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10 Best Treadmill in India to Stay Fit and Healthy – Buying Guide

PowerMax Fitness TDM-97 1HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

Best Features :

Looking for the Best Treadmill In India For Your Home?

Fitness is an important part of the modern lifestyle, people look for various ways to live a healthy life. Moreover, if you are healthy, you are most likely to perform better in your work. With time fitness has also become a passion, individuals are building up their carrier in the field of fitness. Also, while some does it for earning, most people out there do it for a healthy body.

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy body is to do running. Running can benefit your whole body in every possible way. Due to the problem of spaces, it’s hard to find a proper place for running, especially inside the house. The answer to this problem is to buy a best treadmill for home, as they are the best alternative to running on the ground. While buying a treadmill you should take care of certain things to make sure you buy the best possible. If you don’t have a space to keep a treadmill at your house then you should consider checking mini exercise bikes.

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In this article, we’ll cover numerous benefits of using a treadmill, top 10 treadmill brands in India, how can you buy a good treadmill for home and more.

Benefits of Having a Treadmill At Home

There are various advantages of having the best treadmill in India for home use in India, and a majority of people might not understand these advantages. Treadmills are great instruments to achieve a fit and healthy body. With the best treadmill for home use India, you don’t have to opt for gym memberships.

This is because this machine doesn’t really require any special training. Let’s take a look at all these benefits that the best treadmill brands in India have to offer.

  1. Economical option

When it comes to fitness, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is going to a gym. The gym is no doubt a good way to get a healthy body with the health of an expert around you, but for going to a gym you need to pay a monthly fee. Even if we consider that paying gym subscription fees is fine, the problem lies in the fact that most people can’t even go to the gym most of the time.

You can have various reasons for not going to the gym, but that ultimately wastes your money. Now, with a treadmill at your home, you have the liberty to do running whenever you want. Also, instead of paying a monthly fee, you can invest in a treadmill price range and buy one that can get your work done and suits your budget.

  1. The whole family can use it

If you have family members who due to a reason or the other can’t go outside then a treadmill is a boon for you. With a treadmill at your home, the other members of your family can also get benefitted from it without paying an extra charge. This can save you a lot of money, also you have the liberty to use the way you want.

  1. You can do your workout at the time of your convenience and wherever you want

The best thing about having a treadmill at your home is the convenience to do workout according to your own liking. Now, you don’t have to worry about missing your workout sessions just because you for late from office. Also, you no longer need to worry to waste the time to go to the gym for your running session. You can simply do your running session being at home at the time of your convenience.

10 Best Treadmill In India For Your Home

1. PowerMax Fitness TDM-97 1HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill



Key Features:

If you are not a very frequent runner on the treadmill, then this 1HP machine from PowerMax is enough for you. It includes 12 pre-installed workout programs to provide effective workout results. PowerMax Fitness can increase its speed up to 10 km per hour. The 5.5 inches of the LED screen displays speed, distance covered, time, heart rate, and total calories burned.

Now you can listen to your favourite music by connecting mp3 players or mobile phones to the speakers of the machine through the AUX cables. The green motor of TDM-97 gives you noiseless performance that avoids distracting you from achieving your fitness goals. It is fitted with a 32-level manual inclination feature, which allows adjusting the machine according to your needs.

The maximum weight capacity of this best treadmill for home use in India is 90 kg. Now, do you want to keep your smartphone in front of you while running? Well, do not worry about it as this running machine contains a separate holder for your tablets or phones. 

Moreover, the 1.8 thick polyester thick running belts reduce the shock to your knees or joints. The non-slip surface of PVC makes it skid proof and rebounds the resilience function when you will be running with your full force.

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2. Healthgenie 3911M 1HP (2.5HP Peak) Foldable Motorized Treadmill



Key Features:

Healthgenie 3911M is powered by a DC motor of 1 HP with 2.5 HP at its highest peak for noiseless operation. It has a speed range of up to 10 km per hour. The 3 inches LED screen shows statistics about the speed of the user, distance covered, calories burned, and pulse. There are already 12 inbuilt programs for an efficient workout session.

Also, get motivated through some pump-up beats by connecting your phone via AUX cable. The machine is foldable and includes wheels for easy transportation. It can support a maximum weight of 95 kgs, which is ideal for cardio workouts. There is also a pulse sensor on the handrail, which will indicate the current heart rate on the machine.

The presence of safety key and emergency stop features double protect the user from any kind of accident while running, walking, or jogging. The large running surface of 43 X 15 inches gives enough space for all sizes of users to freely exercise on this device.

