Julia Bliss Opening Set Trapeze

All about Julia Bliss, Opening Set: Trapeze

  • Main Artists : Julia Bliss, Trapeze
A product of Siberia’s seemingly endless conveyor of house talent, Julia Bliss has carved herself a career as a DJ through relentless hard work and passion. Now an internationally recognized talent whose taste for stripped back, sweat-on-the-ceiling dance music and her discerning ear for house music, Julia Bliss possesses a growing production catalogue as she ascends amongst the electronic music ranks. Her techno alias, ‘MISS BLISS’ has seen herself into the High on the haven of tech-house and techno rebellion, the outlook is distinct but it’s hard to define the journey that Julia takes you through when she’s in control of the dance floor. She cannot be confined to a genre or slotted under a label. Her graceful command over her technique, coupled with her limitless libraries of sounds, puts her amongst the finest in the world. 2015 highlights Julia’s solid epoch on tour where she has performed at the most prestigious platforms in India – Sunburn, Supersonic, Mainstage Music festival. etc. 


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