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10 Best Printers for Home Use in India 2020

HP LaserJet P1108 Single Function Monochrome Laser Printer

Best Features :

Looking for the Best Printers for Home Use in India?

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Secondly, you may need the printer for several types of tasks. You may need the best all in one printer for home use to do your school or college work or prepare important documents for your employer. You may also in need of a printer for printing out the bills and receipts or for booking air and train tickets for your reimbursement purposes. Eventually, you need to consider the following factors to buy a printer for your home use.

Different Types of Printers You Need to Know

As said above, you should select your printer based on your purpose, affordability, and durability. You can find several varieties of printers in the market such as solid ink printers, laser printers, LED printers, home inkjet printers, business, and home inkjet printers, dot matrix printers, multifunction printers, 3D printers, etc. 

Here are the short descriptions of different types of printers to give an overview of the functionalities of printers to help you choose the appropriate printer for home use. However, you need to have a glimpse of different types of printers that are more preferred for office use so that you can get a clear idea of getting the best printer for home use in India in 2020.

  • Laser Printers for office use

The laser printers came to market around the 1960s with the advancement of laser technology to draw pictures or images to a copier drum. The laser printers are still popular in the offices because of their outstanding performance in comparison to inkjet printers. The laser printers are cost-effective, productive, and work incredibly faster than inkjet printers. 

  • Inkjet printers for home use

The inkjet printers came to market around the 1950s to serve the purposes of both office and home needs and have been popular as the best printer for home use in India. The inkjet technology has been popular right from its inception and still considered relevant for domestic as well as professional use. This printer is efficient enough to produce photo-realistic printing and does need to warm-up as its laser counterpart. 

  • Solid ink printers for office use

These printers are the later version of inkjet printers brought in to challenge the competitive market. The solid ink printer uses an advanced ink technology that is designed for saving money and space. The technology melts a solid ink stick to print that eventually produces quality and vibrant output. The printer is eco-friendly and made out of non-toxic oil extracted from vegetables. The solid ink printer comes with a compact design and is popular because of its less storage convenience.

  • Low-cost printers for home use

This version of the printer is perhaps the most suitable and appropriate for the office as well as the best ink tank printer for home use for most users. This product is cost-effective as well as high quality as far as its ability and functionality are concerned. You can use this printer for any of your professional utilization in the comfort of your home. You can experience amazingly low-cost per page printing and quick performance in terms of warming-up time. 

  • LED printers for office use

The LED printers serve a similar purpose as the laser printers. However, the technology used in the LED printers are different and they use a diode for light emission. On the other hand, laser printers use image creation technology on the print belt. The LED printers have fewer moving accessories or parts which makes them more efficient and unique than the laser printers. Go for this printer for home use if you can afford it as you may get a warranty along with a warranty extension for each purchase.

  • Business inkjet printers for office use

This product specially designed to meet the growing needs of bulk printing in business sectors. The business inkjet printers can accommodate large-scale workload and enhanced printing output. The product is extremely popular in the business and administrative sectors for its robust and heavy functionality characteristics.

  • Multifunction printers

These printers combine various functions such as printing, scanning, copying, and faxing tasks. You can use this product for the office as well as for home purposes. This product is cost-effective, compact, and energy-efficient.

  • All-in-one inkjet printers

These are printers that combine inkjet printing technology and multifunction printing characteristics. This may the best all in one printer for home use as well as for your use in the office.

10 Best Printers for Home Use in India

1. Epson Eco Tank L3101 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer



Key Features:

This ink tank all-in-one unique Epson printer is one of the best devices for you in terms of super and multiple functionalities. You can use them in your office for maximizing productivity as well as use it from the comfort of your home. As far as the functional abilities of the printer are concerned, you can get the amazing capacity of the printer and get 33 black and white pages prints and 15 pages of colour printing.

2. HP Laser-jet Pro M126nw Multi-Function Direct Wireless Network Laser Printer



Key Features:

This multifunctional all-in-one HP LaserJet printer is one of the most popular printers preferred for both office tasks and home users across the world. You can print, copy, and scan through this printer. However, this can only print you black and white outputs. The power connectivity of the printer is unique. You can operate it through wireless, USB, ethernet, and HP ePoint App.

3. HP Desk-Jet 1112 Single Function Inkjet Color Printer



Key Features:

This print-only desktop inkjet colour printer is an extremely popular version with remarkable and user-friendly features. However, this is not a multifunctional or on-in-all version and is a print-only version of the manufacturer. On the other hand, other functionality like printing capacity in terms of paper numbers, compatibility of pager sizes and inks, duty cycles, etc. are equivalent to any advanced version with the latest technologies in the contemporary market.

The printer is perfectly suitable for small offices and home use. This has the ability of printing 7.5 white and back papers within a minute and can print 5. 5 papers within a minute. Similarly, the output of the device is cost-effective as you spend as minimum as Rs. 4.8 for 7.5 numbers of black and white papers, and Rs. 6.6 for printing 5.5 color pages.

4. Canon PIXMA MG2577s All-in-One Inkjet Color Printer



Key Features:

This is yet another best all in one printer for home use is perhaps the best fit for you if you wish to use it for your office and at home. The device has advanced features that enable the printer to print ten to eighty pages at a stretch. The operation and implementation of the printer is easy leading to the printing of all types of material faster and easier. You can use the ink as per your preferences as they are hybrid inks combined with dye ink.

