Canon 1300D vs Nikon D3400 | Comparison & Expert’s Review

Last Updated : 04 April 2020

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There are hundreds of DSLR’s options available for you to choose from. But if you are confused between Canon 1300D vs Nikon D3400, then you are in luck. We have reviewed both of them and compared which one would be the best option for you.

If you are an absolute beginner to photography and have no idea about the features that you should for. Well, Canon and Nikon are the best brands to go for. Not only in the terms of specifications but also they are affordable.

Let’s get down to their comparisons and specifications that would make things easier for you to make the right choice overall.


  1. Sensor: APS-C 22.3×14.9mm CMOS sensor
  2. Pixels: 18.7 MegaPixels
  3. AF System: 9AF Points
  4. Video Resolution: Full HD 1920×1080 pixels at up to 30fps
  5.  Battery Life: 500 Shots
  6. ISO: 100 – 12800/Optical ViewFinder
  7. Connectivity: WiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth built-in


  1. Sensor: APS-C 23.5×15.6mm CMOS sensor
  2. Pixels: 24.72 MegaPixels
  3. AF System: 11AF Points
  4. Video Resolution: Full HD 1920×1080 pixels at up to 60fps
  5. Battery Life: 1200 Shots
  6. ISO: 100 – 25600/Optical ViewFinder
  7. Connectivity: WiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth built-in

Canon 1300D vs Nikon D3400

Sensors & Pixels

  • Canon 1300D– 18.7 Mega pixels APS-C 22.3×14.9mm CMOS sensor
  • Nikon D3400– 24.72 Mega pixels APS-C 23.5×15.6mm CMOS sensor

The Canon 1300D vs Nikon D3400 both have a similar type of sensors i.e. APS-C CMOS. It provides high-resolution images and superb quality. The CMOS sensors are basically able to capture more light and are much more flexible than other sensors which is why it is preferred more than ever.

Whereas if we talk about the Pixels here. Well, the Nikon D3400 has clearly much more pixels as compared to Canon 1300D. These pixels determine better image details and more grains as soon as the light sensitivity increases. 

Moreover, it surely isn’t everything. If you feel that having more pixels makes the image quality better than you have a wrong notion. It depends on all the other factors as well. In fact, some cameras with higher Pixels may not always be the obvious choice. 

AF System

  • Canon EOS 1300D– 9 AF points (f/5.6 cross-type at center)
  • Nikon D3400– 11 focus points including one cross-type sensor

The Canon DSLR camera features a 9 AF point with cross-type at the center. Whereas the Nikon DSLR camera features 11 AF points single cross-type sensor.

Now, the difference is quite significant yet very less as considered overall. Mostly 9 AF points are considered enough to focus on a given object while using the camera. But, having 11 AF points in D3400 clearly gives an edge while selecting for a better option. 

The more AF points a camera has, the more options you have to fine-tune the focus.

Video Resolution

  • Canon EOS 1300D– Full HD 1920×1080 pixels at up to 30fps
  • Nikon D3400– Full HD 1920×1080 pixels at up to 60fps

Both these Cameras do not have the 4k video quality available. But have the ability to shoot full HD videos with the best quality available. You can easily record videos of approx 30 minutes at a go and click images likewise.

If you are looking for the best entry-level DSLR camera that can provide the best video quality, in the long run, Nikon D3400 could be winning this race. The difference that sets it apart from the Canon EOS 1300D would be the frame rate by which you can record the video and there is a huge margin.

While D3400 can capture full HD videos at up-to approx 60 frames per second, the EOS 1300D captures similar HD videos at up to 30 frames per second. Nikon camera here offers a faster frame rate, thus having an upper hand. If you need to record videos for your personal use, well this could be it.

Burst Speed

  • Canon EOS 1300D– Approx. 3fps for approx. 1110 JPEG images, 6 images RAW
  • Nikon D3400– Max Burst: 5fps

Every DSLR camera has a continuous shooting mode that takes images as long as you press the capture button. This is what we call as burst mode and the rate at which it is measured is in frames per second. The costlier the camera is, the more will be the FPS rate.

Here, the Nikon camera has an upper hand. With 5 frames per second in the burst mode, you can click 5 images in a go. While with the Canon model it goes with a maximum of only 3 frames per second. Such cameras are great for wildlife or sports photography. 

Though frames with much higher fps are considered for such purposes. But for the general moving picture, you can use these beginner-level DSLR cameras.

ISO Range & View Finder

  • Canon EOS 1300D:- 100 – 12800/Optical ViewFinder
  • Nikon D3400:- 100 – 25600/Optical ViewFinder

In DSLR cameras, the ISO speed controls the sensor that absorbs the light while taking high-quality images. As you go higher and higher on the ISO Range the more noise it is likely to make. 