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3. Fitkit FT100 Series Treadmill



Key Features:

You should select this treadmill if your weight is 100 kgs or more and want the complete value of your money. The design of Fitkit FT100 is sleek and compact that occupies less space as you can easily fold it under the bed. With a powerful DC motor of 1.75 HP with 3.75 HP at the peak, you can work out as much as you want. The motor is developed with the help of copper mesh technology, which makes the machine energy efficient and noiseless for your uninterrupted sessions of workout. 

The maximum speed of FT100 is 14.8 km per hour which is a pace for you to jog. It comes with 3 inches incline in the normal position that can be adjusted manually. With high surface friction and cushioning, the new belt technology enhances the traction for running. 

It is just ideal for those who are looking forward to light exercise. The product is made up of a heavy steel frame to withstand regular wear and tear of the workouts. Fitkit has a larger running surface with target and chase mode that is ideal for those users who want to shed some weight.

Two powerful speakers with AUX input will connect you to your favorite music while working out on this FT100 series. The LCD screen displays the speed of the runner, heart rate, total calories burned, and display time. 

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4. Cockatoo CTM-08 1HP (1.5HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill



Key Features:

Cockatoo treadmill has a 1 HP motor with 1.5 HP at its peak that has a speed range from 1 to 10 km per hour. Enjoy your running, walking, or jogging on a large running area of 41 X 14 inches that comes with a shock absorption feature. The 5 inches big LCD screen can track your duration, speed, distance covered, pulse, calories burned, and heart rate.

You can also calculate your BMI for proper exercises with a calculator on the screen. There are pre-installed 12 modes of the program with handrail buttons for quick adjustment within seconds. This treadmill supports a user of  90 kgs without a hitch.

The easily foldable design helps to hold the machine upright with the system of soft drop that slowly lowers the deck to the floor. The transport wheels at the bottom make it easy for you to move it anywhere in the room. The 1.4 mm running belt and wide handrails ensure the safety of the user while using it.

Cockatoo CTM-08 is one of the best treadmills in India that is extremely easy to install. The motor does not produce any noise while operating. There are 12 program modes with a changeable function to help you plan the exercise routine properly.

Cockatoo CTM-08 is one of the best treadmills in India that is extremely easy to install. Also, the motor is an eco-friendly one as it does not produce any noise while operating. There are 12 program modes with changeable functions to help you plan the exercise routine properly.

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5. Fitkit FT200 Series 2.25HP (4.5HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill



Key Features:

Fitkit FT200 comes with a powerful 2.25 HP motor with 4.5 HP in its peak. It can hold up to 110 kgs of weight and offers a speed range from 1 km to 16 km per hour. This machine has pre-set 12 workout modes with an auto lubrication system so that it will never stop working suddenly while you are enjoying your workout.

The latest technology for shock absorption would protect your back, joints, and knees from any injuries or pain. The device can be paired through Bluetooth with any of your iOS or Android device via GFit Application that enables you to listen to your favorite tune while running.

The frame is ergonomic in design and provides much more stability and sturdiness for the lifetime. The display of this best treadmill for home use in India helps you to keep an eye on different activities like time, speed, distance, heart rate, and calories spent. It is also easy to store due to space-saving foldable design along with a hydraulic system of dropping down.

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6. Cockatoo Velocity Steel DC Motorized Treadmill



Key Features:

Cockatoo Velocity steel is a fully motorized treadmill that includes a 5-inch screen to record distance, speed, pulse, fat burned, and time. The stepper feature of this machine improves the circulatory heart function and makes the leg muscles strong. The twister assists the user in maintaining the waist, hips, and thighs.

The device has a 3 level manual inclination and can be easily stored due to foldable design. The transportation wheels at the bottom allow easy portability of the machine. Cockatoo velocity has a running area of 41 X 14.5 inches and a powerful motor of 1.25 HP with 2.50 HP at its peak that proves the efficiency of the device.

With speed range from 0.8 to 12 km per hour, this treadmill can withstand a user’s weight of up to 100 kgs. There is a sensor on the handrail to detect the accurate heart rate of the runner. This fully automatic treadmill comes with 12 pre-loaded workout modes that can be changed according to the use.

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7. Durafit Spark 1.25 HP (Peak 2.5 HP) DC Motorized Treadmill



Key Features:

The Durafit Spark is loaded with a 1.25 HP motor with 2.25 HP at its peak along with a speed range of 1 km to 12 km per hour, which is ideal for the beginners or the regular walkers. The machine comes with a pre-installed 12 set programs that can maximize your workout regime.

