monitoring and tracking your body data. The highly durable ultra-light tempered glass makes the product sturdy too. Thermal breakage is never found in this model.

The sensors, as we said earlier has the highest precision and can be calibrated to the best accurate levels. The large readable Blue LED can offer you clarity in reading too. The step on and off technology helps save energy too. This model is considered to be compact and can be stored anywhere in your house. Also, this model is named for its flexibility and portability as well.

The 8mm thick tempered glass offers the toughest material ever. The capacity of the weighing machine is high and that makes it the best product ever.

8. Equinox Personal Weighing Scale-Digital EQ-EB-9300

Key Features:

With the capacity of 150 kilograms, Equinox Personal Weighing Scale is a cost-effective option to measure your weight. A very simple yet elegant design has brought the world an accurate weighing machine. This is in the list of best weighing machine for its price and accuracy.

The lightweight and sturdy material makes this product highly durable. It is easy to maintain too. The sleek body looks elegant as well. The auto ON feature while you step on makes it to conserve energy too.

Readability and accuracy levels are very high in this model. This model is needed for any home that looks at a budgeted option. With 18 months warranty, this is one of the reliable products that you can purchase.

Buying Guide For The Best Weighing Machine

  • Weight of the Device

This is the primary aspect that you need to check while purchasing the weighing machine. Nowadays weighing machines have come with various weights. You can also carry it along with you wherever you go. While the portable ones are a big hit, the heavier weighing machines are named for the sturdiness too. The first thing you must see is the weight of the product. If you are looking for a lightweight version or the heavier version it is up to you.

  • Accuracy

This is something you must be assured of. A weighing machine is bought to get the accurate body weight and not a ballpark figure. Check for the device that can give you the right weight at any time.

  • Capacity

The weighing scale has its maximum capacity. It is the weight up to which it can withstand. You must take a look at this factor before buying the weighing machine. As the capacity increases, the sturdiness increases too. If you go beyond the actual capacity of the machine, it may get damaged as well. We may find machines that have a capacity of up to 250 kilograms in India.

  • Variety of Measurements

As we saw earlier, a weighing machine does more than that it can do. It can measure body fat and other pieces of useful information. Check with the product carefully and also your requirement before choosing to buy the weighing machine.

  • Other Additional Features

These days many features come along with the weighing machines. The user data, data tracking, cell phone syncing, and a lot more. You can verify if these are needed and go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

This is the most important aspect that you must be aware of. A weighing machine must have good accuracy levels. Although the analog machines are named for less accurate information, the digital counterparts give more equivalent precise data. At the same time, any electronic device and the mechanical device has the error ratio. This must be checked before buying a weighing machine. The error ratio shall not be high, it can be + or – 1 or 2 Kilograms. But if you are planning to buy a weighing machine to weigh your baby, you must require a more accurate machine.

No, readability is the ability of the machine to read the weight to the smallest quantity. Accuracy is the difference between the applied weight and the displayed weight.

There are three factors that you need to keep in mind while you buy a weighing machine. They are:

  • Range
  • Readability
  • Requirements

The range is the capacity with which the machine can weigh. Readability is the smallest quantity that the machine can display. Finally, the requirements are completely subjected to your need. If you can check all the above three and if it matches your need, it is probably the best weighing machine.


You had a look at all the 8 products as of now. It all depends on you as to what your requirement is. It can be a simple device or the ones with additional features. One aspect that you must keep in mind is the price too. If you are looking for a perfect weight loss regime go for the ones that track your body composition. Especially the Lifetrons. At the same time, if you are looking at a simple device, even Equinox must be a good option for you.

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