Both the cameras have a lower range starting from 100 which does not make much difference in which would be a better option and serves the purpose. But as much as you go higher, Nikon tends to provide a higher range than Canon DSLR camera. 

It is likely to make more noise as you go higher up, but if you have great number of options where you will need to click images in low-light, Nikon would do the job perfectly well. If you can manage with the upper range of 12800, you can also consider going for Canon camera which will be less noisy in the long run.

Also, talking about the viewfinder, both feature the Optical Viewfinder. Found on DSLR cameras, an optical viewfinder allows a photographer to take a shot while seeing exactly what the lens sees by looking through the lens. This is the preferred viewfinder for many pro-photographers. And would be the perfect option for beginners such as yourself.

Battery Life

  • Canon EOS 1300D:- 500 shots
  • Nikon D3400:- 1200 shots

Without much to say, Nikon D3400 is the clear winner and top of the chart. It is excellent battery life as compared to Canon 1300D.

More than twice the battery capacity is what we have tested out in the difference between the cameras. While the Canon camera is capable to perform only 500 shots in a single charge, the Nikon camera can go as high as 1200 shots.

It is pretty obvious while choosing a perfect camera for yourself. Battery life plays a huge role since you would never want your camera to die in taking some memorable moments or important wildlife images.

Build Quality and Design

The most important part while considering a good DSLR camera among these two would depend on the quality of the body. Also, you need to consider the weight, build quality and overall design are some of the factors that need special attention.

The Canon 1300D features a plastic body and is entirely possesses matte finish. It gives a stunning look to the body overall and surely is eyecatching. This camera weighs only 485g which is much lighter than its predecessor, so this could be a great option considering the lightweight.

This Canon camera has the rubber padding which maintains a good grip on your hands while taking pictures and is easier to use and hold on to it for the long term. All the buttons are placed on the right side of the LCD screen making it easier to operate if you are a right-handed person. Yet another important feature is that it has a small place on the top that contains a microphone.

Next, we have the Nikon D3400. This too features a plastic-body but does not have a matte finish which you can clearly make out. You may not appreciate the finish on this camera body but works just fine. Talking about the use, it is super easy and does help to maintain a good grip while you click pictures. It weighs only 395g which is considerably lower than Canon 1300D.

The buttons are located on the left side which may work as a disadvantage as you may not be used to operating things with your left hand. 

Being a beginner this may not work out so well. But gradually you will get used to it. The only disadvantage it may have would be that it does not have any microphone which could have been useful while recording videos.

Additional Features

There are a lot more features that could serve as a huge difference before you decide your choice of DSLR camera.

The first thing is the connectivity options. Canon 1300D features the support of Wifi and NFC. This will allow you to connect the camera with your printers directly and also your smartphones. All the images and videos can be directly sent to your phones through this and keep the hectic away of connecting it with the laptop to transfer files.

We have the Nikon D3400. The connectivity options here are Wifi and Bluetooth. Well, this is yet another added advantage to the Nikon camera. You can easily connect your phone with Bluetooth and transfer as many files as needed. 

The low-pas filter is something you may want to look over. It surely is another complicated part of the photography life which you can learn while moving forward. As of now, you may or may not require this feature in a camera.

The Nikon D3400 does not feature the low-pass filter whereas the Canon 1300D does have this feature. Most digital medium-format and some high-end cameras do not have a low-pass filter, because they want to deliver the best performance from their sensors.

Canon 1300D vs Nikon D3400- We Have A Clear Winner!! ​

After considering all the important factors for these two cameras, we have clearly reached a point where we can decide a clear winner. If I were had to choose I would go for Nikon, without a second thought this is a clear choice.

There are some minor things where the Canon 1300D has an edge but the majority numbers are up for the Nikon D3400. Some of the features such as connectivity, battery life, ISO range, burst speed, and many other key points have in favor of the Nikon camera. It surely took some time to review each one of them and make the decision, but it was totally worth it.

The experience was incredible with both the cameras. Both being the obvious choice of brands while purchasing a camera you can blindly trust the service in the future if anything goes wrong.

Yes, the Canon 1300D has a compact design and size but the Nikon D3400 is much lighter and has a good grip. You may not be very much attracted to the Nikon camera as it does have the shone on the body but the features are incomparable and make it perfect.

Lastly, it all comes down to the price of the product. Both of them aren’t very costly. They are of a beginner level category and very much affordable. Surely they have a considerable price difference but if you are opting for the best option such a price range should not be a burden for a good product. But the choice is yours to take.

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