The LED screen displays important information of the user like heart rate, speed, distance covered, pulse, and calories burned. The motor is built with copper mesh core technology to consume low electricity and produce as much less noise as possible. The hydraulic system at the base ensures easy and slow drop-down of the treadmill.

The frame of Durafit Spark is made up of high standard steel that can bear enough weight. The wheels at the base of the device allow feather-light portability to move it to anywhere else. Therefore, Durafit is undoubtedly one of the best treadmill brands in India due to strong and sturdy frames. Check here a few of the best features along with its pros and cons. 

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8. Fitkit FT098 Series 1.5HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill



Key Features:

This motorized treadmill from Fitkit includes a 1.5 HP with 2 HP at its peak DC motor, which is completely noise-free and consumes less power. The 5.5 inches LED display keeps tracks of the time, distance, speed, calories burned, and heart rate without any failure. It can uphold a user of up to 90 kgs of weight.

FT098 offers a speed range of 1 km to 12.8 km per hour, which is enough for a medium workout routine. Twelve pre-set programs are already fitted in this machine for those who want a vigorous exercise regime. The device also comes with three months of a diet plan along with fitness advice from the health experts and the doctors.

There are inbuilt speakers with USB connectivity that can play your music to make your workout entertaining. The FitPlus Application tracks down your daily workout routine and displays it on your android or iOS mobile phones.

Moreover, the LED screen shows calories, pulse, speed, distance, and inbuilt programs of the user. The wheels at the base can move the machine from one room to another without any difficulty. It is also foldable for saving extra space in your home.

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The Best Treadmill in India Buying Guide

Just like any other product in the market, you can find numerous models of a treadmill. The market is flooded with options, and you need to have clarity about your requirements to make the best decision. In the case of a treadmill, you don’t need to go through a long list of details to buy the best treadmill for yourself. There are only a few enlisted points that you should take into consideration.

  1. Treadmill Price

When it comes to buying anything, be it a mobile phone or even a car you need to have a budget fixed for that. After you have decided on the budget, you should look for the desired product. Deciding the amount of money you should spend on your treadmill can make things easier for you.

Also, you shouldn’t go for anything that exceeds your budget. Luckily, due to the various options out there in the market, you can find a decent machine even in a low budget.

  1. Number of people that would use it

People might not consider this as a factor, but the number of people that would use the treadmill can affect your decision. If you have a large family and people are concerned about fitness, which means the overall usage will be higher. 

Moreover, in the case, if you need to buy a durable machine and the best treadmill in India so that it lasts for a long time, you can’t just invest in a machine blindly without knowing its durability.

  1. Weight restrictions

Weight restrictions are another important factor that needs to be looked at before buying a treadmill. The best quality treadmills out there in the market have motors that can handle a weight of up to 135 kilograms. This is more than enough because a normal individual weighs below 100 kilograms.

Treadmills with weight capacity are good for personal usage. On the other hand side, you can find commercial treadmills with a weight holding capacity of up to 280 kilograms.

  1. Motor

The motor of a treadmill is the part that makes the treadmill run, so the functioning and quality of the motor are crucial. You can’t afford to buy a machine with a low-quality motor. Do a detailed research about the motor of a machine before buying one. 

Also, consider checking the warranty of the motor, as in some cases the motor of a treadmill has a separate warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

CHP means continuous horsepower, which is more effective than the regular horsepower. It represents the capacity of the motor of the treadmill. For walking purposes, a treadmill with 2 CHP /HP is enough. But if you want to go running, then the treadmill needs to be more than 2.5 CHP.

A motorized treadmill provides more power to the workout routine while a manual treadmill needs effort and cannot hold much weight. Thus an automatic or motorized treadmill is always preferable for heavy workouts. But if you select a manual treadmill from the best treadmill brand in India, then it will also help you to get in shape rapidly.

The treadmill for walkers should be 2 HP, for joggers should be 2.5 HP, and for a runner, it should be more than 3 HP. If your weight is more than 90 kgs, then also consider a motor with an additional 0.5 HP for extra support.


A treadmill is the best machine if you are planning to live a healthy lifestyle from home. Moreover, you can also opt for consulting a good trainer and ask for weight training options at home using dumbbells or bodyweight exercises to enhance the overall experience and impact of exercising. You should also look for things like overall warranty, and design. However, keep in check the above-mentioned tips while buying the best treadmill in India

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