This device is compatible with multiple versions of computers such as Windows 7-8, Windows Vista, etc. This is considered as the best printer for home use in India.

5. Brother HL-L2321D Single-Function Monochrome Laser Printer with Auto Duplex Printing



Key Features:

This unique product is one of the milestone equipment in the printer market that has the highest productivity for extremely busy and gigantic business houses and offices. The printer can print as many as 30 papers within a minute. The printer comes with highly professional functions and prints two-side (back and front) of the paper with a single command. Besides printing A4 papers you can also print envelopes, letterheads, and other thicker elements. It has a large tray which can hold 250 sheets of paper at a stretch.

The laser printer has a single function of print-only option and is customized for black and white printing only. Since this device is designed for a bulk volume of work and output, it requires higher energy such as 220 to 240 volts of electrical energy to function. You will be astonished to learn its output capacity which stands as higher as 10000 papers per month. 

6. Canon PIXMA E477 All-in-One Wireless Ink Efficient Colour Printer



Key Features:

The Canon PIXMA E477 is a high-tech all-in-one colour printer that serves a compact small office and home use perfectly. If you require the best all in one printer for home use this may be the best fit for you. The device further provides you a high-tech wireless experience from the comfort of your home. Above all, this printer is perhaps the most affordable device with plenty of relevant features that is rare to find in the contemporary market. However, you may not be able to use it robustly as it provides a limited and classic output of 100 to 300 pages per month. 

This device gives you the highest results in terms of printing materials from the internet. Since this is a high-tech device it is better compatible with the internet and webpages. You can get one of these devices for your personal home use or for your personal office use. However, the product is not suitable for printing on rough and handmade paper.

7. Canon Pixma G2012 All-in-One Ink Tank Color Printer (Black)



Key Features:

The Canon Pixma G1012 is a high volume all-in-one colour printer specifically designed for the heavy out-put and robust performance. This unique device suits well for busy enterprises and big busy offices. One of the best and unique features of the device is its high productivity in remarkably lower energy costs. This includes all of its all-in-one feature i.e. printing, copying, and scanning. If you are an executive in a growing firm, try this to meet your deadline, and you will not regret to have this unique equipment.

8. HP 310 All-in-One Ink Tank Color Printer



Key Features:

This all-in-one colour ink tank printer is a unique and compatible printer fit for your small office and home use. This device is extremely cost-effective and comes with reseal able bottles of ink. The output capacity of the printer is marvellously 8000 colour and 6000 black & white pages.

9. HP LaserJet P1108 Single Function Monochrome Laser Printer



Key Features:

Incredibly faster and robust functioning, this singling functioning printer is the best fit for heavy workload at home. The tremendous capacity can deliver a maximum output of 5000 pages per month and print 1500 pages at a stretch. Get this device for your bulk requirements.

10. Canon image CLASS LBP2900B Single Function Laser Monochrome Printer



Key Features:

The last but not the least, yet another Canon Laser monochrome printer is a unique printer that gives you bigger volumes of output of up to 200 to 800 pages per month. However, this compact device is ideal for use home purposes. This is a single functioning printer for print-only purposes. Use this version for maximum and accurate output.

Buying Guide For The Best Printers for Home Use

You need to consider several factors to ensure that you buy the best printer for home use. Determine the purpose for which you need a printer. You should select your printer based on the purpose of your use. Secondly, take care of the durability component while buying a printer for your home use. But this may not be enough. Below are the factors to consider and ensure your intended printer is perfectly OK for you:

1. Types of Printers

You already know about different types of printers from the above descriptions. Choose the one that best fits your purpose.

2. Are you Fond of Color?

If you are choosy about color, ask for more colors of the device and get the one that is your favorite color.

3. Size

Size is one of the most important considerations. As you need the best printer for home use, your home, or the place where you wish to install the printer must have sufficient space to accommodate your printer. Therefore, consider what size of the printer is fit for you based on the availability of space.

4. Connectivity

Besides the USB port, you need other considerations such as ethernet, wi-fi, etc. Therefore, consider the connectivity concern while purchasing the printer.

5. Output

See that the output of the printer is fulfilling your expectation. For example, you may need output for text or photos or graphics, etc. Every printer may not have all these outputs or may have some outputs.

6. Speed

This is the most important consideration you need to check with before buying the printer.

7. Quantity

You need to also check how much pages you wish to print. You should focus on the printing capacity of the printer based on your requirement.

8. Affordability

You can never exceed your pocket even if you may want to choose an expensive printer. However, you should be ready to pay for what you require.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The best printers or trending printers in 2020 are Brother MFC-J895DW, Canon Color image CLASS LBP622Cdw for best color, Canon PIXMA iP8720 for image printing, Brother HL-L2395DW for black and white printing.

Speed performance is essential in a printer especially when you need bulk printing. However, it is often embarrassing to wait for the device to warm up then take your print command.


It is always embarrassing and daunting to depend on the cybercafé for printing your important documents. Many people take advantage of their office to get their printing done. But often getting the office printer for printing personal documents leads to guilty feelings. This can even result in underestimation and insult by the co-workers or colleagues. Therefore, getting a printer for home use is inevitably the best idea in the long run. Buy it now!

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