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Last Updated : 04 April 2020

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Upstox is a well-known name in the stock market that has come into the picture for the past few years. In a shorter time span, Upstox has made a big name in the stock market among its customers. The reason behind its popularity is the low cost that it charges and the benefits it offers to its customers. In addition to the low cost and other benefits, you will also get the coupon code for Upstox regularly, helping you save even more. In fact, you can save a lot using the Upstox coupon code on account opening charges and brokerage charges. Read this article to know more about Upstox and the benefits you will get by using the Upstox coupon code.

Benefits of using Upstox for Trading

Upstox is one of the best options for trading in the stock market. It is certified by the Securities and Exchange Board of India that deals with all the leading exchanges, i.e., MCX, NSE, and BSE. There are many advantages of using Upstox as a trading account. A few of the primary benefits of Upstox are mentioned below:

1. Low Costs

Upstox is a broker that charges low costs. The lower charges of Upstox let the user save money. The brokers in India take the brokerage charges as a turnover percentage, which is not the case with Upstox. Hence, there is no need to pay the brokerage if trade with Upstox.

2. Industry heavyweight

Upstox is one of the top stockbrokers in India. It started in 2012 and still has got a daily worth of Rs. 5000 Crores over all exchanges, which is 2% of total turnover over NSE daily. Upstox has over ten thousand customers all over India.

3. Simple Account Opening Process

The process to open the Demat account with Upstox is very simple and seamless. SEBI has made KYC a mandatory step for their customers, and with Upstox, the process of in-person verification is done online. The whole process is online, which makes the account opening process fast and easy. As most of the brokers take around a week or more to open the account, it is quick and fast with Upstox.

4. Superior Technology

Upstox is a massive example of ever-evolving technology. In fact, Upstox is considered a technology-based organization. Upstox regularly offers the latest and improved tools that help customers to make trading decisions wisely and better. SPAN calculator, brokerage calculator, and builder tool are some of the examples of such innovative tools.

5. Customer Service

Upstox has one of the best teams, offering customer support. Customers do not need to wait more than 30 seconds to answer the call. Also, Upstox follows the online ticketing system and ensures the query resolving fast and prompt.

Different charges at Upstox

Upstox is popular in the stock market for offering the lowest charges so that it is affordable for everyone to invest in the stock market and get benefits. Below are the different brokerage and some other charges with Upstox.

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Brokerage charges:

The charges on different Upstox segments are given below:

  • Equity trading charges – free of cost
  • Intraday trading – Rs. 20 per trade or 0.01%, whichever calculates to be less
  • Monthly maintenance charges – Rs 25 each month

Different Upstox plans:

  • Rs. 249 plan and get Rs. 400 as a brokerage credit
  • Rs. 499 plan and get Rs. 1000 as a brokerage credit
  • Rs. 999 plan and get Rs. 2500 as a brokerage credit

Rs. 100 gets charged for the account opening physically

Refer to the below table to get the details about the different charges at Upstox:











Brokerage 0.05% or INR 20 each

Executed order

(Lower amount is charged)

No Brokerage INR 20 each

executed order

0.05% or INR 20 each

Executed order

(Lower amount is charged)

CTT/STT 0.25% on sell only .1% on sell and buy 0.1% on sell only 0.1% on sell only
Demat Transaction 0 Charges INR 18.5 on each scrip daily on sell only 0 Charges 0 Charges
Transaction Charges 0.00345% per trade for both selling and buying 0.00345% per trade for both selling and buying 0.005% as clearing charges and 0.053% as NSE turnover charges 0.0002% as clearing charge and

0.0020% as NSE turnover charge

GST 18% on brokerage excluding transaction charges 18% on brokerage excluding  demat and transaction charges 18% on brokerage excluding clearing and transaction charges 18% on brokerage excluding 

the transaction charges

SEBI Charges INR 15 Crores INR 15 Crores INR 15 Crores INR 15 Crores

Benefits of Upstox Coupon Code

The charges of the Upstox account are already lesser as compared to many other brokers in India. The use of the Upstox promo code further reduces the charges so that you can save more and invest more. There are below benefits of using the Upstox coupon code:

  • The Demat and trading account is free
  • A credit of Rs. 500 that can be used for a brokerage for up to 30 days
  • Equity delivery gets free

Upstox Account Opening

Below are the documents that you need to submit to open the Demat and trading account with Upstox:

  • Adhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Proof of Income
  • Photos
  • Signatures on blank paper

Procedure to Open Upstox Account

Using below two methods, you can open the Upstox Demat or Trading account:

  • Online Process

Upstox offers an easy and seamless way to open the Demat and Trading account online. A customer only needs to sign up and provide personal details, bank details, email address, and mobile number. Apart from that, a customer needs to upload the KYC documents, and the account gets opened.

  • Non-Paperless Process with Upstox

This method is beneficial for the customers who do not have the mobile number linked to the Adhaar card. In such a case, customers have to fill the physical form for account opening. The filled form needs to be sent to the Upstox office along with the cheque.

Steps to Open the Demat Account Using Online Process

Step1: Open the Upstox Home page or account opening page by clicking here. Click on the button ‘Open Demat Account’ and sign up to create a Demat and trading account.

Step2: Sign up with the email address and mobile number. An OTP gets generated and sent to the mobile number for authentication. Enter the PAN number and date of birth and complete the sign-up.

Step3: Enter the personal information, such as marital status, trading experience, and annual income. Read the declaration for the taxpayer and then select the radio button to complete the authentication process. Click on Next and navigate to the next step.

Step4: Select the preferred trading segment that you want to trade-in. There are below options to select from:

  • Equity, Equity F&O, and Currency F&O
  • Commodity Trading

The first option is for the newbie to the trading. Upstox offers two types of plans, i.e., the basic and priority. The priority plan is selected by default and can be changed as per your preference. The charges of the basic plan are Rs.20, and the intraday margin is 15x, which is best for the ones new to the trading. The priority plan is for the experienced ones, and charges are more than the basic plan, i.e., Rs. 30 for brokerage per trade.

On the bottom of this page, you will get the field to enter the coupon code for Upstox offers. You can enter your Upstox promo code and then click on Next button.

Step5: Once the plan is selected, the next step is to provide the bank details that include an account number and IFSC of the branch. The bank details are required to link the trading account with a bank account to make the transfer to and from the bank account with ease. The bank details are secured and encrypted to ensure customer security.

Step6: Next step is the authentication of an online application using the Adhaar. This authentication gets done using the OTP, which is sent to the mobile number entered during the registration.

Step7: Next step is the upload of the KYC documents. The list of the documents is already shared in the article above. After uploading the required documents, the registration process completes. After this, an account gets opened within 24 to 48 hours, and the customer is provided with the login id and password.


Upstox offers a very beneficial account for trading purposes. It is the first choice of trading account for the professionals as well as the newbie. With Upstox, the charges are very less and the Upstox coupon code helps in further reducing the charges, thus helping the customer in getting more returns on the investments. It offers time-to-time Upstox promo code so that customers can invest in the stock market for free and get more benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Start your stock market journey with Upstox and get all the benefits of Upstox and using coupon code for Upstox.

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