Cred App Review 2020 – Unbiased Review

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Last Updated : 5th March 2020

CRED is an app through which you can pay your credit card bills and which offers you reward points in return. These reward points can be redeemed for various offers at restaurants, shopping, lifestyle or events. This app also helps you to track your expenses, take care of due dates, and many more. The credit card bills of any bank can be made through this app. You can also see your credit score anytime for free.

I will be sharing my point of view in this article on the CRED app review. Also, I will share all the details on how to use the CRED app so that you can benefit the most from it. So, just keep patience and read till the end as after reading this article you will be able to use this app with ease. So Let’s get started with CRED app review.

CRED is an app through which you can pay your credit card bills and which offers you reward points in return. These reward points can be redeemed for various offers at restaurants, shopping, lifestyle or events. This app also helps you to track your expenses, take care of due dates, and many more. The credit card bills of any bank can be made through this app. You can also see your credit score anytime for free.

The main aim of the CRED app is to create a community of trustworthy clients in India and reward them. Though there are some other apps they have some limitations, example not all the banks are covered in them.

What Can You Earn On Cred App?


You will get coins equivalent to the amount of your credit card bill every time you are paying your bills. Suppose, you are paying the amount of Rs 50,000, you will get 50,000 coins. These coins get added after every transaction. You can collect the coins and redeem them later anytime you want. It is good to keep collecting the coins because there are many benefits that require a big number of coins. 


You can earn gems on the CRED app by referring your friends or relatives. These gems are of different types of currency that are needed by various offers. Each referral gives you 10 gems. If your referral signs up on this app, it will give you 10 gems.

Some Of The CRED Offers That You Can Get

  • iXigo flight bookings – Rs. 1000 off for 5,000 coins
  • Vapour – Flat 20% off on total bill on using 20000 coins
  • Swiggy – Free delivery for 3 months for 5000 coins
  • Edureka  – Make upskilling and get Rs. 7000 off
  • Indigo XP – Complimentary coffee at Indigo XP for 5000 coins
  • Cashback – Get Rs 1,000 cashback for 30 gems
  • Flea Bazaar cafe – Flat 20% off on total bill on using 5000 coins

How To Register On Cred App?

The only requirement for using this application is to have a good credit score. If you have a good credit score then you meet the eligibility criteria to avail the benefits of this application.

Below is the step by step process to register on CRED APP:

Step1: Download the CRED APP From Below

Step2: You need to register on this application using your phone number.

  • Sign up to the application with your name and the phone number linked to your credit cards.
  • Prompt will appear on the phone asking for permission to access the phone so as to verify the number and the SMS so that a reminder of the due date of credit card bills can be sent to you. You just need to give permissions.
  • The data entered by you is processed by CRED to check eligibility based on your credit history. CRED has tie-ups with credit bureaus such as CRIF and Experian to know your credit history.
  • If the credit score you own meets the standards then you can proceed further and you will receive an OTP.
  • However, if your profile is rejected then you can try to improve your credit score and try again after sometime. If you have multiple mobile numbers linked to your account then you can try with another one. Also, if you have received your credit card a few weeks before then you’ll have to wait for some time to use this app.

Step3: Add your credit cards

  • Once you complete the registration process, all your credit cards will be displayed on your home page which needs to be verified by entering the last 4 digits of your card. Re 1 will be credited to your cards instantly to make sure that all these cards are active.
  • You need not enter the expiry date or CVV of your cards to ensure the safety.
  • Once your cards are verified in the app, you are ready to earn the rewards and receive the scratch cards on all the bill payments you made. Currently, the app is handling the Master card, Visa, American Express, and Diners Club


Credit Card Payments

You can link your credit cards to this app and track the due dates and pay the bills using the CRED app. You can make the payments through UPI apps, net banking or debit card. It is very easy to make payments through the CRED app.

Cashback On Paying Bills

You get cashback on each transaction you do on the CRED app. There is an option called #Killthebill that is visible after the payment when the amount exceeds Rs. 1000. It is like a scratch card where you can get cashback up to Rs 1000.

Earn CRED Coins To Redeem Gifts

CRED awards coins with every credit card payment equivalent to the amount paid. These coins can be used to buy the rewards redeemable for online as well as offline shopping.

Free Credit Report & Score

You can anytime see the credit history and CIBIL score for free. The credit score is fetched from the Experian and CRIF. The detailed credit report shows credit card utilization, payment history and, age of credit history.

Cred App Review – FAQ’s

How To Pay Bill Through Cred App?

It is very easy to make the payments on the CRED app. You just need to click on the Pay Now button and then enter an amount before clicking on the proceed button. You regularly receive the messages of payment reminders with the total due amount and minimum amount due on WhatsApp on your mobile f you have given permission for the same. You can directly navigate to the CRED app review and make payment. The payment can be done using internet banking (IMPS/NEFT), debit card or UPI. The amount gets credited to your account after sometime. After the successful Bill payment, you are rewarded with the Kill Bill Scratch Card and CRED Coins that you can redeem.

Is Cred App Safe To Use?

Safety is always the major concern while using such applications that require your credit card details to authorize. But there are no security concerns with the app due to many reasons.

First of all, the founder of the app is Kunal Shah who is also the founder of Freecharge and thus this app has heavy funds. The company is trustworthy as the past records of the founder are intact. Secondly, you need to enter the credit card details but you are never asked for the expiry date or CVV. Therefore, the critical information about your cards is still safe with you. In addition to that, you generally give access permissions to all your mobile apps and similar is the case with the CRED app, though you can choose to deny the permissions but in that case, there will be no due date reminders or any expense analysis.

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UI & App Layout

The user interface of the CRED app is easy to use, minimalistic, clean, intuitive and user-friendly with smooth animations. The application launches the home page which shows the detailed credit score based on the CRIF and Experian by a click on View Report button. When the ‘View Report’ button is clicked, the application navigates you to the page showing the details of credit card usage, payment history, total accounts and age of the credit history.

Who Should Use This App?

CRED app is best suited to the below types of credit card users:

  1. Users should be high credit card payers.
  2. Users residing in tier 1 or 2 cities (metro cities) s most of the rewards involve live concerts or dining out.
  3. Users who make the credit card payments on time as there are no rewards for the late payments.


There are many applications available in the market for the payment of credit card bills but this has some limitations but CRED is a perfect application that comes with a simple and easy to use layout and users are benefitted with rewards and cash back which are awarded by paying the bills only. You will pay your credit card bills on using net banking or UPI on any platform but here there is a double benefit. I would recommend the CRED app as part of my review owing to its ease of payments, beautiful design, and rewards points. I hope the CRED app review done by me proves to be helpful to you and you will get guidance before using the app.

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